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Do you want to be saved? Unbelief is slander against God. Faith is no better than its object. Misplaced faith is a terrible thing. The object of our faith is God Himself. Weak faith in God is better than strong faith in anything else. In Biblical accounts, most who received a blessing from God had weak faith. Many people doubt their salvation because their faith is in their faith and not in Jesus Christ. Since the object of our faith is God, our ambition should be to know Him.

The more we know God, the more our faith in Him will grow.

We cannot pray outside the will of God and have our prayers answered; and in order to pray in the will of God, we have to hear the Word of God. We cannot generate faith; faith comes. The instrument God uses to enable us to believe is His Word.

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It is not simply the Bible that we hold in our hands that will give us faith; it is God speaking to us through the Bible. How do we know His will? We know His Word. How do we trust His Word? In order to have faith, we must submit to His will.

"Where Is Your Faith In God" - Rev. James Cleveland

Faith is belief with legs on it. We are not saved through faith and works; we are saved through faith that works. That is why we should keep hearing the Word of God, through preaching, Christian tapes, confession of the Word, daily fellowship with godly Christians. This will cause us eventually to believe the truth from our hearts. Realise that every believer has been given a measure of faith by God.

We just have to use and develop what God has given.

The Power of Faith

We must put it into action. Pray in tongues and be full of the Spirit Jude We will look at this later. Praying in tongues is a key to being full of the Spirit. Since faith is a fruit of the Spirit, all things things are related together. Obey God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

It is as you walk that you gain strength. God will not reveal greater things to you until you are faithful in the things He is showing you NOW.

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Therefore obedience to the Spirit and what He is showing you through the Word or through your conscience is important in the development of your faith. You cannot have living faith without taking some practical steps of obedience. Act on what God is saying! Give thanks for the results before you see. Give thanks in all situations 1 Thessalonians 5: Develop a life of praise and worship. Praise drives the powers of darkness away and brings the throne of God into your circumstances.

Praising God is an act of faith and helps your faith to grow.

It is commanded Hebrews Worship is admiring God through the Spirit. If you can perceive who is God, His power, faithfulness and love your trust and faith in Him will grow. Spend as much time as you can with people of faith. The spirit of faith on them will touch your life also Proverbs By saying with your mouth you exercise your faith, you hear the Word and you build it into your life. Seek holiness, purity of heart. It is with the heart that man believes Romans To the extent that the heart has uncleanness, unforgiveness and other bad conditions within, the man will lose the spiritual perception of the Lord which enables his heart to believe.

Purity and faith feed each other. Remember that faith works by love Galatians 5: The centurion Matthew 8: And both were described as having great faith. Let us believe God for others to be blessed, in a spirit of love, and as we give of our selves God will give blessings to us also Luke 6: Express your faith by planting a seed in terms of some form of giving.

Faith in God - What it is & How to Have it Now

God will release a multiplied harvest in return if we endure and do not faint Hebrews Since salvation includes many benefits and blessings our right mouth confession is a major key to receiving what God has provided for us by his grace. The power of the tongue is in the power of the words we speak. All our words have an effect on the spiritual atmosphere around us, either for good or bad.

It is through words that covenants and promises are established. It is through words that our faith or our fears are expressed.

Sinners are redeemed.

Bad words open the door for bad spirits to work. Good words open the door for God and His angels to work. Words are spiritual seeds. Words of life produce life. Words of faith produce faith. Words of love produce love. Words of hope produce hope, and so on. Words of death attract spirits of death, words of doubt attract doubt, words of fear attract spirits of fear, and so on.