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Think of this like you think of Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. Plus, the WordPress community has lots of helpful support forms and hundreds of plug-ins, which are add-on programs you can download to customize the look and function of your site. Tumblr and Blogger are other free platforms out there along with WordPress. Basically, it helps your site look pretty. WordPress comes with a few themes that are already installed which can be customized with your own colors, graphics, and logos or you can find additional themes with a simple Google search.

And you can see in the graphic below how the same theme can be customized to look unique to you. You can see how the same building blocks are present in both, but the addition of our content and graphics and our tweaks to the layout contribute to a personalized look. Wait, so are you saying I have to be super tech savvy and know web coding to start a blog?

However, you may find that knowing some basic HTML and CSS will give you more control over your site looks and save you from hiring it out , so you can read more of our coding advice here. Some are designed very sparsely, while others are built-out with lots of bells and whistles. I love your topic Elle! What, if any, add-ons do you recommend we get once we get into BlueHost?

I am saving money to pull the trigger in the best way possible without leaving my site open to too much vulnerability and am hoping to be self-hosted by the end of the summer. My first post was yesterday. Thats the only add on that I got. Domain privacy is huge! Everything is great at how to start a blog but how do you go about making money with the blog? Could that be an additional info post please? I am really, really interested in blogging for income pleasure as well. My only question is, where is the money coming from?

I actually just wrote a post specifically to cover this! This is a really great, easy to understand resource for anyone looking to start in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday! I just started a blog and have a long way to go. I also and getting too widespread on what I write about. Seriously though, Neither could I! I just wrote my subscribers a letter every week and attached the new post s to it. It turns out thats one of the best things I did! Happy to share them Molly! This post is amazing!

Thank you for breaking it down in plain English, and providing the encouragement to just go for it! I will definitely be referencing this post again. That exactly what I love best about it! I recently started a blog end of May when Bluehost had a similar type special.

Learning lots and still lots to learn…Thanks for the tip about Pixabay, did not know where to get free stock photos. Good to know about tech support help as well. Charlotte recently posted… Upcoming Rustic Sign Project. The secret is to be ridiculously sweet and appreciative when you call. Happy to share Jamie! I love that Amanda! PicMonkey is great, too.

My blog is Surviving Alabama www. I switched from Canva to Picmonkey and never looked back. I found it so much easier to use. But your in good company in Canva, Bob Lotich from http: I just never got good with it. Happy to share Merit! Great tips for beginners! I must say, I love the slight tweak to your logo.

I know that is not really the purpose of your post but I just had to say how much I love it. Thanks for sharing your tips with us at Merry Monday this week! I LOVED the original design and was so happy that the designer left the antique clock in the redesign!

How to Start a WordPress Blog The RIGHT WAY - Beginners Guide (Step by Step)

Excellent resource of information and step-by-step directions. Still working through this as I get my own blog site up and running. Thank you Rosemarie for sharing, and your patience with my questions. Hope to be launching soon!! Will definitely refer this article to other up and coming bloggers!! Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home. We love having you. Laura recently posted… Thoughts of Home on Thursday Thanks for having us Laura! Tell me more about what you want to write about?

A good name will really differ depending on your niche. As long as the theme you want it free, you can just change it from your dashboard. Thanks for stopping by Stacey! Great tips for those starting out! Thank you for this thorough and open advice on how to get going! I can;t wait to see where this takes you!

  • The Everyday Language Leaners Guide to Getting Started;
  • How to Start a Blog for Beginners (On the Popular Blogging Platform WordPress)!
  • Hunters Fall (The Hunters);

You might want to double check your face book link. I was going to follow and it said link was brokeing. I wanted to thank you for this post. It has really helped me with setting up my blog. I just got it up and going today. I have a long ways to go with it but hopefully it will come in time! Love love love this!! I am so new to this but I think I am off to a good start.

