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See how your favourite authors structure their novels Discover invaluable secrets about: How to read in order to improve your writing How to write great dialogue Find 25 essays on how crime writers: Create characters that engage Use language to make an impact Choose their narrative strategies Crime Writing Confidential will boost your confidence as a writer and give you insights into how the best writers create their books — and how it can go wrong, even for the most successful! Use the Look Inside feature to get a preview of what this exciting book has to offer those who want to learn the secrets of the best-sellers.

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Crime Writing Confidential

He's the author of several thrillers which I guess deserve the prefix techno-, dealing as they do with aspects of contemporary technological life. Eric has had an interesting and varied career as you'll see from his bio at the end and here he provides an equally interesting insight into how he produces his fast-paced and exciting thrillers. His blog is also very well worth a read if you're interested in thriller writing as he brings together other writers to talk about a subject of their choosing. How do you go about beginning your novel — do you plot, or do you begin and then see where it takes you?

Why do you do it that way? My method in my madness is to start at the end. Obviously, the definition of my initial ending idea is subject to change, sometimes considerably, as I write the tale, but it does allow me to create the theme and message of the novel and stay on track throughout. Once I have an ending, the next part to be defined is the start. How is the tale going to open?

Crime Writing Confidential: What Crime Writers Do, and How They've Done It

Who will feature in the opening? What questions hooks will I pose for the reader? I confess on spending considerably more time on this say the first three to four chapters, sometimes as many as ten given the chapters tend to be short than on defining the ending. Not only do I seek to establish the story at the beginning of the novel, but also create a high degree of tension and emotional response engagement in the reader, as well as imbue these chapters with a rhythm that will draw the reader into the tale.

The rest is relatively easy he quipped, smiling …just propel the narrative from that bombshell opening in the direction of the ending I have in mind. Who said this writing thing was hard? This way both the characters and the tale itself can breathe and remain fresh.

I write thrillers so keep in mind the generic style constraints for this genre tension, pace, complex characters, cliffhanger chapters, and a solid storyline as I write. These characteristics in turn have helped me develop a very personal writing style over the course of my novels. Nowadays I tend to use these tools subconsciously and focus more on the tale itself.

How and when do you do research for the book? Before you start, or as and when you need? Neither one nor the other. When I have, or generate, an idea for a book, I do broad research into the subject areas it touches upon. I then fuse several of the concepts encountered, looking for an original approach. Once this emerges, detailed investigation follows lots of reading and note-taking, and not just the Internet, I might add.

Next, given my personal history, I will apply anything I have experienced or know about to the story to add believability and authority to the tale. Generally I pick a character and write the chapter in the Third Person from their point of view. So far, this method has not created any issues in telling the tale I want to in the way I wish it to unfold. How do you go about editing or revising the drafts of your book? What governs the choices you make? With massive amounts of Patience, and constant use of a piece of software Stylewriter I picked up for helping with self-edits.

Why is the software so important? Well, to be brief, the answer is in an article on my website: Are you conscious of being influenced by any particular authors or genre-specific elements when writing? How do those influences affect your writing? I have three very strong influencers: Charles Dickens he was a thriller writer too, did you know?

All three have provided me with lessons only John in the flesh, I might add. Tell us about your latest book, especially any challenges it set you.

Crime Writing Confidential

Gates is an ex-International Consultant who has travelled extensively worldwide, speak several languages, and has had articles and papers published in technical magazines in six different countries as well as radio and TV spots. His specialty, Information Technology Security and Cyberwarfare, has brought him into contact with the Intelligence community on several occasions. He is also an expert martial-artist, having been trained in over 25 different fighting arts.

He has taught his skills to members of various Police, Military and Special Forces units, as well as Private Security firms, Bodyguards and the public. He is the author of several thriller novels, details of which can be found on his web, http: Global links for the some of the novels: Posted by Keith Dixon at Eric Gates , News , thrillers. April 07, An alternative blog about alternative history! This blog is intended to throw a light on how crime and thriller writers put together their work.

This week, in a change to my usual analyses, I've passed the baton and asked Alison Morton to talk to us about her processes when writing her highly successful alternative histories. So far Alison has written 5 books in her Roma Nova series, with the sixth, Retalio shortly to be released. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, alt-history posits the idea that some actual historical fact didn't take place, or that it did, but in a different way or with a different outcome.

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So, for example, the recent television series made from Philip K. As I write a series within one setting — an imaginary country called Roma Nova — I already have some idea of the environment and the characters within it. The second three books centred round a prominent secondary character from the first three; I just wanted to know the secrets from her younger life and so I had to write the books to find out!

I know where the story starts and where it has to end. After sketching out a few essential story points , off I go. The story is the essential thing. Readers need enough detail to get the smells, sounds and sights of the setting but no more than absolutely necessary to the story. My aim is to write as tightly as possible and let the reader infer things.

Use the Look Inside feature to get a preview of what this exciting book has to offer those who want to learn the secrets of the best-sellers. In fact, anyone interested in creative writing, in whatever genre, will learn something.

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