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Please try your request again later. Renish, youngest of 10, Rae Sunshine Lee went on to become a successful singer and actress and has been seen on many television shows nationwide, and an accomplished poet, she never forgot her love for science fiction. Always looking for a better world, here is the life she wanted to live.

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Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. As Timeless As Infinity Drixdada: A Trilogy Book 1 Oct 05, Infinity seems strangely OK with this which is a little odd to accept as an opening premise but whatever. Things start to go sideways when we hear snippets of conversations about the danger Infinity poses to the world.

As time goes on, Infinity learns more about herself and why so many people seem to fear her. It's not a BAD plot, per se. But the story jumps around WAY too much. We get climactic battle scenes early in the book with a teenaged Infinity followed by a high school field trip and then back to being a precocious six year old. While there's ostensibly a "reason" behind these jump-arounds many are presented as vivid dreams , it's quite difficult to track which is the actual present POV timeline and what knowledge THAT iteration of the character actually posseses. It's also a very short book so the plot elements come at you fast and often without a lot of buildup or explanation.

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The audiobook takes a day to get through so it's not like a major time investment. Decently entertaining if flawed. Nov 02, Merredith rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a hermit weekend, most people were away for Thanksgiving and such, and I was pampering myself for my birthday weekend by being lazy. I woke up, didn't even get out of bed, chose a book from one of the many unread ones living in my kindle, and read the whole thing that day. Granted, it's not a terribly long book, but it's not often I do that anymore.

In this book, most everything is made and owned by one company. They make the best phone, computers, search engine, etc. The main character i It was a hermit weekend, most people were away for Thanksgiving and such, and I was pampering myself for my birthday weekend by being lazy. The main character is the daughter of the reclusive man who owns and invented everything. One day, the best students get to go on a field trip and be the first school to see inside the company's factory complex, which is akin to a tour by Willy Wonka.

Only the thing is, this girl doesn't even know her dad. He's always hired other people to take care of her. And throughout, we flash back and forth from her childhood to now, and it seems almost like they're too different people.

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Some things happen by the end, and I won't give it away, but it was adventurous and interesting enough for me to preorder book number two. Dec 26, Jeanne rated it liked it Shelves: Well, Infinity Lost , the first in a trilogy, was free and fun, so no complaints. I did feel like I read the first in a series of Marvel movies, which would have been okay if I'd realized that's what I was getting myself into. Infinity Lost was an action-filled treatise on good vs. Do not expect firm footing her Well, Infinity Lost , the first in a trilogy, was free and fun, so no complaints.

Do not expect firm footing here. If I liked shoot-em-up books I don't , Infinity Lost might have been great fun. I tend to like books that give me greater insights into other people, have beautiful language, or raise interesting philosophical questions and play with them. Not all books need to be written for me. Nov 02, Kat rated it it was ok Shelves: The writing was decent and well paced. The reason I only gave it two stars is the ending or lack of ending. I'm absolutely fine with vague endings, but this was not vague and not really an ending.

This is book 1 or a trilogy apparently and the end of this book felt like the author just decided to stop book one here in order to make the reader buy book 2 to get the rest of the story. In my opinion, each book in a trilogy or any series should stand completely on its own even if the overall arc The writing was decent and well paced.

In my opinion, each book in a trilogy or any series should stand completely on its own even if the overall arc isn't completed until the final book. I do not feel that this was a complete story in book 1. Oct 10, Jennifer rated it did not like it. Boring waste of time! It felt to me like a TV series that finds out it is losing episode amounts and ending at the end of the season! Oct 07, Dave Flodine rated it it was ok.

This is not a finished book. It's not a self contained story and ends upon a character realization. I would have liked to read the whole story, but if it's going to be chopped up and sold in peace meal fashion, I can find other books. Jun 16, Jesse rated it really liked it. Excellent overall Slow start but by the end I couldn't put it down. Well written and interesting despite a relatively transparent plot. Mar 06, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: This is a strange book, but a good one. Infinity, better known as Finn, is the daughter of the most powerful man in the world, the owner of Blackstone Technologies, a company that is involved in everything.

As the story advances, we have Finn at school, and going to a field trip to Blackstone Tech, where she plans to look for her father and confront him, since she had only seen him once and wants to know why. Finn is having strange dreams, that turn out not to be dreams, and everything gets even This is a strange book, but a good one. Finn is having strange dreams, that turn out not to be dreams, and everything gets even more complicated as the place is attacked and everything goes to hell.

