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It's believed to have been introduced to Spain with the invasion of the Moors because Spanish words beginning with "al" are believed to have Arabic roots. Today, the name is the only similarity left between the Spanish and Latin American version of the cookie.

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The alfajores enjoyed in Spain are made with honey, almonds and spices -- a delightful mix to be sure -- but they have got nothing on the melt-in-your-mouth cookie that's sandwiched with dulce de leche a milk-based caramel. There are many versions of the alfajores enjoyed all over Central and South America, probably more variations than countries in which they are made.

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Some are cakey, others are buttery, but the best ones -- in our humble opinion -- are the ones baked with cornstarch. Cornstarch isn't an ingredient that many bakers get excited about, but it has a magical effect on the alfajor.

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With almost equal parts cornstarch to butter, sugar and flour, the easy-to-work dough creates a cookie that's crumbly and tender. On its own the cookie might not be much to write home about, but when filled with dulce de leche they are elevated to a whole new realm.

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A buttery, crisp cookie -- desired in so many other situations -- can struggle against the dulce de leche, breaking apart or just tasting too heavy. But the cornstarch-based ones -- known as Alfajores de Maizena -- are light when the dulce de leche is dense, crumble when the the dulce de leche is sticky; the cookies are basically the ying to the milk caramel's yang.

Argenitine native and food blogger, Nieves of Dulce Pampa , has a recipe that is perfection in every way.

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As we said, the dough is simple to work with so we're sure you can do this. Plus, this recipe for homemade dulce de leche is almost too easy. Some of the best alfajores we've had are rolled in toasted coconut, dusted with confectioners sugar or coated in chocolate.

We recommend you try every variation.

The History of Alfajores

But first, try Nieves recipe which you can find right here and take a look at her whimsical step-by-step instructions below. Although they originated in the Iberian peninsula, the Spanish alfajor is quite different from its South American counterpart, which consists of honey, flour and almonds. The classic alfajor is made out of dough containing flour, butter and eggs. After baking, two round cookies are sandwiched together with a dollop of dulce de leche and drenched in sugar.

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  8. Alfajores can be filled with a combination of dulce de leche and chocolate mousse, fruit, and cream. They are often topped with a meringue coating, milk chocolate, coconut or a sugar glaze.