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Every reference to angels is incidental to some other topic. They are not treated in themselves. When they are mentioned, it is always in order to inform us further about God, what he does, and how he does it. Since details about angels are not significant for that purpose, they tend to be omitted. While many details about angels are omitted, it is important to keep in mind three important elements about the biblical revelation God has given us about angels.

So while the mention of angels may seem incidental to some other subject contextually, it is an important element of divine revelation and should not be neglected, especially in view of the present craze and many misconceptions about angels. It is out of this extended body of Scripture, therefore, that the doctrine of angels, as presented in this study, will be developed.

The objective is to make the Bible our authority rather than the speculations of men or their experiences or what may sound logical to people. Though theologians have been cautious in their study of angels, in recent years we have been bombarded by what could easily be called Angelmania. Kenneth Gangel has written an article on the widespread discussion and fascination with angels even by the secular world which he entitled, Angelmania. In his book Angels: An Endangered Species , Malcolm Godwin estimates that over the last 30 years one in every ten pop songs mentions an angel.

But that was just romantic fun. Now our culture takes angels seriously, if not accurately. Newsweek is right; modern society, so seemingly secular and hopelessly materialistic, desperately searches for some spiritual and supernatural meaning. If angels can provide it, then angels it will be. Certainly they are more cheerful and brighter than our long-standing infatuation with movies about demons and evil spirits, along with endless Dracula revivals 5. The bookstores abound with books on angels and many claim encounters with angels. In addition, it illustrates a very poor grasp of what the Bible really teaches about angels and about God.

By these comments I do not mean to discount all the so-called encounters with angels that we occasionally read or hear about. There is an important question that needs to be asked. Why all the fascination of our culture with angels? First, there is always a bent in man for the miraculous or supernatural, for that which lifts him out of the mundane and pain of life, even if for a moment, but there is more to this issue. The interest in angels is due in part to pendulum swings of society. In the past, society had swung from the gross mystical speculations of the middle ages to the rationalism of the late s and early s.

The pendulum has swung back to mysticism as it is seen so prominently in the New Age movement, the occult, and in the cults.

Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth – The Company of Spirits

So belief in Satan, demons, and angels is more and more common place today and used as a substitute for a relationship with God through Christ. This predisposition is not because people are believing the Bible, but because of the rise of occult phenomena and the futility of life without God see Eph. Angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve Him, though created higher than man. Some, the good angels, have remained obedient to Him and carry out His will, while others, fallen angels, disobeyed, fell from their holy position, and now stand in active opposition to the work and plan of God.

Though other words are used for these spiritual beings, the primary word used in the Bible is angel. Three other terms undoubtedly referring to angels are seraphim Isa. More will be said on this later when dealing with the classification of angels. The holy angels are messengers of God, serving Him and doing His bidding.

Thus, the term angelos is not only a generic term, pertaining to a special order of beings i. The reason is twofold. First, being the creation of a holy God, they were created perfect without any flaw or sin. Second, they are called holy because of their purpose. In addition, tsaba sometimes includes the host of heavenly bodies, the stars of the universe. This will be demonstrated later in this study. This term is also used in Genesis 6: Most who hold to this latter view find further support in 2 Peter 2: The incident is one of hubris, the proud overstepping of bounds.

They were probably powerful rulers who were controlled indwelt by fallen angels.

Horoscope Review: "Padre, the Angels' Messenger" and Medium

It may be that fallen angels left their habitation and inhabited bodies of human despots and warriors, the mighty ones of the earth. A careful study of the many passages using this term suggests that this is no ordinary angel, but a Theophany, or better, a Christophany, a preincarnate appearance of Christ.

The angel is identified as God, speaks as God, and claims to exercise the prerogatives of God. Still, in some passages He distinguishes Himself from Yahweh Gen. References to an angel of the Lord in Luke 1: That angels are created beings and not the spirits of departed or glorified human beings is brought out in Psalm There the Psalmist calls on all in the celestial heavens, including the angels, to praise God.

The angels as well as the celestial heavens are declared to be created by God. Since God is Spirit John 4: There is a material kingdom, an animal kingdom, and a human kingdom; So it may be assumed, there is an angelic or spirit kingdom. However, Angelology rests not upon reason or supposition, but upon revelation. Though the exact time of their creation is never stated, we know they were created before the creation of the world.

