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As a result, the Church got involved as a mediator. The Wiki states that in the Third Holy Grail War, "the Lesser Grail was destroyed during the battles before the victor could be decided, so the ritual became meaningless and failed.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What did the past winners of the Holy Grail Wars wish for?

Andreas Hartmann 1 6. Funny story - there weren't any past winners of the Holy Grail War. The first three wars all ended without anybody successfully manifesting the grail. I forget the details, though. If I'm not mistaken, Kiritsugu said so himself, "no one had ever won the war" or something like that. Supplementing this with the Wiki , we thus have: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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He took a bath in a warm spring and while he did so, a snake came by and ate the plant. That also explains why Tokiome summoned him using the first shed snake skin; the shedding is the snake's immortality taken from Gil.

Has the Holy Grail ever granted any wishes at all?

Child Gil is sometimes the result of him eating the herb, but sometimes it's the result of him being summoned just as a child. Personally, I don't like that he still has the herb, as his legend includes its loss like with Ascalon and it throws balance off. If archer can be summoned from a different universe , similar to fate route , there is nothing stoping them from saying that kid gil is gil that drank the elixir in a universe where the snake didn't ate it. Although I may be completely wrong, Gilgamesh's life and kingship is something that is timelocked.

There is only one of it in the Kaleidoscope, as it is a defining, critical moment in Human History and the World. Gilgamesh returned for another herb, but not for using it, just because he wanted to have it in his collection. At least in the real world version of the legend, he obtained it, but a snake drank it instead and so Gilgamesh eventually died. I'm not mistaking Alaya and Gaia. But from my understanding Alaya puts the survival of humanity above survival of humans regardless of ethics one of the major complaints FSN archer has about his employer so I fairly well imagine Alaya not caring about massive loss of lives as long as the humanity itself isn't in danger.

In the long term it could be even beneficial - humans in bigger numbers have tendency to behave like lemmings at best, so a smaller population would be less prone to self-destruct in some stupid attempt at another world war. But I don't have any basis to speculate how calculating Alaya can be in this regard. Believe it or not , gilgamesh is wrong in his idea that if only the strong survive , humanity grows stronger. A population bottleneck or genetic bottleneck is a sharp reduction in the size of a population due to environmental events such as earthquakes, floods, fires, disease, or droughts or human activities such as genocide.

Such events can reduce the variation in the gene pool of a population; thereafter, a smaller population, with a correspondingly smaller genetic diversity, remains to pass on genes to future generations of offspring through sexual reproduction. Genetic diversity remains lower, increasing only when gene flow with another population occurs or very slowly increasing with time as random mutations occur.

As a consequence of such population size reductions and the loss of genetic variation, the robustness of the population is reduced and its ability to adapt to and survive selecting environmental changes, like climate change or a shift in available resources, is reduced. Diminishing of gene pool shouldn't be a big problem unless the population drops into thousands. Even if we say millions, this would still be a 0. But you're right, some remote communities would suffer from it. Even with millions could be unsustainable in a couple hundreds or thousands of years.

Our curent genepool already lost most of it's variety in our infancy as a species. In the end it is debatable , but i doubt alaya would allow any chance of something like that happening. These are just my speculations trying to make sense of what Gilgamesh is doing.

As you said earlier, his plan should be doomed to fail and as such a profound person he should be aware of it. One could wave it off as him simply ignoring any possibility of failure due to his ego, but that would be too boring. As for alaya , it is quite possible that it actually took steps against gil. Alaya doesn't always sends CGs. At times it places the right people in the right spot or just makes some happy coincidences happen. For all we know , archer being summoned into the war and him "training" shirou might have been exactly that.

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Archer himself admits that the chance of him being summoned should have been so low that it should have been impossible. You have to be familiar with their legends, myth, epic, etc. Even the VN doesn't outright gives you all the info. Rider's and Lancer's backstories in particular were only tackled in-depth in Fate Hollow Ataraxia.

Actually the false assasin was just a wanderer that was an incredible good swordsman and people confused him with Kojiro, also he wish that he could have a proper showdown with Musashi. If you're talking about the wish from the Grail, I'm pretty sure that Saber is the only one really striving for it. But if its about general wishes:. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

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Im aware of Archers amd Sabers but i havent heard of the other servants wishes. Want to add to the discussion? To have proper fights befitting of Heroes Rider: To be Sakura's Ally Caster: To live a happy life with Kuzuki basically Assassin: