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Thanks for the inspiration. I went the individual pizza route and it was so good! Made 6 small ones with an egg in the middle. And, by the way, this is the funniest post ever. I hope the real baby was as fun to play with as the imaginary one who lives in the mirror: This recipe is divine. I took the individual pizza route with one egg in the middle and added sauteed mushrooms as well.

A tip for those who are raw shallot averse: I will definitely make this again soon. After much anticipation, I finally got to make this for breakfast today. Perfect food combo ever. Okay, so I first saw this picture the day you posted it and absolutely freaked out. May I just say that you have given our family a new favorite dish? You just gave our family a new favorite dish! Very much looking forward to your next blogs: This turned out great followed toppings, used own pizza dough recipe. Thanks for the great idea.

I made this for my husband last week. I put together all of the ingredients before I picked him up from the airport and then assembled and baked when we got back. He was skeptical, but after his first bite he was convinced this was delicious! Thanks for a great homecoming meal! We made the individual pizzas this morning and loved them!! We luckily were able to finish cooking the pizzas more or less before the egg burst into flames and I had to turn off the oven and dump baking soda on the flaming egg before it burned the house down or something.

My husband is obsessed with pizza and I am pretty much done with the idea of a normal pizza…thankfully this is different enough that I can make it and we can both happily try it.

How to Make It

The soft yolk eggs look beautiful in the pictures! The pizza looks delish, but I have to comment on mirror play. The first time one of my daughters looked in the mirror, she was distraught. My eggs also were waaaay overcooked by the time the crust was done. Flavor were awesome though. I put the shallot, green onion, and parsley underneath the cheese since I prefer those items to be a little bit cooked rather than raw. I hate rubbery eggs. The eggs were done perfectly and all the flavors were perfectly balanced. I also used applewood smoked bacon, which added a bit of sweet to the savory.

Oh, and I put 5 eggs on the pizza so that each member of the family could have one egg on their slice—still worked great. I made this for dinner last night. Thank you for this delicious recipe. And no shallots because we had none. My husband and my 18 month old son were big fans also: I let the dough rest for about 25 minutes in a warm spot instead of overnight in the fridge and it turned out just fine.

This would be a fun recipe to play with.. THis looks like a really fantastic idea. One question however — is it possible to substitute with pre-made pizza base? Thank you kindly to all: Made this for breakfast this morning — yum yum. We made the breakfast pizza this morning. Instead of bacon, we used some breakfast sausage and it turned out great. The dough was much too dense and dry with the amount of water used flour was left unmixed in , so we needed to add a little bit more to make it manageable by hand. The pizza was a huge hit. They had eaten nearly the entire thing before my brother had even gotten out of bed!

My only issue was that one of the eggs was slightly undercooked and my pizza crust got HUGE bubbles. Deb, your blog is always my go-to for successful recipes! I made this last Saturday and I enjoyed every bite! I omitted the green onions, substituted Romano cheese for the Parmesan, added mushrooms, and drizzled some olive oil on top.

I also only used one egg per pizza but I might make it two next time. I was worried that the egg would end up being undercooked but it was perfectly medium. I just want to say how much I love your recipes and stories. Your adorable son reminds me so much of my boys 8 and 5 when they were smaller — enjoy the cuteness. I got two 8 oz portions of dough when I divided it in half. I made tiny pizzas back when you posted this, and froze them to reheat later in the week for a quick but delicious workday morning.

I made six; we ate four before forgetting that there were two more. OMG, cutest breakfast pizzas ever! Teeny tiny pizzas with teeny tiny eggs scattered over them! I have been thinking of making something like this for awhile. The way you have it sliced, if you used quail eggs, each slice would have a whole egg on it. Yep its an Aussie. Been enjoying these for years. I plopped a fried egg over the mix, pinched it with salt, and called it good. Reminds me of egg and asparagus pizza in Italia. Egg hub with asparagus spokes radiating out, simply delicious, thanks!

I brought to a brunch party and got rave reviews! The crust is fantastic too. Will definitely make again. I made the breakfast pizza this morning. It was yummy, but the way I prepared it, it ended up a little too dry. It looked like all was well after the rotating, but three minutes later it was completely black. I tried this last weekend and it was a success even though I used baguetts in lieu of a pizza dough. My husband is going to absolutely love it, thanks again!

Cant wait to try this recipe. It was a hit among a group of brunch aficionados. I did take one shortcut and bought pizza dough from trader joes. No bacon though, but I think it will be good without it! I like your blog. Provided with detailed recipe. I will surely try this at home. This will be a whole new dish to my list.

