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They admitted they had been fed a steady diet of stereotypes about small towns and their folk: And so we embarked on our journey. For the next few weeks, I would conduct three classes in rural and industrial towns in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The 27,square-foot Hu Ke Lau has been an institution in this town for over a half-century. Chris Rock, Joan Rivers and countless other comedians have performed on its stage, but after tonight it was closing its doors for good. Jasmine quickly struck up a conversation with the students and was thrilled when she found out they were from Harvard.

Her mother, Monique, smiled and shook her head in agreement. This rang a bell for Hundal, a stem-cell biology senior. At the end of the day, Hundal was touched by the connection she felt with a group of strangers. Susan Olson, a silver-haired instructor, made her way over to the students with a broad smile and a swagger. In May, the students found more insights in the Mahoning Valley of Ohio, where they broke bread at the iconic MVR restaurant with Joe Cassese, the third member of his family to own the eatery.

I love my community. Cassese was interrupted several times as he talked to the students, but he was the first to interrupt himself. Above us, where the outdoor bar is located, the board members of his community group were passing the time with beers and gossip.

At one point, Samantha Frenkel-Popell, a year-old social science major from the Bay Area, declared that she was ready to move here. The next day, the students sat alongside artisans making Fiestaware pottery at a china plant along the curve of the Ohio River. They got their hands dirty as they made their own coffee mugs, added intricate decals to handmade dishware and spun plates to the exactly right circumference. Later, they dined at the famed Trumbull Country Club, where the robber barons of yesteryear once made their deals.

Today, a new generation of leaders is helping the club regain its footing in the post-industrial age. They had taken a walk down Main Street and made a lot more friends than judgments. That means getting out of your bubble and spending time away from people like you. I'm a fan now and will be following Ms. Miller's career with eager anticipation.

I thought this was a good book. Reading through it, I got that a major point of intuitive eating is to eat without distractions. The author talks about her own life and history with distracting herself and describes her eating as one example of that. I thought that was a central point and much more important than the details of eating ice cream vs.

That section alone is worth the price of the book. The way the book went back and forth between her personal life and eating issues could be a little hard to follow. However, I liked her voice and her honesty. My one real complaint is not about this author or the book. She was saying all of this in the early 90s in books like When Food Is Love.

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For some reason she is very rarely acknowledged in body positivity writing and I don't know why. Other than that, I thought the book was great. I think this book might change my life? I'm not really "fat" or "skinny" but I've had issues with eating all my life. I worried I might not be able to relate to a fat positive book because I'm not clearly "fat".

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And yet I found many of the experiences and relationships of the author with food to speak to my own. I felt better about myself, and hopeful. Reading this book made me realize that I've been dieting constantly since before I became a teenager and this behavior complicated my relationship with food. It lead to an eating disorder and I'm not doing that anymore but I still have my issues.

As a result, I've continuously lost and gained even more weight leading to where I am today. So I made a promise with myself to give up diets for good. This has been incredibly difficult but I keep working at it and remember the lessons I've learned from this book whenever I start thinking of trying some new fad diets. I'm still learning to take care of myself and working on my tendency towards emotional eating and remembering that "bad" foods don't really exists, but at least I have a better idea of what my problems are.

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I think this book might be able to do the same for you. It's a good memoir type intro to intuitive eating.

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  • I loved this book! I felt that real sense of sadness when I only had a chapter left, like I was ending a vacation with a really wonderful friend. Kelsey Miller is smart, funny, and a beautiful writer with a perfect sense of humility and self-deprecation. This highly personal duh?

    Korn - Got the Life

    I laughed, cried, and cried some more as I read. This book provides a working glimpse into the life of intuitive eating. It helps a the reader understand that intuitive eating is truly a life-long process that involves both uncovering the past and honoring whatever future may come.

    Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession. If you're looking for a wonderfully crafted, experiential story about an incredibly courageous woman who is practicing intuitive eating, buy this book!!

    David Cassidy never got 'the life he wanted,' pal Danny Bonaduce says

    And don't forget to check out Kelsey's Anti-Diet Project on Refinerytruly a refreshing voice amidst the constant internet "health" babble! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I absolutely loved this book. It resonated with me so strongly and I found myself mentally agreeing with Kelsey's inner struggles at every twist and turn.

    And to play Devil's Advocate on one of the more "critical reviews" that I read, I believe that everything shared did, in fact, serve a purpose. For example, Kelsey sharing intimate details about her sexual health was relevant due to how she processed the news, citing it back to her body issues and not feeling "good enough" or "worthy enough" for a normal, healthy life.

    I found myself up late at night in my bed laughing out loud at her Kelsey's witty sense of humor. I also found myself in tears reading about her deep-rooted body issues and feeling a sort of relief that someone else out there gets it. Through all her struggles and strifes, she really had me thinking about my own issues and how to tackle them. I applaud her openness and can only hope to read more from her in the future. The author is witty, funny, and real. I had never heard of intuitive eating until this book but it had got me curious.

    The author really gets you to thinking about all the diets one had tried and how they have been the issue all along. I've never followed intuitive eating but I got fed up with dieting a few years ago.

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    I aimed for healthy eating instead but still could relate to het dieting woes. She hit home to me on a personal level. Highly recommend to any of those who have tried numerous diets and always chasing that "special number" on the scale. I highly recommend the audio book!

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    General Comment this is korn's best song and looking at the clip i would say it's about having everything that everyone wants but then not wanting it anymore. General Comment hes got more than he can ever want and need but hes looking for something else but is told you got the life already. General Comment [Edit] I'm reading Head's book, and he says it right in there General Comment the clip of it is very interesting. How everything's always handed to me. How I look up to God and don't want this anymore.

    Like I want something more out of life than all this.

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    • And I've got everything I really need but I sometimes don't like. I don't know how to explain it. I have to let it sit through the songs more to actually get into what I write. I truly know, really, the meanings of the songs almost. That's what I'm getting out of it right now. Tell me when Korn hasn't been commercial Flag 2crudedudes on March 05, Flag pointofoblivion on March 05, General Comment i think it means they have the life and if youve seen the video in the end he wants the life where he can just party in the end so ya get it?

      General Comment i thought it was "god hates me, ill never see the light.. Flag retry4z on May 17, Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!