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Golden Scarab bewitches us. Scarab, previously known as a no-name child of King Nebmaetre of Egypt's Middle Kingdom, then named Beketaten, who in previous books of Overton's series came of age Bk 1 , fought against her usurping Uncle Ay on the side of her brother Shmenkhkare Bk 2 , continues the battle alongside her older brother Shmenkhkare against the cruel and ambitious Ay and her younger brother Tuthankamen Bk 3 , finally falls under the power of King Ay's adopted son Nakhtmin, then turns Golden Scarab bewitches us.

Scarab, previously known as a no-name child of King Nebmaetre of Egypt's Middle Kingdom, then named Beketaten, who in previous books of Overton's series came of age Bk 1 , fought against her usurping Uncle Ay on the side of her brother Shmenkhkare Bk 2 , continues the battle alongside her older brother Shmenkhkare against the cruel and ambitious Ay and her younger brother Tuthankamen Bk 3 , finally falls under the power of King Ay's adopted son Nakhtmin, then turns the tables on her worst enemies, clearing the way for Horemheb to come to power and her ex-lover Paramessu to become Horemheb's successor and eventually her son Set to sit on the throne of Egypt Bk 4.

In The Amarnan Kinds Book 5: This tale has been 'read' to us from the beginning by a British female archaeologist Dani, who has found Scarab's tomb, apparently, in modern-day Syria, on the walls of which the aging Scarab had recorded her life story.

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It emerges at the end of Book 5 that Scarab is not buried in the tomb in Syria, as we had thought all along, but that her husband Khu had taken her body to her brother Shmenkhkare's hidden tomb in Egypt and secretly buried her there. So the stage is set for Book 6, where archaeologist Dani, apparently a descendant of Scarab's, is going to wield the golden scarab she found in the Syrian excavation, to assist her as she deals with unearthing her ancestor's body and story and fending off the efforts of a Saudi Arabian official who threatens the lives of the British archaeologists as well as the integrity of the history of Scarab.

If this sounds a bit far-fetched, it is to the credit of the storyteller Max Overton that it all goes down smoothly, and delightfully, as Scarab's marvelous resilience and resourceful character grow slowly from the little girl playing with a dung beetle in Book 1 into the queen wielding the power of the gods of Egypt in Book 5. She restores Ma'at, the balance of justice and peace, to her country, just as any good fictional heroine should.

We wait on Book 6 of The Amarnan Kings: Scarab - Descendant to see if Dani can do as well as her ancestor against the greed and ambition of present-day despots! This entire series was an amazing way of looking at the 18th Dynasty as opposed to what we know from the history books.

Why couldn't Smenkhare and Tut have died at the same time, why couldn't Moses have been a previous king who disappeared for years but continued in is "odd" belief that there was only one God? So many times throughout the first five books, and caught myself smiling at the in-depth research and story telling of these "what ifs. The last book was a very different feel, but equally as good. A perfect way to wrap up the present-day story, and also a few good finishing touches on Scarab's story.

This entire series goes down on my favorites of all time list, and I wish more people knew about it! The series ended back on a better note. This book read like a movie and though at times it felt like it was unbelievable, it was a fun read. I still liked the first three books the best. Yvonne rated it really liked it Jul 08, Janet Jackson rated it really liked it May 10, The foreigners looked startled and hung back, as if not knowing what to make of the situation, but the soldiers hurried them onward, falling just short of actually manhandling their charges.

At the kerbside, the soldiers tried to separate the foreigners by gender, showing the three women to one car and the two men to the other. The older woman remonstrated, and in the face of her determination, the sergeant shrugged and gave in, allowing the foreigners to divide themselves as they wished.

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I'll travel with Daffyd. The older man with Dani dropped the stub of his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it before joining her in the rear of the car. The three young people piled into the other limousine, the sergeant and soldiers dividing themselves between the two vehicles. The drivers eased their cars into the traffic, the little flags mounted on the front of the limousines announcing the importance of their passengers. Policemen on point duty signalled the traffic to stop and give way to their uninterrupted passage. The sergeant said nothing. She is here by the express wishes of the Minister of National History.

I think the Minister wouldn't look kindly on you ignoring her questions. She rolled down a window, letting in the heat and noise of the city. Daffyd lit his cigarette and blew a cloud of strongly-scented smoke over the sergeant, grinning at the man's obvious discomfort. Dani shook her head and opened up her briefcase, pulling out some handwritten sheets of paper, a notebook, and a carved golden scarab.

The sergeant glanced at her and looked away again, and Dani realised the soldier had not seen the gleam of gold. She knew that for some reason, the minds of most people failed to register the existence of the artefact. We stumbled upon a series of chambers filled with hieroglyphs that told the story of an Egyptian princess.

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The account indicated the presence of an undiscovered royal tomb and we, together with the Under-Minister of National History, are going to Egypt to find it. Are you planning on showing everyone? I just wondered why you'd brought it along instead of leaving it in the hotel safe. Dani turned the heavy golden object over in her hands, marvelling anew at its weight and lustrous gleam.

It was perfect, painstakingly carved by some ancient craftsman, showing legs tucked underneath, antennae pressed closely to its head and ribbed wing cases enclosing its rounded body. A representation of the ancient Egyptian sun god, it had the symbol of the Aten carved on its belly. That feature made it unique as the Aten--the disc of the sun--had been the personal god of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, and anathema to the ruling priests of Amun-Re.

Daffyd puffed on his cigarette, filling the interior with blue smoke that eddied and slipped out through the open window. That it wasn't just a lucky find? Do you honestly think there are two golden scarabs like this? This is the one gifted by the god Atum to Scarab three thousand years ago It can't just be chance What's that if not purpose?

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I've seen Bashir handle the damn thing and believe it to be no more than a simple rock. That implies something out of the ordinary is going on, though being a hard-bitten scientist I hesitate to call it supernatural. Dani returned to her notes and as the limousine sped through the streets of Damascus, the policemen on point duty at the intersections waving the vehicles through without pause, she made a few corrections and additions, honing what she wanted to say to the world's press.

The Story Behind Call of the Scarab [Lore]

The vehicles slowed at last and turned into a driveway guarded by heavy iron gates and armed guards, pulling up at the rear of an ugly brick building. The five members of the British team were led through a doorway into a dim corridor and thence up flights of stairs and along uncarpeted hallways to a small room. Men and women withdrew as they passed, though a few curious looks were thrown their way. The sergeant and soldiers showed them into the room and closed the doors, remaining outside. The meeting room was almost devoid of furniture and did not look as if it was set up for a press conference.

There were only a few chairs around the edges of the room, a table in the middle of the room, but no podium, and nothing in the way of microphones or lighting. Daffyd looked pensive and when Dani met his eyes, he shrugged and looked away. He wandered over to the window and looked out through a grill to a drab interior courtyard.

If we're not at the British Consulate by five this afternoon, the ambassador opens our letter and Bashir's involvement becomes public. He wouldn't risk that. If Bashir tries anything, we throw him to the wolves. Al, Will and Bob are still out there, remember. He pulled out his tobacco and started rolling another cigarette. Then we have nothing.

We have the letter at the Consulate. Daffyd lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply. Suddenly, it doesn't seem like very much.

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Don't forget, we're in a foreign country, and Bashir holds most of the other cards. Dani sat down on one of the chairs, out of the way, and opened her briefcase again. She took out the golden scarab and slipped it into her jacket pocket. A presentiment of disaster was creeping over her and she wanted the artefact safe.

The door opened, and Under-Minister Ahmed Bashir entered the room, flanked by his aide Nazim, and two soldiers carrying submachine guns. The soldiers took up positions where they could cover everyone in the room, while Nazim placed a chair for Bashir. The decision was only made an hour ago. The five British expedition members stared at Bashir.

Daffyd strode forward and the soldiers' machine guns swung toward him.

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He stopped abruptly, but Bashir waved the guards aside, holding the letter out to the Welshman. Daffyd took the letter and unfolded it, quickly scanning the neat handwriting.

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He took a step forward and the guards' guns came up again. We are a civilised people in Syria. You will simply be put on a flight to England later today. I remember your threats of exposure and paid heed to them until I secured the letter you sent to your Consulate. However, I have now rendered your threats harmless. A fairy tale about finding a lost tomb? I think you would find very few people would believe you, and when I revealed that you had been deported for scientific irregularities, your standing at your university would reach rock bottom.

There are notebooks and transcribed texts from the chamber walls, photographs, and a handful of letters written to your colleagues in England. None of the letters contain proof, and you will not have access to any of the notes and photographs. Without those, you have nothing. Minister Bashir turned to his aide. As we talk, their rooms at the hotel are being emptied of their possessions, as is the hotel safe.

All they now own is what they have on their persons.

So, gentlemen and ladies, if you would be so good as to empty the contents of your pockets and briefcase on the table, we can conclude our business today. Don't the English believe in playing the game? You have played and lost, so grin and bear it in a sportsmanlike fashion. Marc muttered an expletive but Bashir ignored him. I have no wish to subject you to such indignities, but I will if you give me no choice. After a long hesitation, Dani took the golden scarab from her pocket and laid it on the table.

Although she and Daffyd knew it for what it was, a superbly crafted golden artefact from the time of the Amarnan kings, it was apparent nobody saw anything but a rounded brownish yellow pebble. Bashir knitted his brows and leaned across to pick up what looked to be a small sandstone rock, fumbling it as if it proved unexpectedly heavy. Dani shrugged, fighting to keep the concern off her face. Nothing of any value. What I'm wondering is why you keep it. You wouldn't begrudge me a memento, would you Minister?

I think I will keep it. There is a flight that will carry you home. I hardly need say that none of you are welcome to return to the United Arab Republic. You will take with you the clothes you wear and your passports. Your posturing comes to nothing, however, for Syria is an independent country and our laws apply here. Now run home with your tails between your legs and be thankful I do not hand you over to Arab justice. I really think you will like the Scarab series. To get the full understanding you must read the 6 books in sequence to really appreciate the beauty of the novel.

The book brought tears to my eyes more than once. The history, intrigue and suspense makes this a great story. Without a doubt the Amarnan Kings is the best series about Ancient Egypt I have ever had the pleasure to read! I wish and hope in the future Max Overton may once again provide us with joy of another series! See all 25 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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