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About the Author Christine M. She has more than twenty-five years of commercial and residential design experience. Christine is the author of the award-winning Professional Practice for Interior Designers and Becoming an Interior Designer, as well as coauthor of Designing Commercial Interiors, all published by Wiley. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Preface. What Is Critical Thinking? Who Is a Critical Thinker? It Is Not Criticism.

Guide for Critical Thinking for Designers

For Whom Do We Design? Not the First Answer. Problem Definition and Analysis. The Purpose of Asking Questions. Asking the Right Questions.

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In order to clearly understand the three stages, we will use a design example: Many places are still not accessible for people with physical disabilities due to the hard usage of stairs as they always seek support from others or search fo electric elevators. Based on this situation, we would like to explore how to address this problem with the critical thinking, we can use the stages as below:.

In this stage, we observe the whole situation thoroughly in terms of how people with disabilities use the stairs, the problems they face, and how they currently deal with it. At this stage, we collect all the necessary information about the current situation and how other people tried to solve it and the methods they used to achieve this target. At this stage, no questions are asked as we only observe and record our observation for the next stages.

While collecting information and observing the situation, we should take notes of our findings with a clear definition of the problem in order to ensure that we are addressing the problem properly.

Principles of Critical Thinking

Also, we need to understand the biases that may affect our decision and the biases that may affect other designers who tried to solve the problem. This can help us to put the biases or the assumption aside and focus on the situation. In the example we have, designers should observe how people with wheelchairs use the stairs and exactly define the problem they face and how they are trying to solve it. Also, we need to explore the previous researchers or attempt that tried to solve the problem and their fingers.

Critical Thinking Skills for UX Designers (or Anyone, Really!)

Based on the observation, we start to ask questions about the situation and the current solution. For example, what is the wrong with the current stars? These questions help clearly define the right problem to address and subsequently finding the solution that can directly build a holistic solution that considers all the facts regarding the user experience, surrounded environment, and other users in the place.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for Designers

Asking the right questions contribute reaching a clear definition for the current situation and subsequently analyzing it properly. Assessing Information from the Internet. What Constitutes Decision Making? Why We Make Wrong Decisions.

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The Importance of Ethical Decision Making. Business versus Ethical Conflicts. Chanel Daniele Bott Inbunden. Skickas inom vardagar. Bestselling author Christine M.