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Young men posting on the forums that Rodger posted on talk about their experiences with sex workers; we are sometimes the only women mentally ill people get to feign intimacy with, meaning that we are directly in their field of vision. We want to believe that our customers are normal, and most of them are, but some are crazy and we have to account for that.

We also have to account for the fact that the craziest ones can often manipulate us into trusting them. You might be quick, but sociopaths are quicker. The money and the job are cool, but my safety is priceless. I urge dancers who plan to give out their numbers to get google voice or a burner phone that cannot be traced to your home address. The days of having fetish customers over to clean my living room are far gone. Yes, YOU, staring off into space thinking about your grocery list or studying the fat roll you get during your lapdances nowadays, you are killing your profits and numbing your soul with your inability to be present and mindful during your shift.

This is your savings account calling. I know it gets redundant but I really want your moneys!

Reward Yourself

Please start smiling more, so that I can grow! Even a fake smile will make you happier, and being happy will make you money. Customers hate jaded strippers. Pretty women are really intimidating to most guys. In fact, inability to talk to them is what brings most money customers into a club, so make yourself as easy to speak to as possible by lowering your wall down.

The girls I work with love my positive attitude and that I never bitch that there is no money. The culture in your club is largely dictated by the individuals who work there. You are one of those; so contribute to the pack by being a nice girl with something good to say. Connection makes a sale, even from the stage. During private rooms, private dances, stage sets, and just sitting around waiting for my guy, I try to engage as many people into prolonged eye contact. Combined with a delayed smile, this is as good as ANY one liner, if not better.

Everyone loves a soulful performer more than a plain hot one. Sex workers and strippers face so many of the same issues when it comes to relationships. Can a stripper have a boyfriend and not be miserable? Are those relationships few and far between? Even as dancing becomes more accepted, the stigma remains the same for the majority of men. It really helps me detach from someone actually—when they are so low to call me names because of my job.

Please watch your money. Please never trust someone who expects you to purchase their affection unless, of course, you have hired them to do that, like so many men have hired us to do. I work at a very nice club. I live conveniently close, and I get treated well by management and I love all the house girls.. Here lately they have been hiring some less classy girls and the energy and vibes in the club have been off. If you really love your club, try and talk to the managers.

Go in and speak to the GM specifically, and be humble. I feel like this statement needs to be shouted from the rooftops of every building in every city in every country, and in every language, but especially it needs to be said to strippers and sex workers. You are not a whore no matter what anyone says about it. Talk about something that could cause a person to start to die inside.

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I wish one blog post could undo that feeling for those of you who have had it and will in the future. I wish it could undo it for me.

Lap Dance Tips

This is the second best thing. When people say things like that it is because they feel weak and they need to kick you down. Then they use your broken spirit as a step ladder to their own validation. Do not give anyone that power. At some point I stopped being a stripper and became an entertainer when I learned to dress myself and perform on stage and give a great lap dance. Next, I graduated from being an entertainer and became a hustler when I learned about sales, especially in the commodity industries , and now I have a day job in a luxury industry, because instead of seeing me as a useless stripper, smart people saw that I was a well developed individual with integrity, honesty, work ethic, intelligence, knowledge, and hustle.

Spend your time defining yourself, and it will be much easier to identify the TRUE problems in your life like the people who drag you down and diminish your self worth and get rid of them, or better yet use them as a ladder and climb. Going public with your goals on facebook, twitter, etc.

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Thanks for being my twitter friends in and I am excited to be a part of your next chapter! A smile can turn a cold heart warm, and it could be just what someone needs…. No better way to ring in the new year by rolling in money. Happy new year to all u lovely followers. Hey, Tami- me too. My new years resolution this year is to only dance the weekends. My new job starts tomorrow! Are you worried about a pay cut?

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How are you supplementing? LoveDove January 1, And thank you, LoveDove. I spent my Christmas this year finding out that I had been cheated on repeatedly by girls who were well aware of my existence. Thank you for not fucking my boyfriends in I love you all! For those of you who are learning to strip this year, or want to pull yourself out of your slump, I do private one on one consultations for the price of two lapdances.

Follow SurvivetheClub on Twitter for more stripper action. In my years in this industry, I have seen girls get thrown under the bus by siblings, stalkers, former classmates, frenemies, nemeses, and my personal favorite: Your secret can become your greatest weakness, as secrets often do. If you ARE going through this experience all alone, you might consider getting active in some online communities.

Rebecca has forums for girls who are in enrolled in stripper school and there are also some forums on stripperweb. I feel blessed to have experienced the good times and the bad with friends. The stress of being found out and taken down would be too strong.


Do you have experience juggling work and a job? Share your stories in the comments. We need to talk! Archives For stripper tips.

Advice From A Dead Stripper

Super Stripper Super Power: Shoulders back, head up. In The Floor become a stripper , body language , how to be a good stripper , how to make money as a stripper , how to strip , i want to be a stripper , learn to strip , stripper , stripper school , stripper tips. In The Audition am i too young to strip? I hate fight night at the strip club.

Sometimes you need to use discretion. Know the gangs that are in your area, know their colors and simply avoid them. It can happen to you, stay alert. God forbid you got caught in the crossfires of a violent thing, please have your ID so that they can identify you and get in touch with your people. Too much time spend describing visuals such as the ceiling texture! However other reviewers seemed to have seen something I missed. Jennifer Wilkes on Nov. Love, love, love this book. Great story, could not wait to see how it turns out.

Jayne is a beautiful writer. Am hoping for a sequel! I highly recommend this book! I decided to read a few pages to see if author Ellen Jayne could deliver after so provocative a start. She keeps the reader guessing all the way to the finish line. Is Susan really a ghost or some alter ego that Catherine has concocted to deal with her own trauma? Is Officer McGinn as honorable as he first seems?

Jayne creates the kind of suspense that keeps her readers coming back for more. I found myself lingering over her imagery, savoring it like poetry. I look forward to other works by this author. Loved, loved, loved Jayne's premier novel! The plot completely was riveting, and the characters were complex and real. Can't wait for the next novel! New author Jayne's evocative novel shows she has mastered the art of grabbing readers and drawing them into a storyline with fully developed characters.

Can't wait for the movie! And more books from the author!