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Master the Mindset of Wealth. Get this audiobook plus a second, free. Free with Audible trial. Try Audible Free Get this audiobook plus a second, free. Cancel anytime and keep all your audiobooks. Unable to add item to List. Sorry, there was a problem. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. You Are a Badass: The Science of Getting Rich. Girl, Wash Your Face: Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact.

The Power of Habit: Product details Audible Audiobook Listening Length: April 18, Whispersync for Voice: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention jen sincero advice funny changing practical exercises inspiring chapter rich listen financial positive humor personal ass coach relationship helpful self. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Audible Audiobook Verified Purchase. So the pro's of this book: I love that it's in her voice.

It's engaging and I find that listening to these kind of audiobooks, even if they are repeating the same information, beneficitial. The con's of this book: Nearly nothing feels or seems remotely fresh in terms of new ways of seeing my money situation. In terms of results from this book, I didn't notice any inclination to take more action. She's also a coach, and touts the benefits of coaching in almost every chapter.

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I don't mind that she's selling herself in her own book There are other books I found way more useful in terms of motivation, inspiration, and lasting change. After years and years, I still apply what I've learned there. I know what I applied will let me comfortably retire on over a million dollars. I'm sorry to write this review in some ways, because Jen really has a great tone of voice but honestly this is what I got from this book.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I honestly do not understand the book's high rating and appeal. After reading through it near two times, afraid I perhaps missed some important details the first time through somehow, I'm pretty shocked at how well the book is performing critically. There is a large amount of enthusiasm in the book, but very little practicality behind it. One great example of this is how the book has several mini-stories about random people who "made money successfully. Amazing, the moral of the story: The book is littered with stuff like this, over and over.

The author spends a large amount of time writing how she had to come up with a large amount of money for some seminars on how to make money. Which she ends up borrowing from someone. By the end, I'm more confused than when I started. Was the lesson to not be afraid to ask people for money? Were there tips on how to ask people for money? Was it a recommendation to not be afraid to spend large amounts of money that isn't yours on seminars?

No one in the right mind set should follow that advice. More so on the second time I read those parts. Who is this book for? I guess it's for people who think their money problems go away by spending more money than they have on seminars and feel-better-about-yourself guides. What does this book do? I'm guessing that is the point of the title. All of this is really important stuff.

Master Your Money with Today’s Best Finance and Investing Books

But people who struggle to just get by every single week may find it difficult to make the money they have coming in meet their budget requirements. That is where these books on saving money and budgeting come into play. The main point about these books is not how to make the budget, although some of the books cover that too, the point of these books is how to make your limited cash flow stretch to reach your budget needs. These are as much books on frugal living as they are personal budgeting and debt relief books. They discuss specifics on "how to save money" not just give you platitudes on spending less money.

Even if you have already read some of the best introductory finance books available, these books still have a lot to teach you. If not about the science of budgeting and saving at least about the art of making your income meet your budgetary needs. If you want to learn how to budget, debt proof living, investing and the 7 money rules for life read the complete money makeover by Dave Ramsey.

MORE Self Help – Personal Development and Finance Books

But if you want to make your dollar stretch further, then read any of these books on frugal living, budgeting, saving money and climbing out of debt. Trent Hamm uses this book as a platform to tell about his personal experience with freeing himself from debt slavery, and how the process was able to provide him with some long-lost happiness. This account of how Hamm was successful in doing this and the positive changes it brought to his life helps readers use his ideas to achieve his same success.

This book helps to unclutter people's financial situations and results in a more rewarding life. Going from debt to wealth himself, Hamm is able to prepare the reader for both the expected and the unexpected complexities of personal budgeting in today's economic world. This book is full of practical tips and tools that the reader can apply to their own life. Its ability to be motivating and empowering helps the reader to proactively create healthier relationships with both money and people.

Using personal anecdotes, Hamm is able to engage the reader throughout the book and keep them focused. He also gets right to the point without adding in a lot of fluff material, so you never feel like you are wasting your time reading through things that are not important. While a lot of the points in this book are already made on his blog, this is still a great place to put his message together to help readers achieve the financial success that he has. This is certainly a frugal living book. But it also discusses ways to save long-term money.

Hamm encourages his readers to take a look at their own lives and to realize that there are many ways to live on less.