I started my blog a few months ago and have good viewers at times, but only when I post a new post and share the mess out of it on social media. I am looking for ways such as pinterest to promote as well. Right now, I am just on facebook and instagram. Looking forward to getting more subscribers and readers! As well as monetize at some point, just need to figure out how to get more traffic first so that I can.

I found this blog a couple months ago and today found the courage to start my own blog. You have great advice! My blog is thesimplychelsea. Thank you for sharing all the great info. I am new to blogging and have been looking into how to potentially monetize my blog. Your site is a very helpful resource! Thanks for the post. Hopefully my blog can be as beautiful as yours someday! I was looking through your blog for some more inspiration of course. Since I have started my blog almost two months ago I have gotten less than 10 views. I have been thinking about starting one.

How do the taxes work when you start earning? Do you file as self-employed? I know you can write off your monthly costs and even your computer but how do you not get stuck paying a huge tax bill? Fantastic post and very detailed steps. This is sure to help out many folks. I kinda skipped this step, and it was a pain to re-brand everything down the road. Love the down-to-earth way you have of taking a huge scary task and breaking it down into a checklist of doable steps.

What a great article. And look at all the replies you hot! I just started my blog last week. I have article titles eith more to come. I just keep adding to my list. My blog can be found here: My heads swimming with all the info you gave, thanks! We closed the store, but I still love blogging, so started my own at LoraBloomquist. I find it comforting that you are not tech savvy and use those that are to help you. My concentration is on home , but I also would like to have a category for nostalgic stories of growing up in the south.

I started the blog to chronicle the building of our porch hence the name http: Thanks again for all the info. Look forward to reading more. Which do you recommend? That is until I found your post. Love how you have everything broken down. Thank you so much. This made it so much easier. Still got a long way to go; but, I did come up with a name and signed up with BlueHost. My blog name is Busy Lifestyle Gal.

You just took the first step to changing your life! Hey Rosemarie, I first heard about you from your interview a year ago on the Side Hustle podcast. I hope to put more and more of it into my own blog little by little read: Just listened to your update interview and now I have so much more to chew on. Thanks all the great info. My blog is just over a year old at http: Thank you Rosemarie, What a generous amount of information! Intriguing, and organized brilliantly. I have 15 hours I could focus into a blog and my sister is a technical writer saturated in grammar and such with her help I may have some success.

Thank you again, Elizabeth. Reading your blog post made me feel like I was talking to one of my sisters! This is the best thing I have read in a while. I keep switching between Wix and WordPress for my blog. Wix is easy and beautiful and WordPress is intimidating to me but after reading this I am going back to WordPress so I can start monetizing my lifestyle blog.

Quick question, do you use those graphic sites because of legal issues as far as borrowing pictures? You have to buy the rights to them! I am considering writing a blog about the loss of my son. Hopefully this will help other mothers and fathers on their journey. I am following your advice step by step but I have a question about Bluehost.

Once I pay them for a year, will I be ready to blog? Also, the basic plan is 4. Do I need these? Really nice and informative article about how to properly start a blog. If you follow this, success will follow! I want to blog about my life as a midwife, aiming to amuse, inspire, inform, educate and share the joy. Might even offer debriefing opportunities if comments suggest a need.

I love your matter-of-fact approach and it has given me a lot to think about. Thanks for the helpful post! I love this post, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but 1. I think the only question I have as of now is that I went to purchase my domain name,theme etc and I was giving me a total of ….. Will be useful for an amateur and another, indeed.

We recently launched our site and this article was very helpful in getting that done. Great contect for beginners. Our site is http: I have been blogging for years and use a WordPress platform.

How To Create A Free Blog On The BlogSpot Blogging Platform

Does Bluehost allow you to bring over old content? I wish I would have seen it sooner. I JUST started my blog and did it through wordpress. I did not realize I needed to self host!!!! I plan to launch the blog in January. Thank you so much for your informative article. Thank you so much for giving a step by step, easy to follow guide.

