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Our recent research has involved interventions to encourage older adults to be more proactive in communicating with their clinicians [7]. Baby boomers are among the most avid consumers of health information and approach their health care providers with far greater initiative and than did older adults of yesteryear [9].

Baby boomers value and pursue social engagement and healthy lifestyle behaviors and have high expectations for wellness and independence in late life [10]. Members of the baby boomer generation are also playing a growing role in long-term care of the oldest old [11].

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Growing numbers of them are caregivers to their parents. People are living longer and have smaller families, demographic trends that have created new demands on their baby boomer children [12]. As caregivers who are themselves dealing with the chronic illnesses of later life, boomers can serve as more understanding health care advocates.

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There are important implications of this sea change in patient involvement in health care among baby boomers reaching old age. Physicians must now be prepared to interact with older patients in the same way they interact with younger patients, engaging in a more egalitarian dialogue and involving patients more earnestly in decision making.

Older patients of the present and future expect to live more active lives and seek to remain socially engaged, even as they manage chronic illnesses or rehabilitation from disabling health conditions. This generation of self-determining patients is likely to question established principles of medical care, demanding greater attention to their own definitions of health-related quality of life [13]. Recognition by physicians of the importance of patient values, expectations, and subjective appraisals of health and quality of life can facilitate better communication and shared decision making.

It has been recognized that ageism often limits the choices of older adults regarding long-term care [15]. If the new elderly place a higher premium on self-reliance, they may be eager to consider long-term residential options that facilitate independence.

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Our study of successful aging reveals that, among older adults who retire to Sunbelt retirement communities, those who enter continuing care living facilities maintain independence for a long time, even with multiple comorbidities [16]. Options of this kind, which promote choice and do not necessitate moving to be near other family members, may be particularly popular with baby boomers. The elderly patients of today use the technological resources of the Internet [17].

Our smartphone-toting baby boomers carry great resources along with great expectations, literally at their fingertips. Mobile phones can enable the majority of older adults to access diverse health interventions, ranging from education to health monitoring, and health promotion.

Impact of Baby Boomers of Yesteryear

To the extent that patients can retain control, they will happily incorporate technology into their self-care and self-monitoring routines. Millennials believe that their lifestyle is unique and innovative, keeping up with the modern times, while baby boomers accept the more traditional choices and bask in the memories of yesteryear. Millennials now number They would rather hike the Himalayas than climb the corporate ladder.

They crave entertainment, but their attention span is as short as one zap of a TV dial. For the both generations, while they had their separate and impacting influencers that helped shape the world they lived in there is a difference in that Baby Boomers were taught more independence to face the world while Millennials were protected from the world while the world unleashed its wrath.

Baby Boomers had very different core values from their descendants the Millennials.

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Baby Boomers value success while Millennials value individuality. In that they grew up with the ideals of the anti-war and anti-government, believing anything is possible, being loyal to their children and looking for personal gratification and growth. Baby Boomers also enforced the values of equal opportunities and rights, trusting of no one, involvement, and were team oriented in any given task.

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  • Millennials have high morals, focused on achievement, tolerant, bask in self-confidence and personal attention, civic duty and are the most educated generation with realistic values. With technology on the side of the Millennials, one can see how the other core values come into play as getting more tasks done in less time makes them cling to the opportunities to achieve, be competitive, be street smart and highly sociable.

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    It is seen that there are some similarities where attributes are concerned with the two generations, where both are ambitious, team-oriented, politically savvy, multi-taskers, optimistic and their work ethics are strong. Baby Boomers also have the ability to handle crisis, rebellious against convention, loyal to their careers, competent, idealistic and willing to take on responsibility.

    Times have changed, and so have our priorities.

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    • This is true not only for seniors, but also for Baby Boomers. Planning your future is more essential today than ever before given tough economic times and the ever increasing financial abuse of seniors by loved ones and caregivers. Until now, each preceding generation of Americans was better off economically than their parents because of job opportunities, a thriving economy, and inheritance.

      At the same time, Boomers live much differently than their parents. Many have incurred significant debt and live beyond their means, skip from job to job, and wait for the retirement ship that may never come. And divorce and remarriage are further thinning assets and available cash flow. Many have lost much of their wealth and retirement because of sour real estate deals and stock markets.

      What all this means is that seniors and Boomers must develop plans for life, for the possibility of incapacity, and for death -- in that order. Creating and implementing this plan must be a multidisciplinary effort through a qualified team of professionals.