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Better yet, they have two stories available for free: Une histoire extraite du Petit Nicolas La plage, c'est chouette!: Une histoire extraite des vacances du Petit Nicolas French Edition The pictures are clear on my two-year old kindle the old keyboard version , and are in fact larger than the pictures in the Folio paperback editions. The host canceled this reservation 66 days before arrival. This is an automated posting. Mon logement est proche de les transports en commun et le centre ville.

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Une voiture les rasa dans un halo de chaleur. Le jet-ski avait disparu. Et je vous demande quoi en retour? Quinze minutes sur vos quinze jours de vacances! Quinze minutes sur tes quinze ans de vie, ma grande! Franck se tourna vers Clotilde.

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La voix de la raison, comme toujours. Mais faut comprendre Valou. Ils sont morts il y a vingt-sept ans. Ils… ils ne font pas partie de sa vie. De moins en moins. Clotilde ne bougea pas. Que tu restes seule. Pourquoi elle fait tout depuis pour que la vie lui glisse dessus sans la mouiller. Clotilde posa une main sur le genou de Franck. La Passat fila doucement entre mer et montagne. Le vent soufflerait sur les bouquets de serpolet avant la fin de la nuit. Ne pas se retourner, pensa Clotilde.

Elle baissa la vitre et laissa le vent souffler sur ses longs cheveux noirs ; le soleil caresser ses jambes nues. Un rideau tendu par un Dieu menteur. Franck frissonna alors que Clotilde fermait les yeux. Comme un miroir rajeunissant. Je me concentre sur le ferry. Parole de Lydia Deetz! Avvicina avvicina Les camions, les voitures, les camping-cars, les motos.

Comme un serpent qui change de peau. Un jour, ce sera moi la fille au dos nu. Les Italiens ont des allures de diables, il ne leur manque que le fouet. Oui, une famille, pendant vingt et un jours, trois semaines au paradis. Maman, papa et Nicolas. Je file enfiler mon maillot. Dans une autre vie. Seul le cou de Franck pivota.

Je ne veux rien dire. Je ne sais pas. Clotilde reposa le livre. Si tu sais encore lire dans le creux de mes yeux. Avec vous tous dans la voiture? Il nous emmenait voir un concert de polyphonies corses. La voix de Clotilde glissa comme un murmure. Franck stoppa son mouvement. A ce mo-ment, elle aurait voulu que Franck descende et la prenne dans ses bras. Clotilde esquissa un sourire. Ce sont ses grands-parents. Que tu aies eu ce courage. Trop tard, pensa Clotilde.

Franck posa une main sur la taille de Clotilde. La main remonta un peu sous son chemisier. Pas tout de suite. Sans comprendre ce que venait faire cette phrase dans la conversation. Un dans chaque sein, un dans chaque fesse! De lisser ses longs cheveux noirs qui descendaient jusque sous sa poitrine.

Je serai plus ponctuelle les jours prochains, promis. Lydia Deetz au rapport. Et juste une petite tache noire. Maman la mate aussi, avec un air jaloux. Comme si elle avait honte de moi. Je vais vous faire son portrait en trois points. Du plus gentil au plus vilain. Maman est grande et belle. Je ne veux pas devenir une maman comme elle. Une femme comme elle. Une vieille comme elle. The voice of Manu Chao and the brass instruments of Mano Negra crackled in the silence of the warm stones, barely louder than the crickets behind the walls of the farmhouse.

She liked this relaxed, slightly provocative position, the stones pressing into her back beneath her dress, the bark and the splinters that scraped her thighs every time she tapped her foot to the beat of Mano Negra. Curled up with her notebook on her lap and her pen in her hand. A stark contrast with her straight-laced, Corsican relatives. She turned up the volume. Clotilde shut her eyes and opened her mouth, she would have given anything to be teleported to the front row of a Mano Negra concert, and come back from this lightning trip three years older, a foot taller and three cup sizes bigger.

To have a nice pair of breasts jiggling under a sweat-soaked black t-shirt, under the noses of the entranced guitarists. She opened her eyes. Nicolas was still standing in front of her. He looked pissed off. In the future her brother might be a lawyer, or a union representative, or a member of a SWAT team, the one who negotiates with robbers holed up in a bank to get the hostages out one by one.

Nicolas loved taking a few punches. Getting hit, taking it on the chin. It must have given him the illusion that he was harder than everyone else, more reasonable, more reliable. It would probably serve him well throughout his life. Clotilde shifted her gaze and for a moment she watched the twin moons off the coast of the Revellata, one lying in the sea, the other pinned to a darkened sky, like two runaways being chased by the lighthouse on the peninsula; the first one shivering and the second stunned. She was reluctant to close her eyes again. It was so easy to be beamed to another planet.

One, two, three, and cut! No, she had to keep them open, make the most of the last minutes, write in the notebook on her lap, before her dream floated away. Etch the words onto the blank page. As a matter of urgency. My dream is unfolding beside me, but a long time from now, on Oscelluccia beach, I recognised the rocks, the sand, the shape of the bay, they are still the same. How long was that? A couple of minutes? The time it took Clotilde to write a dozen more lines, the time it took to listen to Rock Island Line.

He grabbed her by the arm. Clotilde felt her headset slipping away, then the right earphone getting stuck in a tuft of her gelled, black hair. Her pen fell into the dirt. The notebook was still on the bench, leaving her no time to grasp it, to slip it into her bag, to hide it at the very least. Calm, cold and bland as usual. An iceberg stranded in the Med.

