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As of now, my book has been written and published. Flight Of An Angel: Dreams Do Come True. I would encourage everyone that have these positive dreams to follow your dreams they will take you to higher places. I have been flying in my dreams since I can remember. Im 43 now and have had flying dreams since I was around 5. My flying dreams consist of being able to run three steps, take off, then float. I use swimming motions to control myself. Lately I can travel at very fast speeds, let say i can be in LA and travel to Japan in a few seconds if I want.

My latest dream consisted of this. I could see my arms stretched out in front of me, and I even noticed a scare on my left arm that I have had since I was 9 years old, this was very lucid.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Flying

I heard some music and decided to go look for where the sound was coming from. I saw a small park below and decided to go land there, I saw 3 homeless men playing the blues, it sounded so good, I then took off again and all of a sudden I could see a tornado in the distant ripping up a small town. This Tornado seemed so real, I could see debris flying everywhere and people running from it. I could even see the colors of the peoples clothes.

I noticed a small girl crying and in need of help so I swooped down and picked her up, and took her to a safe area, in all the while the tornado was still destroying things. I have also had dreams of myself flying over fast moving waves of seawater, sometimes they overtake land and cities. Overall I really enjoys my flying dreams because I can control where I fly and where I go. I have even flown in outer space, but when I do Gravity takes over and I have less control as I fly by planets and stars.

Flying - Dream meaning and symbolism

The first and most common are when I can levitate up into the air, either inside a house or outside. All I do is just stand there and wave my hands like I am treading water in those gentle, fish-finny kinds of ways and up I go…easy! This second kind of dream is one of true flying where I can fly through the air, horizontally and with arms by my side.

Brian Crain - Dream of Flying

I seem to be able to steer by dipping one side of my body the way I wish to turn. It is just the sheer joy and exhilaration of the flight.. I find myself in the dream wishing that others could experience it.

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I just had a flying dream for the first time in my life a couple nights ago. I did that the night I had the dream. Flying dreams are often a key to lucid dreaming for me- Once I realize I'm flying, I realize that the rules of physics no longer apply to me until I wake so I spin the world how I want it.

Dream Moods: Common Dreams: Flying

These are my favorite dreams. I dreamt of flying in the night sky with the stars I was looking down over the trees and buildings it was mysteriously beautiful but I think I was trying to run away from something or get to somewhere safe. First time I had a deam like this in about 10 years. I sometimes get dream flying. I really enjoy it and I feel refreshed every time when I get this.

Download the DreamsCloud app. See what people are dreaming about. Chat with a dreams coach today. Flying dreams are one of the top 10 dream themes reported by dreamers and may symbolize feeling "high", being happy in general or feeling good about something specific in waking life. You may think of others which can help you determine what your flying dream means to you. Dreaming with flying is also related to Dreams with flying 12 Dec.

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    According to Sumber, dreams about flying are extremely common. However, they are more common in adult males than other segments of the population.

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    • Why are men more likely to dream about flying than women? Thus, it has become fairly common for many males to confront their feelings about this pressure as well as their relationship to the underlying desire to be free, by working it out in flying dreams. Jeffrey Sumber earned master's degrees in theological studies from the Harvard Divinity School and in transpersonal psychology from Southwestern College.

      He has also taken specialized courses in dream interpretation at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.