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In this way, according to Boswell, Johnson offered his readers hope that, rather than like "beasts who perish," humankind could achieve everlasting happiness through their immortality.

Prince of Abyssinia The History of Rasselas Critical Essays

Indeed, in the view of many commentators, Rasselas presents an essentially moral and Christian outlook, with its emphasis on the afterlife rather than on temporal concerns. Many modern critics, however, have seen Rasselas as neither moral nor optimistic but simply as a form of entertainment. Claiming that Johnson himself did not direct his readers to consider the moral value of his work, Duane H.

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Smith has asserted that the author knowingly offered Rasselas as merely a form of amusement for his audience. Commenting also on Rasselas as a form of diversion, Catherine N.


Parke has focused on the "psychology of boredom" as evidenced in the piece. According to Parke, Johnson saw "historical thinking"—the ability to look beyond the immediate present to the past—as a way for a bored mind to express and stimulate itself. Looking at the power of the human imagination in the work, Walter Jackson Bate, too, has studied how Rasselas exhibits a typical Johnsonian investigation into the "human craving for 'novelty'.

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  • The style and genre of Rasselas has also remained a point of critical contention. Raleigh included it in his history of the English novel, despite its distinctly unnovel-like characterization and structure; Sheridan Baker has called it an ironic adaptation of oriental romance; and more recent critics, such as James F. Woodruff, have considered it a variation on classical satire.

    Other modem critics have labeled it a philosophical discourse, a comedy, a philosophical romance, and a quest romance, among other classifications.

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    The structure of Rasselas has also prompted critical discussions. Refuting the claims of many earlier critics who found Rasselas "structureless" with no beginning, middle, or end, Gwin J. Kolb has argued that the structure of Rasselas, in the form of a tale, is vital to its message, or "thesis"—that happiness is not achievable in earthly life but is attainable in eternal life. Other twentieth-century critics have continued this focus on Rasselas as a literary achievement. Commenting on Rasselas as a work of art rather than as a philosophical piece, Emrys Jones has maintained that Rasselas shows Johnson's wit and artistic power, particularly in its "inconclusive conclusion.

    Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia

    Critics have been virtually unanimous, however, in acknowledging Johnson's acute perception of the nature of life andthe capacity of the human soul in Rasselas. Hansen has praised Johnson's positive, progressive portrayal of the equality of women, and several scholars—including J. Major Works Johnson's literary output is substantial and encompasses a wide variety of genres. The title page of this edition carried a quotation, inserted by the publisher Robert Bell, from La Rochefoucauld: Johnson was influenced by the vogue for exotic locations including Ethiopia. Early readers considered Rasselas to be a work of philosophical and practical importance and critics often remark on the difficulty of classifying it as a novel.

    While the story is thematically similar to Candide by Voltaire , also published early in — both concern young men travelling in the company of honoured teachers, encountering and examining human suffering in an attempt to determine the root of happiness — their root concerns are distinctly different. Voltaire was very directly satirising the widely read philosophical work by Gottfried Leibniz , particularly the Theodicee , in which Leibniz asserts that the world, no matter how we may perceive it, is necessarily the "best of all possible worlds".

    In contrast the question Rasselas confronts most directly is whether or not humanity is essentially capable of attaining happiness. Rasselas questions his choices in life and what new choices to make in order to achieve this happiness. Writing as a devout Christian, Johnson makes through his characters no blanket attacks on the viability of a religious response to this question, as Voltaire does, and while the story is in places light and humorous, it is not a piece of satire, as is Candide.

    The plot is simple in the extreme, and the characters are flat. Rasselas, son of the King of Abyssinia modern-day Ethiopia , is shut up in a beautiful valley called The Happy Valley, "till the order of succession should call him to the throne".

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