From the book of Job we are told that they were present when the earth was created Job Scripture specifically states that Christ, as the one who created all things, is the creator of angels cf. These indicate the entire universe, both material and immaterial. This not only indicates a highly organized dominion in the spirit world of angels, but shows that Paul was writing to refute an incipient form of Gnosticism that promoted the worship of angels in place of the worship of Christ cf.

In this, Paul demonstrates superiority and rightful place of worship as supreme cf. The angels were created simultaneously as a host or a company. God created man and the animal kingdom in pairs with the responsibility and ability to procreate. Angels, however, were created simultaneously as a company, a countless host of myriads Col. This is suggested by the fact they are not subject to death or any form of extinction and they do not propagate or multiply themselves as with humans.

Nevertheless, they are an innumerable host created before the creation of the earth cf. However, due to the ministry and abilities given to them in the service of God, they have access to the entire universe. They are described as serving in heaven and on earth cf.

Likewise the plague which seems to be demonic is spoken of as coming from the Abyss 9: The destiny of fallen angels is the lake of fire Matt.

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The holy angels will dwell in the new heavens and new earth described in Revelation Of those who are confined, some are temporarily so, while others are permanently confined in Tartarus 2 Peter 2: The Greeks thought of Tartarus as a place of punishment lower than hades. Those temporarily confined are in the abyss Luke 8: While the meaning of this passage is debated, it does show us that angels not only have a domain or area of authority assigned to them, but a dwelling place. This interpretation is expounded in the pseudepigraphical Book of Enoch 7, 9.

But because of their rebellion, God has kept or reserved tetereken perfect tense these fallen angels in darkness and in eternal chains awaiting final judgment. Apparently some fallen angels are in bondage while others are unbound and active among mankind as demons. Though at times they have revealed themselves in the form of human bodies angelophanies as in Genesis This suggests they do not have material bodies as humans do.

This is further supported by the fact they do not function as human beings in terms of marriage and procreation Mark Angels are not subject to the limitations of man, especially since they are incapable of death Luke Angels have greater wisdom than man 2 Sam. Angels have greater power than man Matt. Angels, however, have limitations compared to man, particularly in future relationships. At the consummation of the age, redeemed man will be exalted above angels 1 Cor.

Demons fallen angels are described as spirits Matt. Angels, though spirit beings and very powerful, are not omnipotent, omniscient, nor omnipresent. They cannot be everywhere at once. Since they are spirit beings, they are usually not seen, unless God gives the ability to see them or unless they manifest themselves.

Balaam could not see the angel standing in his way until the Lord opened his eyes Num. When angels have been seen as recorded in Scripture, they were often mistaken as men because they were manifested in a man-like appearance Gen. Consistently, they have appeared as real men, never as ghosts, or as winged animals cf. They are occasionally pictured in other forms and in other manifestations as with wings, and as a combination of man, beast, and birds as in Ezekiel 1: But apparently such manifestations only occurred by way of a vision or special revelation from God.

No angel literally appeared in such form. They also seem to always have appeared as youthful or mature men Mark In the present fascination of our culture, previously referred to as angelmania , the common conception of angels is that of winged creatures and most times as female. Some of the commonly held conceptions are not supported by the scriptural witness. There are no indications of angels appearing in female form.

Nor is there explicit reference to them as winged, although Daniel 9: The cherubim and seraphim are represented as winged Exod. However, we have no assurance that what is true of cherubim and seraphim is true of angels in general. Since there is no explicit reference indicating that angels as a whole are winged, we must regard this as at best an inference, but not a necessary inference, from the biblical passages which describe them as flying. While angels generally appear as men in Scripture, Zechariah 5: The two women mentioned in this passage are not specifically called angels, but they are clearly agents of God or forces of Satan, like angels, good or evil.

All angels were created holy , without sin, and in a state of perfect holiness. Originally all angelic creatures were created holy. God pronounced His creation good Gen. These are the elect angels 1 Tim. As created beings, they are of course mere creatures. They are not divine and their worship is explicitly forbidden see Col. As a separate order of creatures, they are both distinct from human beings and higher than humans with powers far beyond human abilities in this present age cf. But as creatures they are limited in their powers, knowledge, and activities 1 Peter 1: Following the revelation given to John, on two occasions the apostle fell on his face in worship, but the angel quickly told John not to worship him and then gave the reason.

Angels are powerful and awesome in many ways, but, like us, they are only creatures and servants of the living God who alone deserves our worship. This means we are not to pray to them or trust in them even though God may use them to minister to our needs in various ways. Our trust is to be in God, not angels. They minister to us at His bidding under His authority and power. Though sometimes the instrument of aid or deliverance was an angel, New Testament believers recognized it was the Lord who delivered them see Acts Though writing about their invisibility to mankind, Chafer has an interesting comment:.

One reason angels are rendered invisible to human sight may be that , if they were seen, they would be worhiped. Man, who is so prone to idolatry as to worship the works of his own hands, would hardly be able to resist the worship of angels were they before his eyes. The church at Colossae had been invaded by false teachers who were teaching a false humility and the worship of angels as a part of the means to spirituality. It seems these teachers were claiming special mystic insights by way of visions in connection with their worship of angels.

Concerning this, Paul wrote:. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions NIV. This was demonic because it was an attempt to usurp the preeminent place and sufficiency of Christ as Savior and Lord cf. It is no wonder, then, that the author of Hebrews, in the most extended passage on angels in the New Testament Heb.

There are several qualities common to personality all of which angels possess—personal existence, intellect, emotion, and will.

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  • As personalities we see them interacted with over and over again through the Bible. Angels then qualify as personalities because they have these aspects of intelligence, emotions, and will. This is true of both the good and evil angels. Good angels, Satan, and demons possess intelligence Matt. Good angels, Satan, and demons show emotions Luke 2: Good angels, Satan, and demons demonstrate that they have wills Luke 8: Therefore, they can be said to be persons.

    The fact that they do not have human bodies does not affect their being personalities any more than it does with God. The fallen angels are even described by actions of personality like lying and sinning John 8: Some have considered angels, including Satan, as merely the abstract personification of good and evil, but such is not at all in keeping with the teaching of Scripture.

    This comment by the Lord suggest two things: That their knowledge is greater is also suggested by the fact they were present at some of the heavenly counsels, were involved in conveying revelation Gal. Therefore, innately they possess greater knowledge. Unlike humans, angels do not have to study the past; they have experienced it. Therefore, they know how others have acted and reacted in situations and can predict with a greater degree of accuracy how we may act in similar circumstances.

    The experiences of longevity give them greater knowledge. Since man is created lower than the angels with limitations angels do not have, we would expect them to possess superhuman strength as well. That angels have greater strength than man is evident from at least two considerations:.

    Scripture specifically speaks of their greater power. Further, 2 Peter 2: If so, then the verse is stating that the good angels are more powerful than the evil ones. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One person found this helpful. Whitus Book Junkie Walking on Bookshelves. I was so disappointed in this book and I'm thankful I paid so little for it on my Kindle.

    I kept reading it hoping it would get better I read tons of fanstasy books a year and I had high hopes for this one. I realize it was meant to be a different idea of angels and demons, but it just wasn't my taste. The characters were undeveloped. The plot was eratic and had to make huge jumps to even come together at all. The lack of description in the setting and scenery in the book made it hard for me to place myself in the characters situation which I feel is very important in a good read.

    I absolutely loved this book!!!! I'm not a religious person by any means, but M's beautifully constructed version of how modern religion came about just drew me in!!! This author weaves a hypnotic tale that you can't help but lose yourself in. You feel inspired by Gabriella's strength and you are saddened by her pain as she travels on the path to discovering both her origins and her destiny. Angel Lies is definitely worth reading more than once!

    I already been scammed. Padre and extraordinary chris are the same exact person or they might be friends. But be careful who YOU trust because extraordinary chris fucked up my acct so bad that I had to file a police report. I found out that they know each other I knew this was crap from day 1. He makes out that your Guardian Angel will abandon you if you don't fall for this.

    I'm very sure that my angel would not choose to use the internet to speak me. My intuition told me not to fall for this and I believe it was my angel telling me that this was false. I feel sorry for people who genuinely fall for this kind of thing and are convinced its real. It's not right to play with people's lives and feelings just to gain a buck, and to use the name Padre as well, makes me sick!!!!! I want to extend my gratitude that "any information" about this person was located and others took the time to share their personal experiences to protect another Christian.

    I do know once I received my third email, I prayed to Jesus to please let me know if this was true. I immediately thought to "lookup his name from the emails", and I embarrassed to say I should have done that first My search instantly lead me to this website. It was the first result that came up on google. It was and is a blessing. I do not have the money to spare. I believe in Our Lord and Savior. I did not want to dismiss the possibility of an Angel coming into my life this way.

    I believe in Angels. I pray each time something is questionable that appears in my life quickly first and foremost going the the Lord and asking for clarity and protection. I believe he lead me here. I don't think it is incorrect to say "Everyone has problems or issues they are dealing with or facing in their lives", so an email like Padre's CAN be interpreted into each persons situation.