You just know that there is something weird going on and you want answers, but you don't get them, just more questions. I hate when that happens, just another reason to force you to buy the next book. But the story is interesting and you need to know what's going on and what happened to her and what secrets are hiding in Blackstone Tech. They are preparing to go on a field trip to Blackstone Tech and she has conflicting emotions, since the father she never sees is supposed to be there and she doesn't know if she will get to see him.

They arrive at the facility and they are received by a woman wearing her mother's face. She passes out, and then discovers that the woman was an android. Every time she dreams and even when she passes out the dreams, that she is starting to think are memories, show her things in her life that she doesn't remember or remember in a different way.

During the next step in the tour, she is attacked by a construct, that claims to be her Nanny Theresa, she tries to kill her, and she passes out again, recovering another memory where she watches Theresa dying. She wakes up and start to panic, trying to get out of there and gets into a fight. The chaos causes her and another five classmates to get detention. Her friend Bit is still acting weird, and she doesn't know what's happening to her and the memories are starting to affect her, she even sees herself killing a person.

While they are in detention, they watch as the rest of their classmates are witnessing the rest of the tour, the AI that claims to be Nanny Theresa takes control of a war machine and starts killing students while trying to get to Finn. After killing most of her classmates, she uses the video feeds to find Finn in detentions and goes after her, then she takes control of one of the robots in Finn's room and tries to kill her again, when she is about to die, her personality changes and Infinity takes control, showing that all the dreams were indeed memories, only not from her, but another personality, that was in fact in contact with Bit.

So Bit knew about the double personality stuff and knew both of them. So after Infinity takes control, they still have to get out of there. I got a free review copy of this through Goodreads First Reads. What worked for me was that I cared about Finn and what was going on with her. I want to find out the secrets about her past and what she is that not even she knows, and I want to see what happens with her. Genetically- or technologically-modified human?

Andr I got a free review copy of this through Goodreads First Reads. Does he even really exist? Why has she never met him yet? They go on the field trip. All hell breaks loose and lots of people die, but Finn mostly just watches all that happen on a video screen from a room in another part of the facility. She has a brief fight scene with the villain.

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These memory-dreams keep coming back through the whole story, revealing her backstory to us and to her, as she was previously unaware of many of the things she experiences in these memories. One problem with this is that it means Finn is constantly falling asleep, getting knocked out, fainting or otherwise becoming unconscious. Which makes her seem a bit narcoleptic.

Anyway, the memory scenes are actually some of the more exciting parts of the book. For a very large portion of the story, the present day stuff is kinda dull.

Rae Sunshine Lee

The entire present day plot is pretty much that her school class takes a field trip to a technology company and it all goes horribly wrong. The constant interruption of the present day plot by the memories was a bit jarring and kind of prevented me from investing fully in the plot. Considering the tour guide later says that he was surprised to see the tour on his schedule, that it was only the fourth tour ever given, and that it was the first for students, I have a really hard time believing the tour guide would not check this oddity with his superiors.

So … yeah, basically I found the whole setup of what goes on in the present day part to be unbelievable. Tone-wise, most of the book goes along like a pretty typical YA sci-fi. The book feels very short, mostly because of the split attention and the paltry plot of the present day parts of the book. When the book ends, it really feels like it should be the end of act one of the book. So I think, if the next two books end up the same way, it will probably turn out that this story would have been better off edited down a bit and released as one long book rather than three short ones.

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Oh, yes, one other thing. Well, maybe once, when she freaks out and tries to get the heck out of there and falls and knocks herself out and then gets marched into field trip detention. Pretty much, stuff happens to her and she freaks out as one probably would , but she never really makes decisions or takes action. So, my opinion is that the book was not very well plotted or paced.

It annoyed me that it ends on a cliffhanger without any kind of resolution or any questions answered. And yet, I do still want to know the answers to those questions. Jan 07, sh e reader rated it it was ok Shelves: I heard about this series somewhere, looked it up on Amazon and saw that it was available to borrow in the Prime Lending Library. It was my December pick In the blurb, it sets up this new "perfect" world, yet we aren't really introduced to it much.

There is an article at the start. A wonderful cast and crew have been assembled, just waiting for all the schedules to coincide. The project takes place in a mystical park.

As Timeless As Infinity (Drixdada: A Trilogy Book 1)

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