I was playing around with the idea of a blog all year and this gave me the final push I needed. So now my daughter and I are living in my car with only my best friend my tablet to work with. But you know what? I made it happen. I wasted 2 weeks trying to get the exact look and feel before I remembered that you said to just go for it.

I would appreciate any feedback you can give. I tried to get some niche features to make me stand out. Thanks again for sharing your experience. Thank you for the motivation. I heard you on the Side Hustle podcast. After hearing you, I began reading your website and stumbled upon this post. My plan is to post one in-depth article per week. I made sure I had a stock pile of 4 articles to get me through the first few weeks as I begin to learn the ropes.

I like your advice to re-invest the blog income to further blog education and adding design details. Keep up the good work. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Hi Rosemarie, I literally just pushed publish yesterday for my first blog because I was so scared. I have already signed up through bluehost and wordpress but my site needs tons of work. I got lots of good feedback yesterday on my facebook page from over 60 people. My blog is called inspirationalhairsensei.

Rosemarie, I love your easy to read article and if I could do this full time boy would I. You are such an inspiration! Nicely done and written. You gave me some good info about starting a blog. This is really helpful for newbies like me. Two years ago I attempted to blog because I love writing about personal finance and lifestyle choices. It was shortest blogging career in history. The time spent trying to resize images, change fonts, get things in the right places — all while using a template drove me berserk and I gave up.

Then I found your post and decided to try again. I used the steps that you laid out and got the template set up. I was still not sure how to do certain things with the template and tried YouTube videos, books, you name it. Here was my solution — http: Best money ever spent. You gave me the push I needed to follow this dream!

How to Start a Blog

Best wishes to you and your readers for a great ! And I am replying to myself so I can add my most recent blog post. Still have lots to learn. Rosemarie, I love that you give the option to share our own blogs so easily. I started my blog http: Not one to sit around lol I thought this would be a fun way to use my writing skills and write about Canadian things!

Your post about starting a blog has been super helpful — in fact, I have it bookmarked for easy, frequent reference! If you have some time, you should check out some of the fun winter festivals in Edmonton coming up in the next few months! Hello, I am looking for ways to make extra money.. I am an art teacher and basically make everything.

I also have a degree in interior design. How specific does the blog have to be? I have a passion for embellishments in many areas of life…fashion, decor, etc.. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much for the detailed information and the encouragement in your post. My blog is liveastreamlinedlife. Hi Rosemarie — Elite Blog Academy 3. Actually getting a blog set up has been really stressful and I know I spent too much money but live and learn I guess.

Blog is not yet activated but it is www. Great post for new bloggers! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Just starting on my blog http: Have you posted your income since October ? Tech stuff can be so discouraging to bloggers myself included. Blogging is def a lot of work but so worth it. Thanks for linking to homematters linky party. I enjoyed the detailed steps to start a blog. Would you please explain that for me? This site is fantastic and congrats on your blogging success!! I started my site Get a Side Hustle about 3 weeks ago and I am super excited to see where it will go. I have so many things to share and I look forward to helping other people.

How To Start A Blog, Grow Your Traffic, & Turn It Into A Full Time Job | Young House Love

Christie recently posted… My 2 Side Hustle — Shopify. These are the options they have available: Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I just started a blog as a suggestion to help boost my website visits I started an interior decor business recently. Thank you for such a great post!!! The site is reallifecaptured. That sounds like a great idea for a blog! It definitely solves a problem a lot of people have — there are a lot of DSLR owners out there who have no idea how to actually use it and I was one of them, for a long time: Congratulations on the new journey!

You lay out the steps in a very cohesive manner which makes it so much easier for me to get started. The BRG gives me a lot of information, and resources laid out very systematically which is a huge help! Thank you so much for sharing this with your subscribers. Thank you so much for all the information you are providing. I just recently realized that is my calling so trying to work this into our already busy schedule.

