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First apply to small test area. Apply to clean leather. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Leather will absorb what it needs to restore suppleness. The fact is, leather furniture is something you buy for a lifetime. Since leather is a natural product, aging brings out its natural patina, making it even more beautiful over time.

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And since leather furniture is something you can enjoy for years to come, this is a purchase that makes a sound investment. Even though leather furniture brings your home a rich look and feel, you don't have to be rich to enjoy leather furniture.

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Because leather wears in and fabric wears out, you'll find that leather lasts much longer than fabric and can be a better value. Leather is easy to care for. Just use a conditioner every months and wipe up spills as they occur with a clean cloth. Avoid using normal cleaning supplies -- like soaps, detergents, solvents, etc.

Unless your dog thinks your new leather couch is a chew toy or your cat thinks it's a scratching post, your leather furniture is as safe as any other furniture in the house. For more peace of mind, select a protected leather for your furniture, which has an extra finish applied to it. This helps protect the leather so pets and kids can sit on the couch with none of the usual worries.

Leather seats in a car do get hot in summer and cold in winter. But for leather furniture indoors, you'll find that it warms to your body heat in the winter.

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  • With each application, the stubborn material will grow more and more supple. Fill a spray bottle with water. An infusion of moisture is a great way to put new leather through its paces. Run a cool stream straight from the tap, or, better yet, pour in a bottle of purified drinking water. Make sure you screw the top on tight to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

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    There will be less chance of the unsightly spotting and mineral buildup that often comes with hard water. This method won't be very useful on waterproofed leather, which will just cause the water to roll right off.

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    Spray the entire surface of the leather. Mist the item from top to bottom until the water just begins to bead up. As it sits, the moisture will seep into the leather, breaking down the stiff grain ever-so-slightly. Just be careful not to stay out so long that the leather becomes sopping wet.

    Leather Furniture Facts and Care Tips

    Wipe off the excess water. Take a clean microfiber towel and give the leather a thorough pat down. Once this is done, leave the item in a cool, dry place and let it finish air drying naturally. The remaining moisture will escape via evaporation. Oversaturation can eventually produce cracking and fading and cause leather to take on a dull, coarse appearance. Follow up with a quality leather conditioner. A protective coat will restore vital moisture to the leather and keep it from becoming dry and brittle. This step will be especially important after subjecting tanned fabrics to other substances like water that can create wear.

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    Throw the item in the dryer. The ambient heat combined with the repeated impact from the spinning drum mimics the effects of wearing the leather for a long period of time. Make sure you only leave the item in the dryer for minutes a time—any longer than that and it may begin to shrink or scorch. The leather should be dry or just slightly damp when it goes into the dryer.

    For even better results, throw a heavy sneaker or a few tennis balls into the dryer. The added friction will wear in the item more evenly. Leave the item in a warm, humid place. Stretch out the accessory beneath the windshield of your car to soak up some midday rays, or hang it up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.

    They key is not to let it sit for too long. After a while, direct heat can cause leather to fade or dry out.