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  • Offering a multitude of ways to cut costs, this book on saving money still makes sure that you are living a lifestyle that is satisfying for you. While some of the tips in this book have been around for a long time, this is a great place to brush up on some money-saving tricks and see what new things you can learn that might help you save. This book does a great job in pointing out some of the needless everyday spending that people tend to do.

    It helps readers identify the extra expenses in their own lives that can be cut for the long-term good. This is a great book for people who like the idea of couponing, but don't like the idea of spending their time doing it. Trenum is well aware of the fact that people do not want to spend time clipping coupons, but also knows how much money coupons can save families in this tight economy. This book helps people find coupons for what their family eats, ways to cut down on Internet bills, how to determine sale cycles, and how to make shopping less stressful. The author shows the reader how easy it is to save money on everyday things so that they can have a bit more financial freedom.

    An empowering and honest read, Couponing for the Rest of Us: With the author being a wife and mother, she is able to deeply connect with readers who are also in those same roles. One of the best things about this book is that it is not about extreme couponing—it is about manageable things that people can do while they are shopping to help save money.

    What is it about the Amish that has allowed them to not just survive but actually thrive during times of economic turmoil? This book gets to the bottom of that mystery and presents the reader with many tried and true Amish financial habits that can be related to anyone's financial reality. These habits have been used for generations and can help make cash last longer and accumulate wealth. This book is fun to read in the sense that the author provides catchy phrases to live by, such as "use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without" and "repurpose, recycle, and reuse. This book on saving is both touching and humorous, while providing an eye-opening account of how the Amish make ends meet.

    The stories talk about trading for goods and services, bargaining, living with less, staying out of debt, and even stopping the habit of trying to impress others. This book isn't so much about making money as it is about discipline, family, and redefining what it means to be wealthy. It encourages the reader to see more clearly what is really valuable in life, and helps to inspire people to change their views on life.

    This is an easy read that will help anyone minimize their consumerism.

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    • 12 Best Books on Budgeting, Saving Money, Frugal Living, and Ending Debt.
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    • While there is not a lot of new advice in here for people who already live frugally, it provides a great look into the lives of a different culture that has been able to be financially successful while others have not. This is a great book for people who want to save money on their everyday groceries without spending the time that is needed to search for coupons. The authors offer tips that can cut down on your shopping trips to once-a-week or less while eating healthier and saving money. Written by a husband and wife who practice what they preach, this is a relatable book with a lot of realistic tips.

      Known as "America's Cheapest Family," the authors present strategies and tricks to save money annually by cutting down on grocery bills. One of the best things about this book is that the tips provided are useful whether you live by yourself or have a family of seven. This frugal living book is an easy and light read that inspires people to make small changes that can result in large pay-offs.

      How To Become A Millionaire, Step-By-Step

      While it may be hard to believe that a family can cut their grocery bill in half, the authors provide step-by-step instructions to do so. This page-turner has something to learn in each chapter. The reader does not have to finish the entire book before beginning to save money.

      The money-saving ideas start right away, and the book is easy to jump around in if you want to skip chapters or go back to reread something. Some of the tips in this book are likely repeats for a lot of people, but they are solid pieces of advice that are worth revisiting.

      Unlike some other books, this one includes recipes and meal suggestions that are great for people living on a budget. One of the best frugal living books out there. This step-by-step book may be helpful for you if you feel like your budget has gone off track and you can't make it to the end of the month without counting your pennies.

      The author provides advice on how to do a month of no spending to reset your spending habits and get you back on your feet. This book offers a month of daily challenges for spending less money, and, in some cases, no money. There are innovative tips on how to gain confidence in planning meals, organizing the home, and becoming more creative without spending money. With the instant changes that the author provides, readers are motivated to live a month of zero spending while still finding joy in it.

      Master Your Money with Today’s Best Finance and Investing Books - Blinkist Magazine

      There are new ideas on what to do with old food, and even some budget-friendly ways to repurpose things you already have. With anecdotes from people who have successfully completed this challenge, this book offers encouragement and inspiration to its readers. It includes easy tricks for selling things you own and cutting down on your grocery bill. It helps change the reader's attitude about the things that matter the most in life, and that will bring a new level of joy and togetherness to the household.

      This book may not be for you if you live alone and are looking for ways to cut costs, but it is great for families with houses and children who want to save money but don't think they can. This book is all about finding balance in a chaotic life and budget. Ruth Soukup knows firsthand how stressful an unorganized life and budget can be.