I love the 10 Hour Time Block Strategy I picked up last night and am implementing that so I can be massively productive during the time I do have to work on turning this into a thriving business. My website is amyfahim. Thanks again for all that you do! I so wish I had read your post 3 month ago. I started on November and picked up my site at Blogger. I would like to monetize my blog. What a great resource for newbie bloggers or those considering blogging!

It was so tricky learning how to get everything set up in the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing all this information. I have recently just started a blog about being a Mom. I am still unsure of exactly what kind of Mom blog it will be but being a Mom is what I know so I thought it would be a great place to start. I would love your input. I just started my blog today and have so much to learn. Please check out my very new blog and give me any feedback you have! I just wanted to let you know, I used this post as a guideline when setting up my own blog. I have learned so much about the nuances of starting a blog.

Sometimes I think my brain is going to explode! Hi Rosemarie, Thanks so much for this informative post! Are you on WordPress. Thanks for the info. One reason I went with the Gazette…kind of like a newspaper. My issue is scheduling or rather budgeting time. I would do the EBA, but no money for it this year, maybe next year. Right now I am doing 30 days 30 Tupperware recipes since I also sell Tupperware.

Any tips let me know. However after I got into it, WOW the learning curve! Thank you for all the information and being so transparent. My site is YellowRoseLife. I followed this post word for word and love studying your blog for tips and strategy. My blog is thissimplebalance. I had a couple questions for you, if that is okay. I have not started a blog yet, but would like to. I am very interested in international focus on life.

I am an American, but I live and work in Japan, but obviously thinking on moving to another country to work. Here are some blogs that I would like to start. Travel I really enjoy traveling 2. Japan specifically focused on food, travel, culture, people 3. JET Program Japanese exchange teaching program highly competitive English teaching program -Explain my life in it and how I got there, my experience, how to best prepare etc.

Anime Review blog 5. Foreign TV shows and movie blog 6. If I move to another country create a blog based on that country. Foreign music review blog 8. Anime Music review blog. You might have answered these questions above, I skimmed through them, but did not really see any questions related to this. If you did mention them above, you can just say so and I will search. What do you think about these topics, do you think they would fly and if so which will fly higher than the others?

I am not wanting to give up teaching as I like teaching and my students are always my little children; I really enjoy them. Would I still be able to make a lot of pocket change through blogging, even if I do not make it a full time job. I really like writing and I like the topics mentioned above and would like to continue them. If I do not have that much money at the moment, how many should I create my first time around? Or should I always keep it up until possibly in the future it does pick up.

How would one improve their writing, as you can tell from here my writing is sub-par if not horrible. I would want it to be interesting and not so bland. My curiosity is how does blogging for money work? It really was not explained here.

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Does google look for people with a lot of views and then offer money, I honestly do not know how. Sorry, there seems to be a lot of questions out there for this, but I was very curious. If you could answer at your earliest convenience that would be wonderful. I JUST finished setting up my blog and have my first post listed. I would LOVE some feedback if you have the chance. I am also wondering how the website starts to make money?

What are the steps needed to bring it to a monetary income.

  • lart byzantin (French Edition)?
  • Primary Sidebar?
  • How to Start a Blog on WordPress for Beginners (Plus What to Blog About).
  • Decide on your end goal: Money or Pleasure..

Thank you so much for this article, it has helped me immensely! I really look forward to hearing back from you! You might benefit from this post: Also, my website is Raisingsanity. I just signed up for an account with BlueHost through your affiliate link. Decided to go with something far more general — captaindollar. Now I just need to find a theme and get the site going. Hi, Rosemary, thank you so much for the Free cheat sheet; it includes a link I was searching for a very long time — a useful and intuitive Blogging planner. Fantastic post and very encouraging to a new blogger!

I try to make blogger. Very interesting to note how important it is to venture out of our comfort zones. To personally spend time for ourselves and to ensure that we maintain a book involving our expenses and what and how we spent or save. Maintaining a budget fill in the purpose. For three years my aversion to all things technical kept me from starting a blog I really want to do. It and you are lovely!

