Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

Audaz, productivo y feliz constituye una valiosa guía para alcanzar la Éxito. Una guía extraordinaria (Autoayuda Y Superación) (Spanish Edition) El líder que no tenía cargo: Una fábula moderna sobre el liderazgo en la o Conseguir un rendimiento extraordinario en tu trabajo y en tu vida. . 1-Stunden-Lieferung.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a thoughtful exploration of an elderly woman with dementia. The story makes one think, how well do we really know our own parents, who had a history before we were born, who were once young and vibrant and full of hope. What do we really know of their stories, especially the immigrants, many of who fled horrible situations before coming to this country.

The story touches on the adult children coping with the demands of caring for their mother while watching her slip away into her own world.

Books by Dean R. Koontz and Complete Book Reviews

You feel kind of bad for them because as the book unfolds it becomes apparent that they never really knew their parents well. As one brother remarked to his sister, "You know how Mom and Dad are. They always played their hands close to their chest. I loved this book! For a first book, Debra Dean wrote an excellent novel.

Our Book Club seems to have been drawn to books about Russia and its Revolution. We made a trip to our city's Museum of Russian Art, and heard a presentation on the Siege of Leningrad. We had read the excellent book, "A Gentleman of Moscow. Without being maudlin, Dean covers the horrors of life in wartime. Her character Marina gives vivid descriptions of the amazing works of art in the Hermitage, and creates pictures of them in her mind, so as not to forget them My mother was found to have Alzheimer's Disease when she was 50 years old.

She had been a near-concert pianist, excellent seamstress, took ballet lessons, and was a voracious reader. My father labeled our cabinets so she could find the spices, the cups He learned how to put some makeup on Mom, though she was already beautiful. This truly is a cruel disease, and it was so painful to watch her lose so many memories. Dean covered Marina's descent into Alzheimer's with dignity and respect.

What an odd book? Petersburg, during the shelling of the city. Her current life in Seattle doesn't bear much reality for her. Instead, she wanders the rooms of the Hermitage, remembering paintings and sculptures, and the boy who loved her. She remembers and relives the deprivation, the lack of everything As her children and husband struggle with her apparent absence from the mundane Now, she struggles with the past, reliving those momentous, historical times.

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Instead of being a sorrowful look at an Alzheimers patient, we see the richness and enormity of this life lived again. It's a dreamy novel where the sharp edges of time and reality fade and in and out. I appreciated this eloquent tour of the Hermitage by someone able to describle every work of art in there during the Seige of Leningrad with such detail. Marina took me there to see each one vividly, personally. Yet still, these four blocks show up in almost every initial medium sales email. The hook is what captures initial attention and compels someone to keep reading.

An email introduction is like the intro of a blog post. There are tons of different ways to hook someone: Some hooks are longer, while some are a sentence or two.

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However, his entire hook stays in narrative mode and ends up being almost 1, words before he reveals the offer. This hook is meant to be a quiz. Surely you could spot the difference between an amateur or professional image, right? That question brings you down to the image, which in turn brings you to the next line. In contrast to the last example, this hook only lasts a few sentences.

But notice in both examples how each sentence builds off the last one. Why is the offer the second element I list? Because it combats the single biggest mistake I see in emails from rookies to pros alike.

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  • 1. Use the correct email address.
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When you write a medium-sized email, the temptation is to write this big J. The longer you go without mentioning your offer, the more likely readers will leave without acting. People are busy, cut to the chase: You get a ton of emails per day. Including your offer closer to the top of the email means your offer is seen by more impatient readers. Readers will act if your hook is good enough or your offer is strong enough. You can strengthen value later: Leading up to the offer is a big tease.

The great thing is how easy it is to write your offer. This is the offer that followed the example I just showed. We say what to use, the price and how to get it. You want to be clear and concise with your offer. This happens to be the entire email, btw. The offer is straightforward and easy to understand. If I gave you a basketball and told you to make a free throw, would you rather have one shot or 10 shots? It just makes more sense to give your reader as many opportunities as possible to claim your offer. Each reader will respond differently to your email, meaning certain parts will make them want to act.

We include four opportunities to buy in the email. The multiple offers -- as opposed to one offer at the end of the email -- give you more opportunities to make the sale. What would you rather have for your phone? Or a faster way to send messages, images and video to your friends and family?

