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Audaz, productivo y feliz constituye una valiosa guía para alcanzar la Éxito. Una guía extraordinaria (Autoayuda Y Superación) (Spanish Edition) El líder que no tenía cargo: Una fábula moderna sobre el liderazgo en la o Conseguir un rendimiento extraordinario en tu trabajo y en tu vida. . 1-Stunden-Lieferung.

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Containing an introduction to the Short Story in both English and Spanish, this collection includes a variety of selections that were chosen for their content, style, and cultural contexts. All selections in this anthology, written by authors from Spain, Cuba, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Colombia, and the United States, demonstrate the common themes of social hierarchy, the power of the imagination, human psychology, gender issues, justice, destiny, and the supernatural.

For readers who are interested in looking comparatively at Spanish short stories. abraham valdelomar: Books

Among the elements that define the classic film noir-chiaroscuro lighting, voice-over narration, and such archetypal characters as the world-weary private eye and the femme fatale-perhaps no element is more responsible for the genre's continued popularity among movie buffs, filmmakers, and critics than the palpable sense of anxiety that emanates from the screen. Because the genre emerged in the shadow of the Second World War, this profound psychological and philosophical unease is usually ascribed either to postwar fears about the atomic bomb or to the reactions of returning soldiers to a new social landscape.

In Noir Anxiety, however, Kelly Oliver and Benigno Trigo interpret what has been called the "free-floating anxiety" of film noir as concrete apprehensions about race and sexuality. Applying feminist and postcolonial psychoanalytic theory to traditional noir films Murder, My Sweet; The Lady from Shanghai; Vertigo; and Touch of Evil and the "neo-noirs" of the s, s, and s Chinatown, Devil in a Blue Dress, and Bound , the authors uncover a rich array of unconscious worries and desires about ambiguous sexual, racial, and national identities, often displaced onto these films' narrative and stylistic components.

In particular, Oliver and Trigo focus on the looming absence of the mother figure within the genre and fears about maternal sexuality and miscegenation. Drawing on the work of Freud and Julia Kristeva, Noir Anxiety locates film noir's studied ambivalence toward these critical themes within the genre's social, historical, and cinematic context. Kelly Oliver is professor of philosophy and women's studies and Benigno Trigo is associate professor of Hispanic languages and literature, both at Vanderbilt University.

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Oliver is the author of five books, including Witnessing: Beyond Recognition Minnesota, Trigo is author of Subjects of Crisis: Race and Gender as Disease in Latin America Court Interpreters in the Judicial Process. The University of Chicago Press The Bilingual Courtroom deals with aspects of linguistic pragmatics, specifically, legal discourse from the perspective of U. Latinos who appear in court.

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Using a variety of data-gathering approaches e. She demonstrates that the presence of a court interpreter in judicial proceedings makes a difference in the way that those proceedings are carried out. As lawyers, judges, witnesses and defendants interact with the interpreter, mock jurors form judgments about persons testifying on the witness stand as well as about the lawyers who are questioning them. The research reveals that the court interpreter plays a crucial role in judicial proceedings, one that can make the difference between a witness or defendant appearing convincing, trustworthy, competent, and intelligent, or not.

Michel Foucault's theories have played a powerful role in the intellectual life of Latin America. Within Latin American studies such concepts as the consciousness of the intellectual elite letrados , the archive novel, the foundational fiction, and self-writing--all indebted to Foucault--are now the common currency of critical analysis.

Foucault and Latin America is the first volume to trace the influence of Foucault's theories on power, discourse, government, subjectivity, and sexuality in Latin American thought. Earl Fitz , Jorge Amado: New Critical Essays, sixteen of the world's leading Latin American Studies scholars provide a comprehensive survey of Amado's works, addressing his religion and his revolution, his portrayals of women, his place in postmodern reconstruction, and his legacy in Brazil.

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Originally published in two parts in and , Don Quixote stands as Cervantes' belated but colossal literary success. A work which has achieved mythic status, it is considered to have pioneered the modern novel. Don Quixote, a poor gentleman from La Mancha, Spain, entranced by the code of chivalry, seeks romantic honor through absurd and fantastic adventures.

La mariscala (Spanish Edition)

His fevered imagination turns everyday objects into heroic opponents and stepping stones to greater glory; each exploit serves as a comic, yet disturbing commentary on the psychological struggle between reality and illusion, fact and fiction. This celebrated translation by Charles Jarvis offers a new introduction and notes which provide essential background information.

University of Texas Press Driven by an unfulfilled desire for the unattainable, ultimately indefinable Other, the protagonists of the novels and stories of acclaimed Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector exemplify and humanize many of the issues central to poststructuralist thought, from the nature of language, truth, and meaning to the unstable relationships between language, being, and reality. In this book, Earl Fitz demonstrates that, in turn, poststructuralism offers important and revealing insights into all aspects of Lispector's writing, including her style, sense of structure, characters, themes, and socio-political conscience.

He shows how Lispector's characters struggle over and humanize poststructuralist dilemmas and how their essential sense of being is deeply dependent on a shifting, and typically transgressive, sense of desire and sexuality.

Institut d'Estudis Catalans, In addition to the several thousand medieval parchments given by Miret to the IEC and later deposited in the Biblioteca de Catalunya, many of this scholar's research notes and related materials were donated to the IEC following his death. These materials include some thirty travel journals which record in detail Miret's personal experiences and observations, as well as professional activities conducted on behalf of the IEC or the RABLB, in connection with his numerous journeys throughout Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East between the years and Race and Gender as Disease in Latin America.

Described by its intellectuals as a "sick continent," a racially handicapped people, a hysterical female body, or an unbalanced psychological subject, Latin America has materialized as a region in crisis. Disease has emerged as both a metaphor and a matter of fact for those trying to understand the region. Aiming to free this metaphor from its materiality, Benigno Trigo describes its complexity and development. He reads Latin American history and literature from a broad perspective of cultural studies. He traces race, gender, and disease as they materialize in changing spatial landscapes, critical bodyscapes, and in conflicting histories of the region.

Trigo argues that sexual and racial differences emerge as threats in competing scientific, literary, and political discourses describing the colonial context of Latin America. Samper and Jorge Isaacs, or the construction of anemia as an endemic disease by an intellectual elite, Trigo shows how theories about disease, race, and gender are central to the widespread perception of Latin America as a subject of crisis.

Culture and Customs of Cuba: Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean. Cuba continues to loom large in U. Culture and Customs of Cuba is a much-needed resource that gives students and other readers an in-depth view of our important island neighbor. Luis, of Cuban descent, provides detailed, clear insight into the society, religions, customs, media, cinema, literature, performing arts, and art in the context of three interrelated periods in Cuban history: Colonial, the Republic, and Castros Revolution and beyond.

The contributions of Cubans in exile are considered an inherent part of Cuban culture and Luis includes them as well. Studies in Spanish Golden Age Literature. The essays of Brave New Words look at a number of texts that begin at the threshold of the Renaissance and extend through the late Baroque. The studies offer solid analyses based on an impressive range of approaches. History, philosophy, mythology, the plastic arts, gender issues, religious conflicts, theory old and new , and semantics figure among the agents of mediation.

If there is an ethos--a common rhetorical thrust--of the Spanish Golden Age, it is arguably a faith in the ability of the writer to utilize and to transcend the past, to construct metaphorical bridges while accentuating the connecting elements. This collection is a testament to the diverse modes employed by writers and by critics to juxtapose ideas with aesthetics, in essence, to illuminate without erasing the processing mechanisms. El doble silencio del Eunuco Modernismo arose in Spanish American literature as a confrontation with and a response to modernizing forces that were transforming Spanish American society in the later nineteenth century.

In this book, Cathy L.

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Jrade undertakes a full exploration of the modernista project and shows how it provided a foundation for trends and movements that have continued to shape literary production in Spanish America throughout the twentieth century. Jrade opens with a systematic consideration of the development of modernismo and then proceeds with detailed analyses of works-poetry, narrative, and essays-that typified and altered the movement's course.

Jrade's analysis reclaims the power of the visionary stance taken by these creative intellectuals. She firmly abolishes any lingering tendency to associate modernismo with affectation and effete elegance, revealing instead how the modernistas' new literary language expressed their profound political and epistemological concerns.

El "Llibre d'Or" dels menorquins de la Florida: This volume, which complements the author's earlier studies of the Minorcan colony established in 18 th -century British East Florida, contains the first complete and critical edition of the parish register of San Pedro de Mosquitos in New Smyrna Mosquitos , Florida, also known as the "Golden Book of the Minorcans," in which are recorded by the Minorcan missionary, Rev. Also critically edited and analyzed are the manuscripts of the first two censuses of the town of St.

Dance Between Two Cultures: Vanderbilt University Press In this study, William Luis analyzes the most salient and representative narrative and poetic works of the newest literary movement to emerge in Spanish American and U. The book is divided into three sections, each focused on representative Puerto Rican American, Cuban American, and Dominican American authors.

While engaging in a close readings of the texts, Luis places them in a broader social, historical, political, and racial perspective to expose the tension between text and context. As a group, Latino Caribbeans write an ethnic literature in English that is born of their struggle to forge an identity separate from both the influences of their parents' culture and those of the United States. For these writers, their parents' country of origin is a distant memory.

They have developed a culture of resistance and a language that mediates between their parents' identity and the culture in which they themselves live.

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Latino Caribbeans are engaged in a metaphorical dance with Anglo-Americans as the dominant culture. Just as that dance represents a coming together of separate influences to make a unique art form, so do both Hispanic and North American cultures combine to bring a new literature into being. This new body of literature helps us to understand not only the adjustments Latino Caribbean cultures have had to make within the larger U. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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