Thank you for the post! This is a perfect pizza for breakfast! I love how the egg is shiny on the top, so tempting! I make something similar with red bell peppers and sesame, and yours will be a great cahnge for us. Thanks for the idea! I stumbled upon this blog and so happy I did! I did cheat a little on this, I used a pre-cooked pie shell, it worked out great but I would love to try the fresh dough. The other thing I did was sprinkle a little tabasco sauce all over it when it was done cooking! Have you tried making it like a calzone? Not sure if the eggs and everything would cook the same.

I have used this recipe twice for weekends with guests and it is a huge crowd-pleaser! Everyone is impressed, and I have passed on the recipe to at a dozen others. Thank you, thank you! My 2 favorite meals in one! Pizza for breakfast, sure, but usually as leftovers. Now its leftovers for dinner. It received rave reviews from my family. I turned the oven temp to after the first one because it burned quickly at Thanks so much for the inspiration all around! I hit the Surprise Me tab and landed her and am very happy. I am so craving for you. Really really have to try this out later.

Thank for this delicious write up. What do you think? This is quickly becoming our favorite breakfast-for-dinner option. Ever since I have seen this recipe I have been absolutely mesmerised by it. I am making it for the first time tmoro — wish me luck! Thank you for such a beautiful site, beautiful recipes. You really put the fun back into cooking! I have been cooking for many years, in fact I had a catering business that specialized in serving breakfast in business settings.

Needless to say, I have tried a lot of breakfast pizzas, but this one is truly unique. Typically, the eggs are not cooked whole like you show in this recipe, that in itself is very interesting. Before coming across this recipe I had been baking my pizzas at too low of an oven temperature: Ahh this recipe is great! Mixed it up a little by adding spinach and chopped onion but it was still wonderful. I just made this!

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Thank you for sharing! All I had was quick rise yeast and knew this the night before so I waited until this morning to make the dough and I all I did was rub it with a bit of oil and put in a warm place to hang out for the next half hour, then it will be checked on. Hopefully this will work. Thank you so much for this idea! I made this yesterday for a bridal shower brunch and followed your instructions in the headnote for mini do-it-yourself pizzas.

I tripled the dough recipe there were 15 guests. I put out mozzarella, cheddar, swiss, green onions, bacon, ham, spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers. And, of course, eggs! I would have included goat cheese but there were three pregnant guests and apparently goat cheese is Looked Down Upon for pregnant women, so I just avoided the controversy altogether. It was a really great activity for a crowd and it was interesting to see what people selected for their toppings.

I served this with your winter fruit salad and the pairing was delightful. Thank you so much for your consistently awesome recipes. I look forward to your cookbook! What a phenomenal idea to make a breakfast pizza. I just love breakfast. The picture is so beautiful. I was wanting a good lite recipe for breakfast pizza!!

We made this for dinner tonight! It is easy to make. With a puppy, 1yr old, and 4yr old it does get crazy around here. This is a easy quick meal to make!! Very filling, and great for the whole family!! We enjoyed it more than the traditional sausage, egg, and hashbrowns. Thanks for sharing this!!! They are absolutely heavenly!

I used my own toppings.. But it looks very yummy in the picture! Got the ingredients to make this last nigh; will be making this first thing Saturday morning and I am sure it will be a welcomed change from the routine…will let you know how it goes! I made a personal size version of this pizza this morning. I had some avocado and black beans to use up, so I made mine Cali-Southwest style. I love your site!! I always get such great ideas. Never would have thought to make a pizza with breakfast on it. What a brilliant idea! Can hardly wait to give this a go! So yummy…we had none left over … I will make it again.

Made individual pizzas on the BBQ for a tail gate and they came out great. Cooked the eggs untill the whites were firm, but the yolks runny…this was the best part — runny yolks over gooey cheese and crunchy pancetta ooh I substituted this for bacon. Also too make things go smoother at the tail gait I had everything already chopped and prepped and the pancetta already baked to a crisp. I placed my pizza stone on the BBQ and covered it for the cooking. I have never actually commented on any recipe…ever… are people really this bored??? Leaving comments that just insult other commenters calling them bored , however, definitely diminishes the quality of conversation.

By what magic were you able to slide the pizza off the peel into the oven without the egg rolling off? I made personal-sized ones, and every time the egg totally skooched off ahead of the rest of the pizza, right onto the pizza stone. Lovely idea for having pizza in breakfast. Especially i like eggs topping over it. The picture of it looks great. I really really like the recipie. Definetly i will try it for sure.

