Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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According to Witkowski, he was shown the allegedly classified transcripts in August by an unnamed Polish intelligence contact who said he had access to Polish government documents regarding Nazi secret weapons. In short, it looks to be a hoax, or at least a wild exaggeration. Allegedly an experiment carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese "The Giant" [6] near the Wenceslaus mine and close to the Czech border, Die Glocke is described as being a device "made out of a hard, heavy metal" approximately 2.

[ DAS ODESSA-EXPERIMENT (GERMAN) ] BY Wolf, Martin De ( Author ) [ 2008 ] Paperback

According to an interview of Witkowski by Cook, this device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be "filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color". This metallic liquid was code-named "Xerum " and was "stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead".

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Within the zone, crystals would form in animal tissue, blood would gel and separate while plants would decompose into a grease-like substance. Farrell, Jim Marrs , and Henry Stevens. In his book Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology , Stevens concludes that the violet mercury-like substance described by Witkowski could only be red mercury because normal mercury "has no fluid compounds according to conventional wisdom".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Bell disambiguation. Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved December 1, Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 5 January Retrieved 1 December Tarek, who was forced to clean the toilet with his own clothes, pleads to the friendly guard Walther Bosch to secretly bring her a message. Berus intercepts Bosch, however, and tells Dora that everything is all right and refuses to let Tarek to see Dora.

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The situation becomes critical and more violence is involved. The prisoners are being abused and their self-esteem is drastically decreased by the guards' power.

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Most of the violence is directed against Tarek and they lock him up in solitary confinement inside a "black box" resembling a safe. Later he suffocates to death due to his bloody nose drying up in addition to the duct tape on his mouth. Bosch is beaten by the other guards for his "betrayal" and is put into confinement. Lars, a member of Thon's team, notices this and attempts to contact Professor Thon, who is attending a conference. The guards, who are aware that the professor cannot be reached by phone, are convinced by Berus that the entire situation is a test put up by Thon's team, in order to make the guards handle an exceptional situation.

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They take over control of the facility and capture Lars, Dr. Grimm and the other scientists, who are put into confinement as well, and gradually start their own prison in which they engage in brutally sadistic games with the total control. Dora comes to the facility a second time to speak to Tarek and is lured into a room by Berus, where he locks her up. The guard Eckert attempts to rape Dr.

Die Glocke

He is stopped by Tarek, who escaped from solitary confinement through the use of a screwdriver he found inside the "black box. Grimm and the other prisoners. They manage to escape by removing the wall paneling of one of the cells with the screwdriver. Meanwhile, Professor Thon hears Lars' desperate message in his voicemail and leaves for the facility. Meanwhile, Steinhoff and Tarek stay behind in order to prevent Berus from coming after them.

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Professor Thon reaches the facility and demands an explanation from Eckert, who accidentally injures him with a pistol. The fleeing prisoners are ambushed by the guards and trapped. Bosch, who could not keep up with the others, loses his sanity and kills Eckert with a fire extinguisher. Dora then escapes from the room she was locked up in, and steals Eckert's gun.

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She injures one of the guards while he is engaged in fighting Tarek and Steinhoff, leaving only Berus to fight them. Tarek incapacitates Berus, who is nearly choked to death by Steinhoff until Tarek convinces him not to kill Berus. Both Berus and Thon will be put on trial, Berus for multiple homicides and torture with rape, and Thon for allowing an illegal and unethical experiment. The film was inspired by the events of the Stanford prison experiment in the US. Martin Wolf: Books

It is based on the novel Black Box by Mario Giordano. Das Experiment premiered on 7 March in Berlin and was released with a theatrical release in Germany one day later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Das Experiment Theatrical release poster.