    We see what we want. You will be saved as I have! It helped me feel as though I had a team of protection. I thank perhaps padre is just and elegant way of pronouncing PREY. More likely a wounded fragile being extending the extreme desire for external strength. You have saved me from parting with my cash, for which I have decided will be better spent helping someone I know of who is in need. God bless you and thank you.

    Padre seems to be true. Because it tells you the events or hardships you are having. Just as I was experiencing right now. But thanks Sylvia for enlightening me. You are such an angel. But I will never stop praying to my angel Omael. And my angel came to my dream. So I won't stop believing in Angels. God bless you Sylvia. I am so much grateful to my guardian angel that I did not respond to this scam by paying any amount!

    I nearly fell for it but I have been a member of channelling groups and have a wonderful spirit guide who helps me all the time, and I am aware of my Guardian angel who has saved me from harm so many times, though I was not often aware of it until later. We are helped and guided but we are still responsible for manifesting our own future and making it the best it could be for us. We need to let go of the need for things to happen and trust that all events are an important learning experience.

    It is sometimes very hard, even heart-breaking. Fortunately my dearest friend, also a therapist and light-worker is there for me and helps me see the dark side in me and helps me accept and honour it. Peace and love, Chris. I got hooked on Facebook and liked the response to my first request. I will right in this space, so eager to share my "experience with "Padre" that i have typed a long description on the above box insteat of here. Well, yes i did get hooked by this padre too. Found it on Facebook and his picture as pretty convincing! So i gave it a try hoping for positive results My 6th Sense kept on warning me, but i did allow "him the Padre" to take me for a ride, good job on those emails but not for me.

    I am 65, born August 3rd around This Hongkong people came barking to the wrong door, i as a military, served the Portughese army for 3 years, i was trained as a Commando and spent 2 years in the then colony of Mozambique, Well "padre" this is for you: My commando soul and shadow are right not watching you, i do not need my machine gun to intimidate you, but rest assure that you are going to HELL under my orders i was a Seargent , so get out of Facebook right now, if you dont, not me, but MY LORD will do what is deemed to what you have tried on me, you played with fire, dont you dare to take money out of my Mastercard, if you do then it becomes personal, believe me, dont mess with me, Our Universe under my guidance will hunt you for eternity, just read the following about me and think twice before you attempt other victims with your scam.

    I apologize if my previous message has not been delivered properly.

    Adventures of a spirit traveller

    I kindly wrote to let people know about I have been scammed by them. Everyone, please be aware of Padre, Maria Medium, Aasha, etc.. Padre emailed me several times asking for his help intervention and it needed to be done in less than 3 weeks because of my period of good luck. I did not respond to him because I have no money or a job. After a month when "my period of good luck ended" I thought I wouldn't hear from him again for an obvious reason.

    He approached me this time saying that he just arrive from the Vatican. He said he had some revelations from the superior power and the angels were whispering my name in this holy place. He offered me "The Vatican's Cross of Fortune" which is a picture to be printed. He said a miracle was about to occur in my life during the next week.

    I had to ask my best friend to pay for this! I have been receiving almost exactly the same type of emails non-stop for appropriately six months. So happy "your guardian angel" told you to warn us lol!!!!! This man has bombarded me 21 times with angelic visions, "appearances", sudden changes in planets' orbits this just doesn't happen if you know astrology and astronomy, he says adverse karma ruining my life, dragged down in spiral, will rid me of karmic debt blah blah.

    There will be "thunderclap" when all resolved!! He tried some applied psychology: It was refunded, thankfully. I was in Law most of life and recognised this as pestering and harrassment after receiving 21 missives, all saying same, all repeating dire warnings, all promising to perform ceremonies etc for more and more fees.

    Also, having been taught Cabbala to high degree, know full well you cannot chose name for your Guardian Angel. Naming another implies authority over the other. My GA is my instructor. I, and former colleague in Law, did some research, it appears all the totally unspeakable nonsense churned out for me by this man is exactly same as that "fed" to other unsuspecting, trusting people, only the dates of their joy and luck is changed. As for the name of my GA - never heard of it and can't trace.

    So avoid this "offer of help to change your life". It is nothing less than a take-on and, I am, reliably told by former Law colleagues, a scam. Knew it, but they must've done something, because apparently tommorow my life will be trapped in karma, BUT 5 days ago he said he couldn't help me tomorrow because it's too late after that day.