Her bare thigh chafed on the wooden bench. Now she could only hope that Nanny Lisabetta would find her notebook and put it with the rest of her things which were strewn about the farm, without opening it, without reading it. She would give it back tomorrow. She could trust Nanny. Dad carried on dragging her a few yards, and then pushed her out in front of him, as if letting go of the hand of a baby learning to walk for the first time, staying a few steps behind her, arms outstretched. In the courtyard of the farmhouse, around the big table, the entire saintly family was watching her with faces like waxworks.

Wine bottles were empty, and bouquets of yellow roses were wilting. Grandpa Cassanu, Nanny Lisabetta, the clan. Clotilde nearly burst out laughing. Dad would never raise a hand to her, but there were five days of the holiday left. She got the message.

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Clotilde trotted along, keeping pace, all the way to the Renault Fuego. So, change of plans, off to Prezzuna then? Okay, she would behave and go along to this choir in that chapel in the middle of nowhere, with Dad, Mum and Nicolas. Just one evening to give up, it could be worse. But leaving behind her sense of pride was harder to swallow. She just saw Grandpa Cassanu get up and look straight at Dad, who signalled that everything was okay.

More than usual, anyway. The Renault Fuego was parked further down, on the road that led to the Revellata. Mum and Nicolas were already in the car. Nicolas moved over to make room for her on the back seat, this time with a knowing smile. More than her even, much more than her. But Nicolas was strong enough not to let it show. In the future, after leaving the school of hard knocks, he might even be the President of France, like Mitterrand, he would learn how to take it all on the chin for seven years, only to be re-elected with ease at the end of it.

All for the pleasure of being a political punch bag for another seven years. Dad was driving fast. As he often did since he bought himself a red Renault Fuego. As he often did when he was angry. Mum would sometimes place her hand on his knee and on his hand when he changed gears. He was the only one who wanted to see this bloody concert. Clotilde had put her headphones back on. She was always a bit scared on these Corsican roads, even in daylight, especially in daylight, when they came across a camper van or a coach; the cliffs on this island were mental.

She thought that at the speed Dad was driving, whether to relieve his stress, to get there on time, or to be in the front row at the chapel under the chestnut trees, if they came across a goat, a boar, or any wild animal roaming about, it would be game over. There were no animals, at least not that Clotilde saw. Nobody would find the slightest trace of one either, even though this was one of the theories the police considered. It was a tight bend at the end of a long straight stretch, after the Revellata peninsula, a bend overlooking a ravine sixty feet deep.

A rocky slope named Petra Coda. In the daylight it was a dizzying sight. The Renault smashed head on into the wooden barrier. The three planks which separated the road from the precipice did all they could. The planks did little to slow down the car, which carried on, straight ahead, just like in the cartoons when the main character is running in thin air, then he stops and looks down at his feet with amazement, then a sudden panic. That was what Clotilde felt. She thought about that for a fraction of a second, just before reality struck, when the car smashed against the rocks, and flipped over twice.

The third time, the roof above them gaped open like a pair of steel jaws.

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The car came to a stop, teetering precariously some thirty feet above the calm sea. Nicolas was strapped in next to her, sitting upright. He would never be president, not even a union rep in some crappy company. Killed before he could hatch. An eggshell more like.

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The sinewy carcass of a dead sparrow in the jaws of a monster. His ragdoll body mangled by the burst-open roof. Strangely, Clotilde was not in any pain. The police would later explain that the three flips of the car had generated three impacts, one for each passenger. Like a killer with only three rounds in his chamber. She weighed no more than six stone. She squeezed herself through the broken window without even feeling the shards of glass slashing her arms and legs and tearing her dress.

Instinctively, she crawled, leaving behind red stains on the glinting rocks, several metres away from the car. She just sat and stared at the mix of blood and petrol dripping from the bodies and the wreck, at the brains escaping from their skulls. That was where the police, then the firefighters, then the dozens of paramedics found her some twenty minutes later.

Clotilde had a broken wrist, three cracked ribs, a twisted knee. It was a miracle. That was all she had left now. People were walking around the red rocks, looking down, as if they were searching for other pieces of them scattered around.

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He was right, though. Even the worst memories end up being forgotten, if you pile more on top of them, a lot more. Even the ones that cut through your heart, the ones that etched themselves onto your brain, even the deepest, most closely held ones. She had asked Franck to stop a few hairpin bends back, so that she could pick some from the shrubs growing between the rocks of the Petra Coda. Franck did the same, without taking his eyes off the road for more than a second.

The Volkswagen Passat was parked by the side of the road, with the hazard warning lights on. Valentine was the last to reach down, and she did so grudgingly, as if bending down at her height of five-foot-six required some great effort. There the three of them stood, facing the sixty-foot drop.

The sea bubbling through the reefs tried unrelentingly to darken the reddish rocks, clinging to the brown algae in the fissures of the rocks, like liver spots on wrinkled skin. Clotilde turned towards her daughter. At fifteen Valentine already stood six inches above her. She was wearing cut-off jeans and a House of Cards t-shirt.

This is where your Nanny and Grandad died. And your uncle Nicolas. Time stretched out, as if made weary by the scorching heat. Drop by drop, the sun slowly liquefied the seconds. A car barely missed them in a shimmer of heat. A bare-chested driver looked at them in amazement.

Since the summer of , Clotilde had never come back here.

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Yet, she had thought about this place countless times, about this exact moment. About what she would say, what she would think about, in front of the void. About memories that would come surging back to her. About how to explain this pilgrimage. As a shared experience.