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What are the details to your offer? Why would someone want your offer? How will it help them in their life? Then look at the sentence before the image. Or, take the common mistake of listing out features. But what does that do for the person who would buy the car? Every time you want to talk about the features of your offer, make sure you either switch it to a benefit OR back it up with benefits.

I was going to make an analogy between this last building block and the food pyramid, but my editor told me the food pyramid was replaced with some weird plate thing. These are sprinkled in at a high rate through emails of this length. Here are some of the most-utilized in sales emails….

This accomplishes two things:. Nascar, Intuit and Coca Cola are pretty big brands. Want to prove your offer is valuable? Show that it actually worked for someone. If you have numbers, images or proof that your offer works, show it:. This example shows the advantage of using a product vs. The close cousin of the results-based proof. This example is from Brian Dean as he promotes YoRocket.

Most people think of time as the sole urgency appeal. Value through selectiveness appeal. This is a sneaky and hard to pull off tactic, but man do I love it. This is when you put up a perceived or real barrier to your offer. This selectiveness gives your offer more value. If few can claim the offer then it must be quality, right? The goal is to make you realize: This is the last appeal I see used frequently, and boy is crafty. They usually look like this.

And the assumption is, within the context of the email, your offer would help that person achieve what they want. You have to be careful with this appeal, though. These kinds of appeals usually come at the end of a long email full of narrative that made the reader visualize a better life. That was a lot of individual parts. Let me show you a real medium initial email and break down each individual section.

We plainly say what it is and we give a link to buy. The offer is here because we build it up in the hook and want to resolve the curiosity. The offer already has some prestige to it now, on top of the strength of the offer in general. Adding an urgency appeal here immediately promotes a sense of urgency AND builds on our promise in the hook that this offer is too good to last. We describe the offer and throw in some social proof. This is the beginning of actually selling the offer on its own merits.

The social proof shows that big companies already trust this product so the reader should, too. Plus, we add a line of benefit to relate to the reader.

Books by Dean R. Koontz and Complete Book Reviews

Instead of describing the offer in detail, we show the benefits by making a claim and backing it up with an accompanying image. More results as proof. We show what kind of results the offer gave us, and the reader starts to realize the kind of results this offer brings. Even more results as proof. This is the last bit of results we use to drive home the value of the offer.

The offer only gets stronger with this area as we take the time to show how much of our time went into making this happen. We gave enough results, so we need to say what else this offer come with. But, since spouting features is a no-no, we back each feature up with a benefit to make it relatable to real-life problems. Urgency and repeat the offer. Instead of simply giving another link to buy, we remind the reader of the urgency by repeating the limited nature of this offer. Benefits and features Sumo remix.

However, since the focus of the offer is on Stencil and our list knows what Sumo is, we only dedicate a small portion of the email to us. One last offer with urgency. If the reader made it this far down then they should be close to buying. We mention the limited quantities once more since urgency is one of the strongest motivators around. Obviously your email can differ from ours -- hundreds of thousands do. But you can see how using the four building blocks I outlined can create such a complex email. Everyone works with the same notes, but the final product is always something unique.

Create A Fear of Missing Out: More Areas to Create Urgency: Recap emails live through urgency. Medium recap emails have a lot more opportunity to include multiple appeals to urgency. With a medium recap email, you do. Just like the medium initial email, this is a word email. You have to monitor your initial email closely. If things went well, you can sit on your pile of money and laugh at the rest of us. When that happens, the medium recap email will be your best friend and worst enemy:. You already gave a general overview of your offer. The reader knows what your offer is about if they saw the first email.

They know what your product or service does. So it only makes sense to cut that area and use it to say something else. Our readers may not have known what Snappa was, so we took the time to explain the offer while also mixing in benefits and appeals.

But on a recap email? They know what Snappa is. I know how it goes. When you write your initial email, you include your best stuff.

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The livelihood of your offer depends on how you reposition things in this email. This new angle shifts from the product and focuses more on the human element of: This more relatable approach only works because we laid the groundwork of describing the offer in the initial email. Find those and speak to them, because what seems small to you could mean the world to your readers. Zero in on previously mentioned features: Those big key features you mentioned in your initial email? Find your best one, put it under a magnifying glass and give some new in-depth benefits.

If you have something that clearly stands out and solves a need then strip down everything else and blow that aspect up. The appeals I talked about in the initial medium email section?