    BUT, he says January 20th is the day my life is trapped in karma, I'm not paying. And he's sticking to my guardian angel's name is "Hariel" and didn't change it.

    Would This Man (or his double) Lie to You?

    But his "magic words that will save you" have changed like 3 times already! I knew it was a scam! My Heartfelt thanks to you. I just got those readings from Padre's website. At first felt its auto generated then the writings makes one feel as if they are real and done by authentic person. Keep up your good work.. This is what I say is spiritual and good deeds to the humanity. If it seems to good to be true it usually is. Good job on your research and thank you for sharing.

    Thankyou to all of you guys, and to you sylvia. I have been well and truly had. I would really like to recieve some kind of help as i do feel i have always had some kind of negative interference since the day i was born. I am very receptive and sensitive. Thank you thank you thank you sylvia I was about to donet my my money to padre on this coming Tuesday course my D-date is on Telling me same story I even email him say I don't have credit cart n he reply I must go n buy something like you buy airtime n send the number so he will be able to receive the amount of but always my angel tells me this is a devels work don't do that I listen to my angel but today I open my email come across with his email said I must be quickly the date is near he is so afraid I will lose everything I felt atempted.

    I desired to Google this hyper angelical karma its when I came I cross with this scam may the angels of God deal with him. Thanks again Sylvia sky may our great almaghty be with you for saving us to this scams. Kedi from nelspruit South Africa. Tony, you will not find a "legitimate" psychic on an Internet website or by phone. Real psychics very rare, and not all of them want to go into business do not have to advertise; they have all the business they can handle thanks to word of mouth. I don't know any, nor have I met any who are genuine. Any psychic who advertises is fake.

    So, in your opinion who are legitimate? Emeka, don't be ashamed that you fell into the trap. It's cleverly set up to trap even the most intelligent people. Your testimony here will keep many others from being taken. It was the same story he fed everyone that he has for me. How I acquired hyper angelical karmic debt and co. I hope the authority catch him. Promotions are not allowed here, i would have pasted for all to see.

    We all have to be very careful as we can't understand no more what the spiritual community has turned into. I'm glad i found this cos I had the same experience about 3 months ago with this so called padre in my desperation to get help with some health and hair problems as a bald man lol.

    Though i know there are genuine psychics who can help but finding them seem impossible. But if you're patient enough, you could cos i did and for the reason I'm thankful Padre never got me. Thank you for saving me some money that I can't really afford to spend. I love my angel.. Hi, I have been receiving emails from Padre every other day for months now. He has revelations, money gains and bad luck regarding my future. Apparently he has done some urgent cleansing because I came to him in a dream and he prevented bad luck. I think when we are in a vulnerable place and seek hope we end up finding scammers.

    Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

    I think we have many crossroads in our lives and we seek many things to justify whether we are doing the right thing. We try and connect with other beings like our guardian angels and saints. When things go wrong and people like Padre tell us there is something bad that is blocking your path a light bulb switches on and we think 'that's why it's all going wrong'. In the end we hear what we want to hear, dismiss what our instincts and intuition is telling us, until people like Padre confirm what we originally thought.

    The only thing he preys on the vulnerable and its costly. Life has it's ups and it's downs, with many crossroads to deal with. People have different crisis to deal with in life and unless someone knows exactly what it is don't pay a cent. If Padre said something bad is going to happen next month and I stubbed my toe, I would be thinking Padre said that was going to happen.

    What we seek is hope, light at the end of the tunnel, help in a bad situation etc.

    Where do we find it - don't know, but we all hold on to something to get us through our crisis. Online psychics are not the answer, there are a number of them that do exactly the same. They say that nothing significant can be achieved without hardwork. The reason you are suffering because of your past Karmas or past actions.

    Always pray to your esteem god. I would also add apart from padre there are name such as maria the medium, Gabriel, aasha, aalisha, tara. Internet is full of such BS. Pls add more name if you have any. I almost got scammed into this. I trusted my intuition to do some research. Thank you so much for this article!

    I almost got scammed. I received about 3 emails from Padre and almost purchased his secret Talisman for 9. I then reflected and spoke to my celestial father. I was then guided to see if this was real or a scam I then found your site. God directed me and guided me to the truth. Bottom line what is proven to me over and over again I did not pay this guy any money, because I know that Uranus normally does not change his transit. I think world would fall apart if planets started chanching their transits. And when he wrote that only he could undo the karmic blockades or curses it was clear to me that this man or this machine is fake.

    But, to be honest, I kept thinking about this Padre bloke and found this website.