This made our morning today! It just got on the short list for the weekend breakfast rotation and a must make for upcoming house guests.

Joanne Chang's Breakfast Pizzas -Andrew Zimmern

I threw in a teaspoon of vital wheat gluten that i had on hand with all purpose flour to attempt that bread flour chewiness and it helped. The green onions are a must, as is a healthy dotting of Sriracha at the table. Thanks for the delicious wake up! I made this for breakfast and added sliced rosemary and olive oil roasted potatoes to it — superb! This recipe looks amazing.

Is there a substitute method or kitchen tool I can use to achieve the same effect? Hi Sarah — Yes, I offer some tips here. Found it at Pintarest. My goodness this is very, very good. Is there any problem if I translate your recipe into Spanish and post it in my blog? Of course, I shall indicate where the recipe is from. Please let me know. But meanwhile, I think I will have another breakfast pizza in 2 more days! I made this last night as a comparison to the breakfast pizza from the Grotto in NYC.

I have to say that the SK version wins out big time: Also added an extra egg so each family member could have an egg of their own. My family officially declared this pizza phenomenal and it will be part of our official rotation from now on! I think it reminded my husband of the pizzas he had in France, where they also crack whole eggs onto them before baking.

Add the eggs about five minutes before taking the whole pie out of the oven. Everything I think of is already in the pie… Eggs, check; a carb, check; meat, check. What else can I put on the table without being redundant? Sa — Hm, good question. Fruit salad is always welcome, as is extra bacon says my husband. But what I personally really liked about this was that it was really a one-dish breakfast. We made it when a friend was coming over with their baby for a playdate and it was great to have something homemade and delicious that we could eat with one hand, which is sometimes a necessity.

I always end up in the kitchen rather than enjoying my guests so I did everything but the eggs and put it back in the refrigerator. Next time I will add some sauteed mushrooms and spinach I think. This crust is to die for. Best homeade pizza crust I have ever made! The only suggestion I would make is to crack the eggs once the pizza is in the pizza stone. When you slide th pizza onto the stone the eggs tend to slide around.

Other than that, great recipe and good instructions! Thanks so much for inspiring our holiday tradition. Gives us plenty of stamina for the day of sweets ahead. My son also loves to eat pizza and every Sunday I cooked for him. The past Sunday I read your blog and uses the ingredients which are suggested by you, sir.

These ingredients are so good and give a unique taste to the pizza. My son really likes it and he was very happy this is only because of your recipe of lazy pizza dough. Oh wow this looks like an awesome brunch idea that all the family could really enjoy. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Print Email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

All Comments I Made This! Allison Eat Clean Live Green. I just might have to try it this weekend. I love making breakfast pizzas! Eggs on pizza is just the best idea ever. No wonder breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. My puppy does the same thing — and she has plenty of puppy time: Eggs and pizza…I love this! Oh I love the idea of individual breakfast pizzas! The breakfast pizza is something I will be trying when the husband gets back. I love breakfast foods, and your pizza for breakfast looks delicious!

Thanks for the delicious recipe! Heather Side of Sneakers. Foy Update — Garden. I have never seen a breakfast pizza that looks so… sophisticated. Heather The Single Dish. Love the idea of the mini pizzas, great for a brunch! I would never think to bake eggs on a pizza like that!

OMG that looks like something we could eat over here at French Skinny! The Paris Food Blague. At first I thought that the eggs were cheese! I have read 3 blogs today that use baked eggs. I have mixed feelings about this dish. I think it's a fun breakfast idea as it plates up nicely and is unique. I normally love brioche, but I found it to be too rich with the bacon and egg version. It stood up better to the other variation as the sharp Cheddar and tomato held up nicely in contrast to the rich, eggy crust.

I think the bacon version might do better as well with a sharper flavor of cheese. All in all, although it's a lot of work, this has the potential to be a great weekend brunch staple, especially for a party or for kids. I would suggest that instead of cutting the dough into 8 squares, it might be easier to weigh the dough and then divide it into 8 pieces of equal weight. I tried to cook the egg so that the yolk was still runny, but didn't manage to do so. The additional 8 to 10 minutes baking was inadequate to cook the egg, though by then the brioche crust was a bit overdone.

Therefore, I would suggest giving the crust less than 15 minutes initial baking time and adding the egg sooner, and then continuing to cook until the egg white has set. However, I really enjoyed these pizzas.

