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It's just that being woken at 7: Even so, Janey, who's trying to rebuild her life after her husband disappeared, is delighted to have her sister back home with her. That is, until Maxine sets her sights on an impossibly glamorous fashion photographer, and Janey knows there's no limit to the mischief her sister will create to dispatch her rivals. Little do they both know that the competition is a lot closer to home than either of them realizes Mansell's books are must-reads. This was my first Jill Mansell book.

It was quite a fun read set in Cornwall. I got a bit bored halfway through but then it picked up and got better. Mansell likes to write from many POVs and that is the case here too. First we have Janey, who is the main POV. Her husband disappeared one day, and she still wonders about that almost 2 years after.

She is kind, but with low self esteem. She keeps comparing herself to her thinner pretty sister. Also she totally flirts with the wrong man, I so worried about that. Then there is Maxine who is a whirl storm. I really can not compare, but even if the book starts with J, I would say M Mansell likes to write from many POVs and that is the case here too.

I really can not compare, but even if the book starts with J, I would say Maxine gets almost the same numbers. Anyway, you can not dislike her, even though she is flighty, can not be trusted and likes men too much. But she is still kind and funny and she does love her sister. She is the worst and the best at her job and I kept shaking my head, but she was amusing to read about. Their mum gets a minor POV later on, but hush hush about that.

Then there is Guy, who Maxine sets her eyes on. Oh he was so blind when it comes to women. But he is a really nice guy, really. And he loves his kids. There is love to bo found and lost. New roads to take. Secrets to find out. It's a nice book and even though I knew what would happen with some, I did wonder about the road there cos it sure took long ; Narrator.

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I did have trouble with this narrator. Her sentences were chunky Jan 17, Debbie rated it really liked it Shelves: As usual, Jill Mansell has come through with yet another light romance with lots of comedy.

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I found this one to be a funny, cozy romance that I just sped through. I thought she was a hoot and I loved some of her comebacks. And Alan, someone should shoot him. Thanks to Sourcebooks and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Jul 06, Krista rated it really liked it.

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A great summer read! This gets an automatic 4 star rating because I was very sad to have to put it down to go to work this morning. The book could probably have done without the mother storyline - it didn't add much to the overall plot. Nov 21, Heather Mulvihill rated it it was amazing.

If you love Jill Mansell like I do and have read her books.

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This one is one of her best. Como anteriormente referi, esta autora nunca me desilude. This book was a disappointment and not up to par with her other books. I initially chose to read this book because I wanted a little escapism, something quick and sweet to read in between other books, and I thought Jill Mansell is definitely the right choice. Boy, was I wrong. This book was absolutely ridiculous. I mean, yes, granted, it's a chick-lit, so certain expectations go with that genre. There will always be a happy ending, it will always be cheesy and romantic, it will include the jerk, This book was a disappointment and not up to par with her other books.

There will always be a happy ending, it will always be cheesy and romantic, it will include the jerk, and the chivalrous hero, and two female characters, one who is absolutely clueless and naive and the other who is a complete skank. So yes, as usual, Jill Mansell delivered on all of the above. But besides the fact that story line was so overdone and predictable as hell again, I realize most chick-lits are predictable , but the quality of the story is what bothered me. What I usually love about Mansell's books are the short chapters, because I feel like I can fly through the pages in no time.

Not this time though, it took me forever to get through the book and through the chapters. At one point, I found myself skimming huge chunks of text just to get to the freaking point. It was very long-winded, stalled like no tomorrow, the twists and turns were so frustrating and annoying, and both protagonists were MEH.

Definitely not worth more than a star in my opinion, however, that does not mean I've given up on Mansell. I simply did not prefer this particular book. Aug 30, Els rated it really liked it. Eigenlijk al voor ik aan het boek begon, wist ik dat het leuk zou zijn.

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Ik moet eerlijk toegeven dat ik nog nooit door deze auteur werd teleurgesteld. In Sheer Mischief by Jill Mansell , Florist Janey Sinclair has spent most of her life in the shadows of her younger, much more glamorous sister Maxine. Her own social life had been practically nonexistent for the past eighteen months. Maxine cast her an impatient glance. Uber popular photographer Guy Cassidy is still relatively new to Trezale compared to the locals who have lived here their whole lives it seems.

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On the hunt for a new nanny for his son and daughter, Josh and Ella, he knows hiring beautiful, mischievous Maxine is asking for trouble. And not for the reason most people would think. But even he has to admit that having Maxine, Janey, and the rest of the townsfolk in his life has been nothing if not entertaining. And Guy can definitely start to see himself and his beloved children making a true, happy home for themselves in the cozy little seaside town.

Sheer Mischief definitely lived up to its name.

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They had a conscience. Sometimes it was bloody infuriating.