Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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Well read, by the author herself. I can listen to this all day,very educational,very happy and pleased with this audible. I would definitely recommend to everyone. What better time to strain for a bit of connectedness with the universe than when stuck in traffic?? This book will set you on the path of appreciating the beauty of life -- and perhaps empathy for that guy who just cut you off. If you find traditional religion false or punitive, come celebrate the light cast by the author's 'IS disco ball'' -- a metaphor for grooving in your our own unique spiritual light.

I can't imagine a more fun and meaningful way to drive to work! This book is a wonderful guide for seekers who wish to stray from the beaten path. The author encourages each reader to find her own road to spiritual enlightenment, in the spirit of Buddha and the more mystical strains of Christianity and Judaism.

In the relative sense - where we come into separation - there is also perfection, just of a different kind. It is worth working with this contemplation: I put it to you there will never be perfection in our alignment, within the relativity - the higher you go, a new exploration always catches you out to a degree. But it's not about efforting to achieve this kind of perfection. It's simply about how could you do it better than before? In a more aligned way. Whilst simultaneously accepting where you are currently at. Yes it's a paradox - but so is life.

Remember there are no mistakes: Also work to realise it is not about getting somewhere - in the relative sense. In the relative - the universe of separation - there is ONLY the process. Work to let go of the need for an outcome, even if self-realisation is your goal. Let go of even that goal!!! Simply entertain yourself in the process itself.

I find this enables you to be both satisfied where you are at, AND inquiring of something more aligned and evolved. I felt to share more on the paradox of creating things from being for those with strongly manifesting and creative configurations of soul like you Kim. We have to learn to master 'landing the balloon by not grasping for it': But that doesn't mean turning away from it either - the balloon is meant for you.

So your soul draws you to focus in order to bring shaping potential into fruition as manifestation. The trouble is the ego then wants to control the creation, believing it knows what's to be created before it actually lands. So the creation either doesn't land, or else it becomes distorted my intuition tells this is the source of the shame - Kim - "a misshaped reality has been born" is what I'm given to say. So it's like you see the vision of what is forming; you can see patterning coming together. Walk toward it, focus on it.

Yet don't grasp for it. Wait for it to land in your open hand.

Then you know the manifestation is as aligned as it possibly could be. On another point, if you find the beginning of each day, or the processes you get involved with, begin to feel like "groundhog day" continually repetitive , then I observe only one practical solution - go deeper still. Look for the subtle vibrations in the 'twilight zone', just at the edge of your awareness.

Hi Open, Yes it helps, thank you. After I wrote before it came to me that "this is that perfection issues again". After reading what you shared it brings up a deep sense of pain and wanting to distract myself from that but wanting to go into it more at the same time. It also feels like working with multiple things at once. Addictions, patterns and conditioned behaviorisms and how it feels to not get it right and how to be with those feelings as well. I have been working with feeling the need for an outcome and letting go.

It's really a big sticky mess for me. A wheel that keeps going round and round, having to repeatedly let go over and over again. What else is there though. Going to be with all this. I think I was being shown this yesterday.

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While walking in the park I felt to sit and meditate. Fish kept jumping out of the water by me and I felt I was not feeling into something in my emotional body. Then my attention was drawn to the buzzing sound of a weedwacker or chainsaw.

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I sensed it was telling me about something buzzing in my head. It was definitely subtle but felt it is related to the voice in my head that seems to help urge me make unaligned choices in the moment. I think this is what you mean but maybe I'm wrong. As challenging as it is, the only way out of 'cold turkey' is through. It's worth it though - there'll be a much greater relaxedness on the other side. The creative process has been having a shake down here.

I am exploring some new ways for me to share and kind of go out on a limb in an independent venture In the past I have allowed that to put me off of moving forward and when things clear up, the energy has dissipated. So I am taking care of the little fires that are going off kids with broken bones and illness, etc and still keeping an eye on that inspiration, giving it attention - staying open to how that wants to develop.

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The breath is supporting me greatly in connecting to the world in a way that it feels like I can feel things to a greater or lesser degree depending on where the attention is and the fullness of the breath I wonder where control comes in on that Curiously, I have also been drawing mandalas There is no pressure, there is no need for it to look any particular way, just one line and then the next and then I see it in it's fullness and it's just like wow!

It feels like the experience is helping to remind me to just make that first stroke and see what that creates and then the next strokes comes.

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In Seattle I found a pair of silver keys on a ring, both marked with the word "Defiance" - days later in meditation I found a starfish and the word "rebel" Just not letting the family needs give me an excuse to not express me fully - as I have done in the past.

I will keep dancing through the fires and letting me come through!! I chuckled about your reference to "Groundhog Day", Kim, although I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be to feel stuck in conditioned habit patterns, longing to break free. I love how the character of Bill Murray finally frees himself when he opens his heart to love. I was sitting with friends over lunch recently while traveling.

They're not on a conscious spiritual path through the gateways to enlightenment, but I am always deeply moved by the depth of love they have for one another and for their grown children and grandchildren and how humbly they express their frailties and vulnerabilities with greater acceptance than I have felt for my own 'shortcomings'. As I sat there witnessing it all, the imperfections and gifts of beingness, theirs and mine, my heart was filled with such love that I truly felt at peace with all of it in those moments. The whole kit and caboodle. My friends are enough.

Just the way we are.

Emotionally healthy spirituality : unleash the power of authentic life in Christ

I felt this so strongly. It's a new feeling for me. One that perhaps will grow and expand. For the spiritually unenlightened such as myself, these four core concepts are refreshingly sensible and, unlike most religious hogwash, seem grounded in reality. For most of us, there is some yearning inside ourselves to understand the meaning of life and how we are connected to other people and to the universe, and that's probably what Freed means by Inspired Self. And most people have had transcendent and ecstatic experiences while having sex, taking psychedelic drugs, or listening to music, so that's probably the Incarnate Self.

And anyone can find joy and connection with the universe by hiking in the woods, looking at the ocean, watching a hawk soaring through the sky, or seeing an apple growing on a tree, so that's Incarnate Source at work in our lives. Each section of the book describes simple ways to tune into each of these four aspects of your spirituality, starting with trying to spend more time in the present moment and experiencing whatever you are doing more fully, rather than obsessing about the past or worrying about the future.

This in itself is certainly not a brilliant new idea, as the focus of many spiritual practices is this same concept of mindfulness: However, it is a necessary prerequisite for many of other simple but useful practices Freed recommends, such "listen, feel, and follow. Then notice your innermost feelings and try to trust what you feel. Third, be more open to following that inner guide, to see where these thoughts and feelings lead you.