I launched my blog today! I did have a couple of glitches, but got the wrinkles ironed out in a jiffy. I would love for you to swing by and take a look. I just purchased hosting! I did pinterest first — business. I did Instagram — business What about Facebook? Your post is very useful special for whom want to start a blog. Each step of your instruction is specific, the reference links are also extremely useful. Thank you for your offering. Hey Rosemarie — Great job on your blog!

My blog is about every day struggles and how God is helping me overcome them. I would love to read your blog to see how God is helpping people. I love this blog, I always had someone to write and create my blogs to help with my online pc cleaners businesss, but the information you have given me now allowed me the confidence to try it myself. I also love food and beauty!! I well pray for you and that your blog well be a success. I absolutely adore busybudgeter. This post is awesome, thank you for sharing!

Do you know anything about using Foursquare for a website vs Go Daddy or blue host? Your site has been instrumental in helping me decide the path to take with my blog. I have been taking the Elite Blog Academy Course and it has been amazing. I am meeting with a web design company next week for a redesign of my site and I am super excited about it. Thank you for always being an inspiration and transparent. Your blog is wonderful!!! It is probably this that keeps me from beginning because I worry that what I have to say, well people may not want to read. I did it, I made the leap to bluehost and I used my catchphrase for the name: Lord help me get through this process without losing my mind.

I live in Nigeria and someone is paying for hosting in Canada. Can necessary settings for a functional site be done in Nigeria while payment for hosting is done in Canada? Please I look forward to hearing from you soon. You article is really helpful and motivating. Information provided by you is great.

But could you please suggest domain name and hosting companies for people who are using blogger? Hi Robert, Does all of this information apply to all countries? I am in Australia. This information applies to all types of blogs and bloggers all over the world. You can still follow these instructions and Bluehost. Thank you for sharing this blog that is so helpful for me. So right before reading this article I bought a. Wanted to check, if I use your link to Bluehost and pick the. Assuming I just set up the website on the.

Sure, once you have an account with Bluehost you can log in at GoDaddy and follow these steps to point your. Creating a blog in wordpress is a mistake. If you put a single link in a free wordpress blog they tell you that you are redirecting traffic and that you violate the rules. Therefore, to make a free blog in wordpress implies that at any moment they eliminate you without giving you the opportunity to defend yourself and losing all the time and work done. This allows them to be in full control of their blog.

Thanks for the information. I have no idea what exactly i wanted to convey or ask. Sign up at Bluehost, pick a domain name, install WordPress and then use this guide for transferring your content there: Your knowledge on blogging is amazing and sharing these tutorials is wonderful. I have never blogged before but always had an interest even though I am very nervous.

To be honest, I am 49 years old and have no clue how to start my intro with two different categories to talk about. First one is about my photographs I have gathered and the second one is about motivating a healthy lifestyle on eating, fitness, and positive outlook. Not sure if I can combine the two or keep it separate and need two different domains.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Though when you start out just focus on one topic, see how it works for you and start doing the other topic only when you feel comfortable enough to run a second site. Is it the same procedure on bluehost to open a blog and to open a website which is not a blog.. Do we follow the same steps to establish the two as u stated or there are different routes to be considered along the way.

Writing is an art and you must develop and improve as you progress in it, your expressions get more accurate, up to the mark, meaningful and according to your topic and readers. Even after publishing my blog posts, I review them later and if notice something to be better than written already, I modify and repair it with a better version of it. A quick question; I have read many other blog posts which advice dodging fuzzy words, adverbs, and jargons. Can you give me recommendations with examples regarding the same? I desire to be a more professional blogger. So I have to make my blog more professional.

I know it is not possible within a short time. But I will work on your tips to do better for my blog. Thanks for your informative article. And yeah, keep posting. Extremely useful information thank you for the detailed post.. Thank you for your beautiful article. Your writing skills motivate me every time.

