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Gordy severed in the army for 2 years. He used to upholster cars Gordy once worked in the Lincoln-Mercury plant assembly line, putting upholstery into cars. The monotony of the job allowed him to compose songs in his head while he worked. In , he was included in the Junior Achievement U. Jake returns Gordy to Hanky and Jinnie Sue. Everyone learns from someone who calls into the telethon that Gordy's family is going to be slaughtered at an unidentified slaughterhouse in Nebraska. Sipes tries to hide the fact that the very same slaughterhouse is owned by the Royce family.

However, a battle ensues between Sipes and Luke, with Jessica and Luke knocking him out with the suitcase of Brinks, the family attorney. Hanky successfully rings the lovestruck supervisor, and the slaughterhouse is shut down just in time. To Gordy's happiness, his family has survived, and he is reunited with his father, who was also about to be killed at the slaughterhouse.

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The pigs are moved back to the farm, which Luke and Jessica decide to buy with most of the Royce Company profits; the two marry and Hanky, Jinnie Sue, and Cousin Jake move in too. Gordy and his family are finally reunited. Along with generally negative reviews, Gordy was eclipsed by Babe , which was another family film featuring a young talking pig. Although Gordy was released first, it was not very successful, while Babe was a critical and commercial success, won several awards including an Academy Award for Visual Effects and spawned a sequel. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film 2 out of 4 stars and wrote, "This is not the kind of film that rewards deep analysis.

I rate it at two stars, but I'd recommend it for kids.

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I can't recommend it for people like me, but there are many other kinds of people in the world, some of them children who believe that pigs can talk, and for them, Gordy is likely to be very entertaining. You know who you are. Peter Stack of the Chronicle Staff claimed that " Gordy ' s strongest suit is the piglet's determination to reunite with his family, and that part of the convoluted plot develops into a folksy comic effort as Jinnie Sue, her dad, Hanky and Gordy race to save the family of pigs from becoming sausages.

One would think the pork industry would be livid about this film as it portrays pig slaughter as an outrageous evil. The highlight comes when Gordy jumps into a backyard swimming pool—piglets really are cutest when they put their little trotters together and dive—and saves Hanky from drowning. Generally speaking, time would be better spent with " Charlotte's Web " than this forgettable hogwash.

Chris Hicks of the Deseret News reviewed the film saying that "This may have sounded like a cute idea on paper, but as kids pictures go this is the worst to come along in memory. Charmless, humorless and dull as drying paint, Gordy is the kind of movie parents should save for video punishment. But if they take their kids to a theater, they'll be punishing themselves. Caryn James of The New York Times opined that "It is possible that some children will be tickled at the very idea of a talking pig, even one as bland as Gordy.

They will probably be children who have never seen any movie, ever. Gordy is the film that asks, How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Simba? Rita Kempley of the Washington Post called Gordy a "peculiar, seemingly pro-vegan tale". She later went on to say that "It's fairly obvious that Gordy's performance was inspired by Arnold Ziffel's precedent-setting work on the old TV series " Green Acres. Their screenplay is as bland as an afternoon in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood , though the director, Australian animal-mockumentary-maker Mark Lewis, adds a touch of menace by using extreme close-ups, bizarre angles and other stylish camera work.

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One thing's for sure, Gordy will put little pea-pickers off their pork. Addiego of The Examiner Staff stated that "The film tosses a few mild, satirical darts at public relations and advertising , but otherwise it's strictly hokum from the heartland. The director, I'm sorry to say, is Mark Lewis, the Australian responsible for the strange and funny documentary " Cane Toads: DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Post Share on Facebook.

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Movie Info The friendship between a boy and a talking piglet forms the basis of this barnyard comedy. Gordy is the little porker who lives happily on a farm until the farmer goes bust and must sell everything, including Gordy's large family. When the wranglers come to load the pigs onto the truck, Gordy manages to escape. So begins his journey across the South as he searches for his doomed parents. The plucky pig finds a friend when he saves the life of a drowning boy, Hanky Royce, the heir to his grandfather's giant corporation. When grandpa dies, Hanky become CEO, but cannot actually take over until he becomes an adult, so all control is turned over to Gordy.

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Naturally, avaricious corporate villains oppose him, and even try to kill the precocious pig, who, along with Hanky, continues trying to find his parents before they are ground into sausage. Doug Stone as Luke. Michael Roescher as Hanky. Kristy Young as Jinnie Sue.

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James Donadio as Gilbert. Deborah Hobart as Jessica. Tom Lester as Cousin Jake. Tom Key as Brinks. Ted Manson as Royce. Roy Clark as Himself.

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Moe Brandy as Himself. Mickey Gilley as Himself. Jim Stafford as Himself.