Breakfast Pizza

I thought my brioche dough added a nice sweetness, and I would definitely make them again. This breakfast pizza is time-intensive recipe if using brioche dough, but with some planning, this can make a really nice weekend breakfast or brunch when you're likely to be moving at a more leisurely pace.

I made the brioche dough the day before. The dough looked like slightly wet bread dough. As I continued to mix, it became tackier and shinier. Although it may look like it's too wet and won't come together, I was able to pull it all out in one piece and transfer the dough to a bowl. I had taken the tips from other brioche recipes I had and resisted adding more flour. I had read that the high butter content is what makes it appear wet. When I took out the dough the next morning, the recipe didn't indicate that it needed to come to room temperature before using--though other doughs that I proof in the fridge usually do.

I was a little torn on what to do because it had taken so much time but decided to proceed as directed. I made half the pizzas using the carmelized onions and bacon and the other half with ham, ricotta, and Parm. The onions were done overnight via the slow cooker, so that saved lots of hands-on time. It was kind of tricky making the bacon and ham fort to keep the cracked egg in, so I had a little egg spill over. Make sure the bacon slices overlap, and try to press the slices into the dough for more support.

We definitely liked the bacon and carmelized onion pizzas better--the ham, ricotta, and Parm could have used some herbs. My husband and I found the pizza dough to be too dense and crumbly. I'm wondering if it would have helped if the dough was allowed to come to room temperature and rise a little before handling it? I didn't get a chance to retry but will do it and report back I like the idea of the brioche dough better than a standard pizza dough, but given the work required, I might opt for pizza dough next time. This brioche breakfast pizza was the perfect Sunday night dinner indulgence.

We worked together as a family to make them, which added to the feeling of satisfaction when we sat down to a different and delicious dinner. This easy, homemade breakfast pizza is made with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, spinach and cheese, made completely from scratch and ready in less than 30 minutes start to finish!

This breakfast pizza is so quick and easy to make from scratch, thanks to this 4-ingredient pizza dough made with any flour of your choice, Greek yogurt, baking powder and salt! No yeast, no fancy mixer! Feel free to play around with different cheese combinations. The egg yolks are pretty firm, if you want them runny I suggest baking the crust a few minutes ahead before adding the egg.

Or if you prefer scrambled eggs, cook them on the stove first before adding to the dough. This is SO delicious and versatile!! I absolutely love how easy this dough is to put together. Thanks for another awesome recipe Gina! This recipe is amazing!! What am I doing wrong? We baked them as pizzas and added scrambled eggs when they came out of the oven.

I made 2 larger pizzas instead of 4. I liked the crust being a little thicker, I just let it bake an extra 5 minutes. I like this recipe. I would use Canadian Back bacon as its more point friendly but it looks great…. I am terrible with making dough and not the best baker but I had no trouble making this. You would never know there is Greek yogurt in the dough. Now I need to try the bagel bites. One of my favourite breakfasts! And my husband loves it too.

Made with fresh eggs from our free-range hens. What a great idea! This was delish and looks really good too. I added a little garlic and Italian seasoning to rolled out dough and used turkey bacon and romano cheese. Will make again and again. If serving to kiddos, make sure to let cool a bit, the tomatoes were really hot. One of my go to brunch or breakfast for dinner recipes. We added a little pesto as a sauce and sprinkled the entire thing with some coarse sea salt.

Has anyone baked these and microwaved them again the next day? I love pretty much everything you make and have been using your website for years. I just had baby number 3, in as many years, in February. Anyways, I came across this dough recipe when making the taco empanadas in your meal plan this week. My family loves pizza so I doubled the empanada dough and used the leftovers for pizza night tonight. We all made our own personalized pizza on your delicious guilt free crust. It was excellent quality family time and will likely be a new weekly tradition.

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your food and say thanks! I bought full fat Greek yogurt by mistake. Not sure what difference it would have made aside from calories. Please please please make more recipes with this dough!!!! This is the only gluten free pizza dough recipe that has ever worked for me! I am share your website evertwhere, including my healthy pursuits coach!! My Husband raved and raved about this!!! Said I was cooking like a pro on The Food Network!!! He loves every single dish I make off of this website!!!! Thank you a million!!!!

Absolutely loved this recipe. I was a little hesitant because I cook my meals Sunday to prep for the week. Definitely, recommend and definitely will be using this recipe again! Definitely a winner, The crust was super simple to make and is delicious. My kids loved it. Next time I might use quail eggs as I think several small eggs might be even better.

Love the recipe but my dough is always super sticky and I have to double the flour to make it even vaguely manageable.