I am frequent visitor of your website. I will read everything you write from now on. First I guess — is this a good idea or a really bad one? Second, how do I do that on one site or should I try to juggle multiples? Hi, I have my first blog on WordPress. I have published some articles on that blog. Now, I have problem with blog, I am not able to index my that blog with Google. How long has that blog been online? It can take a few weeks for new blogs even if you submit it to Google webmaster tools.

Thank you so much for the information! This will really help me a lot to get my blog off the ground. Second, if I choose the 3 year term to start my BlueHost account, is my free domain name good for 3 years or will I have to pay the renewal at the end of each year? The domain name is going to be free for the first 12 months, after that standard domain rates kick in even if you have the 36 month plan.

Thank you for this informative tutorial. I hope you can comment on what I perceive as a content-formatting issue. I wish to post bilingual blog essays using parallel columns comments to be received in either language. I know of more than one means to format this in Word, including the use of tables, but I cannot envision how to enter such things via the WordPress editor. Stripping out Word formatting is not really an option for such content.

I imagine it would be simpler if the reader were required to highlight and copy the text manually to paste it into the translation-app tab, and use its native features to select the target language. One use of this feature would be to translate terms or phrases from other languages that are embedded within the text of one of the two primary-language columns. First, this columns plugin will let you customize the layout of your pages and easily lets you add parallel columns: And the other one is this Google Translate plugin that makes it more convenient for users to get translations: I've been building websites since Choose a host for your blog.

What’s the easiest way to start a blog if you aren’t great with computers?

Decide a domain name. Set up WordPress the easy way Choose and customize a design. Pick a blogging platform. You can read a detailed review of the 10 most popular platforms here — but let me save you some time: Your site will be hard to find. Imagine losing years of work when your blog is taken offline because you broke a rule without knowing it. It happens all the time. No free plugins to add functionality like calendars or online shops.

When you decide you want more control, switching from a free platform to something like WordPress can take hours of manual work and formatting. Someone else will profit from YOUR hard work. This is the worst one: Hosting explained in 10 seconds: If you chose to use a new domain name, your blog may show up on a temporary domain name for a little bit. Do you write your blog posts in a program like Word, and then copy and paste them into WordPress? You may get frustrated by how WordPress formats the text you paste.

Want to ask a question or leave a comment? Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Edi July 5, at Robert Mening July 5, at Mimi July 5, at Linda July 5, at Hi Robert, What are your thoughts on domain names? Stewart Moon August 21, at 7: Sarah Hutchinson July 6, at 3: Thanks for the information! This will really help me get my blog off the ground. Apollos July 8, at Robert Mening July 8, at Hi Apollos, Thanks for your kind words.

K July 17, at 1: Robert Mening August 25, at 6: Muyil July 20, at Robert Mening July 21, at Wallet Squirrel July 23, at Robert Mening July 24, at Palashtd July 23, at 7: Sarah July 23, at 7: Fred July 24, at 6: Robert Edi August 11, at 1: Robert Mening August 12, at 7: Hi Robert, Thanks for the infographic. I will try to pin that on Pinterest. Hi Mr Robert, I found this very useful and happy I found you.

Robert Mening August 16, at 5: Hi Robert Yes it really helped. Paul August 15, at 8: Kevin Ocasio August 17, at Hi Robert, Thank you for sharing this information. Robert Mening August 22, at 9: Emilou Grace Sentellas Escalante August 24, at Hilary August 29, at 4: How can i make money from the blog or how can i get paid by google?

Robert Mening August 30, at Madison Wesley September 1, at 5: Robert Mening September 4, at 1: Sangam September 1, at 9: Filjun September 3, at I like the infographics: Marina September 8, at 3: Robert Mening October 1, at 6: Marina, Here are the steps: Sara O September 12, at 1: Robert Mening September 21, at Nette September 13, at 5: Angam G Chahong September 14, at 3: