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And in the case of abortion, we are told the new life within us is not even a child. How to grieve and relieve the guilt when we realize we believed a lie? Jesus knew the life-giving value of grieving after death.

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After abortion, he will go with us too. If instead we continue to believe the lie that there is no child to mourn, we may clutch the sorrow as the only reminder our child had ever existed. At the same time, as any normal parent wanting love from their child, we have this ache. The ache, somewhere deep in our hearts, is for our unborn child.

Only there is no outlet, no child present, and none even acknowledged as lost. In our isolation and shame we think: Guilt and grief compete for our emotions as guilt demands we reject our sin, and grief requires us to accept our loss. Embracing the reality of redemption starts our healing journey.

Life Matters: Forgiveness and Healing After Abortion

Soon afterward a woman I barely knew confessed an abortion in very plain terms. Her simple honesty made it safe for me to speak the truth. And something amazing happened. When I confessed, my heartbreak began to be healed. I felt the love of Jesus Christ enter into the space in my heart I had always kept closed just for the memory of that day. I knew without doubt that my child is safe with the Savior in heaven. He assured me that my child was not destroyed forever. And he helped me receive the forgiveness he secured for me on the cross.

He has made everything new.

Download After Abortion God Offers Forgiveness Healing and Hope

As we confess to God our guilt is removed Psalms Being forgiven allows us to forgive others. This gives me hope—I know God can build on the smallest seeds of love. Healing continued in a post-abortion Bible study where I gave honor and dignity to my child in heaven. I gave him the name Immanuel, and he is part of my forever family. Tucked away unread for all those years, that small slip of paper helped me begin to be able to tell the story.

Healing Abortion's Guilt and Grief

Facing the truth of all I lost has moved the grief from my heart into healing conversations with friends and family who care. I would count it a privilege to listen in confidence and help you remember the child you never met. I join my heart with yours to pray God will provide others in your church, your family, your circle of friends who will patiently help you to process your loss. It affected all my thinking. Will I be judged for what I have done? The Sisters and those who attend are the Days of Prayer and Healing are eager for you to experience the mercy of God.

What if I have not been to confession? Will there be an opportunity to confess my abortion s? Yes, there will be a priest available for confession. If it has been a long time since you have been to confession, you may have forgotten how to do so.

Hope and Healing After Abortion: God's Mercy Endures Forever

The priest will assist you and guide you through confession. The Father of mercies is ready to give you his forgiveness and his peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Jesus said to St. He is a loving Father who never rejects anyone who comes to Him. I am not Catholic. Can I still attend a Day of Prayer and Healing?

Is there hope for me to move beyond this? Yes, you have cause for great hope, God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. The journey of healing normally takes place over time. Attending a Day of Prayer and Healing or another retreat is an opportunity to experience deeper healing. What if I have never told anyone about my abortion, is it confidential?

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The day is completely confidential. We do not discuss the day outside of the gathering. We ask all who participate to honor this confidentiality. It is a very safe and healing environment. Is it possible for me to find forgiveness and peace after my abortion s? God desires for us to experience His mercy and forgiveness. Through confession and the retreat program, it is our hope that you will find the peace you have sought.