Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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In Prayer in the Cave of the Heart , Cyprian Consiglio draws on his experience as a Camaldolese monk to give readers an accessible reflection on prayer that is based on Bede Griffith's "universal call to contemplation. An accomplished musician who writes, performs, and records music using texts drawn from various sacred traditions, Fr.

Prayer in the Cave of the Heart : The Universal Call to Contemplation

Cyprian has a conversational writing style that makes his book extremely accessible for those who want to deepen their understanding of contemplative prayer but tend to shy away from more scholarly approaches. Readers who want to bone up on how other traditions can help strengthen the contemplative dimension of their own faith are fortunate to have such a classmate.

Prayer in the Cave of the Heart is a resource of tremendous potential for spiritual directors of various traditions, people interested in contemplative prayer, and anyone who seeks to grasp deep truths about prayer. I have read from it as I facilitate a centering prayer group and have recommended it to several people with whom I meet as a spiritual director.

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  6. An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. This book is a veritable education in the Christian tradition of contemplative prayer. Readers with a more conventional background in Christianity will find both a refreshing perspective on their tradition along with meaty excerpts from the eastern religions to enrich their journey to the cave of the heart. It's not easy to talk about the Christian mystical tradition in universal terms without resorting to syncretism, but in Prayer in the Cave of the Heart, Camaldolese monk Cyprian Consiglio takes on the challenge with great love and shining integrity.

    Still everything is to be worked through, as we engage with the unconscious through dream and shadow work, as we follow the.

    Abbey Bookshelf: “Prayer in the Cave of the Heart” by Cyprian Consiglio

    This is the same path which is taught by many Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well as by Christian mystics, a central theme running through this book. Consiglio explores specific forms of devotional practice, beginning with the practice of continual and ceaseless prayer , which is the ultimate aim of all contemplative practices.


    Ceaseless praying was taken up by the Desert Ammas and Abbas, eventually developing into what became known as the Liturgy of the Hours — set times of daily prayer: But constant prayer is not just found in Christian traditions, as evidenced by the Buddhist recitation of sutras , and the Muslim salaat.

    In constant prayer we align ourselves with our own deepest centre.

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    • Prayer In The Cave Of The Heart!
    • Prayer in the Cave of the Heart: The Universal Call to Contemplation.

    It is an apophatic form of prayer, meaning that knowledge of God is impossible; human language can never hope to capture God in its limited concepts. For Consiglio the apophatic tradition.

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    My prayer is then a kind of praise rising up out of the center of Nothing and Silence. Monks and contemplatives from all traditions share similar experiences of meditation and contemplation. What a wonderful image to carry into liturgical celebrations!


    As inheritors of a deeply incarnational religion, Christians are well placed to join their Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim sisters and brothers in contemplative practices which, Consiglio shows, are more often similar than dissimilar in intention and method. Most of the methods presented have their roots in eastern traditions which Consiglio presents from a Christian prespective.

    In this way he attempts to make real his vision of a new Christianity enlivened by the rich and fertile teachings from other contemplative religions.