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The three thugs scanned the room before focusing on him. It irritated the crap out of me. If the characters' names don't matter don't mention them. Rat Face and Blockhead? Am I really supposed to take reading this book seriously when the author doesn't take naming the characters seriously? Regardless, I was disappointed. I seem to be the only one who feels this way. I've found glowing reviews and no negative reviews what-so-ever. Sparks' series is hit or miss with me. Some of her books I've loved. I did not like Wanted: I could not even bring myself to finish reading it.

Are you a fan of Phineas McKinney, a. He gets a new moniker in Wanted: He even says "Hello Ladies. And now to our story. If you're not a fan of the Love doctor, you'll be happy to know that Phineas grows up in Wanted and drops the Love Doctor routine. He goes undercover to catch Corky Courrant, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Malcontents. When the plan goes awry and Corky escapes, teams from MacKay Security and Investigations are spread across the world looking for her. Phineas receives a clue that she's in Wyoming, and he needs a day guard to go with him to check it out.

The person available is Brynley Jones introduced in Vampire Mine. Phineas is secretly in love with Brynley. There's a slight problem with that, however. Brynley is a werewolf who hates vampires. She does have a thing for The Blardonnay Guy, though. Brynley agrees to go to Wyoming, but only if she can stay hidden from her father.

She'd run away from home when he tried to marry her off to an alpha she didn't want to marry. I didn't see how Sparks could make a hero out of a running joke. I should have known better. Within the first few pages I knew that Phineas was hero material and that I was in good hands.

Likewise, I wasn't fond of Brynley in Vampire Mine. But in Wanted , Brynley is a likable, sympathetic character. As hero and heroine, Phineas and Brynley were funny together and well-matched. As are all Love as Stake books, Wanted was a fun, light read. Sparks is very clever with a turn of phrase that can make you smile or even laugh out loud. On second look only Angus, Robby, Ian, and Dougal were wearing kilts. The others wore pants, but would probably enjoy being called barbarians. I won't spoil the ending of Wanted , but there's a great twist that you won't want to miss.

I'm sure it will figure in future books. The next book is Howard's story, Wild About You.

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It will be released September 25, See more of my reviews at http: Apr 14, Debra Taylor rated it it was amazing. Wasn't at the top of my to read list. I just saw Phineas as more of a supporting character role. Maybe because of his over the top character. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a quick read.

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The story just flew along. Probably because I was snickering half of the time. Sparks that flew back then now explode into full blown fireworks. Phil doesn't think that he's good enough for the werewolf princess. Yes, she really is a princess. Brynley has the hots for Phil but she has to overcome her aversion to vampires. The two team up to locate Corky who has taken Casimeres crown as the leader of the evil malcontent vampires. The werewolves soon replace the malcontents as the villains in this one. We meet several new characters who hopefully will become part of the series.

We are introduced to Freemont who is Phin's younger brother. He wants to force his daughter to marry to further his own power. I hope to see him get what he deserves in some future book. It is the mark of a good author when they can inspire readers to feel love or hatred toward their characters. I enjoyed this book very much. It was great seeing Phin find his own HEA not to mention getting turned into a werewolf.

Sounds like a real classy boutique. Jun 06, Rosebud rated it it was amazing Shelves: This the 12th book in the series "Love at Stakes" by Kerrelyn Sparks. Love, aka the Blardonnay Guy, is out to find the new evil Malcontent queen Corky. Unfortunately the area where she is believed to be hiding is right in the middle of a strong werewolf territory stronghold. Brynley Jones, a female werewolf who tolerates vampires, knows the area as it's where she grew up and agrees to help the 'city boy' vampire. As a werewolf princess she's coveted as a pawn in the hierarchy of This the 12th book in the series "Love at Stakes" by Kerrelyn Sparks.

As a werewolf princess she's coveted as a pawn in the hierarchy of the werewolf pack politics she ran from and if they find out she's back they will never allow her to leave. Since the two of them has clashed since they first met he might be persuaded to let the info of her being in the area slip. That way he'd never have to see her again. What a terrific book. I don't have any idea how this author keeps this series so fresh and new but she does. This book reverses the gender role dynamics in that Brynley, a werewolf, is attracted to Phineas and goes after him.

Phineas doesn't stand a chance but it's really fun to watch him try to resist her at first and then come to appreciate her aggressiveness both in and out of bed. The book barely crosses the erotica tag but does have steamy scenes that make up for the lack of adventurous action. This is the first time I have read about an 'Alpha female' character and I loved loved loved it.

I will be looking out for more stories along this line that use this strong female premise. May 11, Booklover, Indianapolis rated it liked it Shelves: May Closer to a 2. This series is getting tired. Glad to see Dr. She didn't like vamps, then she was in love. She suffered some real trauma in her past, but that was glossed over. A lot seemed to happen in this book but once the action happens there seems to be no follow through. That said, I can't say I'm done - I have a feeling Howard Barr's story will be next and I'm a sucker for a werebear story!

May 31, Tracy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Anyone who doesn't mind adolescent humor, egregious racial stereotypes, and stupidity. Left Me Wanting Phineas McKinney has fought the good fight since Malcontents stole his life and turned him into a vampire. He's been rockin' the Love Doctor persona of Dr. Phang since then, making all the undead ladies happy, but after a few years of that, it's gotten kind of old. Phineas wants what so many of his friends have.

It doesn't matter that his professional life is super sweet right now, or that all sorts of attention is rolling his way since he started doing th Left Me Wanting Phineas McKinney has fought the good fight since Malcontents stole his life and turned him into a vampire. It doesn't matter that his professional life is super sweet right now, or that all sorts of attention is rolling his way since he started doing the commercials for the vampire's newest fusion drink, Blardonney - half synthetic blood, half Chardonnay. That, on top of his security job, has set him up right.

But he's still feeling that emptiness inside him. Going undercover on a job for MacKay Security and Investigation has him playing turncoat in the hopes of catching Corky Courrant, current leader of the remaining Malcontents.

Wanted: Undead or Alive

The setup was going well until the self-proclaimed Queen Corky got away from Phineas and the security team sent in to catch her. When fresh intel reaches the vampires about Corky's possible location, Phineas heads to Wyoming to try to track her down. Problem is, Phineas is a city vamp, born and raised She knows the area, it's where her pack lives.

Phineas has some hot memories of Brynley from when they first met. Memories like how strong and proud she is. How her eyes remind him of a cerulean blue sky he can no longer see. How much she loathes vampires in general and him in particular. Yeah, that last one is a problem. But he needs her help, and if working with the lovely but caustic woman as they spend time in very close quarters ends up leaving his heart feeling like she's taken a stake to his chest, well then After all, love hurts. I enjoyed several of the earlier books, appreciated that it was lighter in theme than my normal paranormal romance reading, but had some darker elements that appealed, too.

Almost nothing about this book appealed to me. Not only did I find the plot one dimensional and the story absurd, but I thought the main characters And frankly, while I commend Sparks on writing a romance that crosses racial lines, I would have preferred the characterizations of both Phineas and his brother had they not been limited to sad, overused punchlines in off-color jokes. It would have been very nice had they been defined by something more than a mess of egregious racial stereotypes.

I felt the dialogue was adolescent and unrealistic and the relationship evolution between Phineas and Bryn raced from contentious to lusty to love with such alacrity that it gave me whiplash. The humor, a strength in other books of the series, was juvenile in this one Character actions and reactions lacked logic and I struggled to find any sense at all in some places. Why does Phin need to stock up the cabin and sleep in the basement in Wyoming? He can teleport and does back and forth between there and New York any time he wants, with no apparent drain on his energy. Why does Bryn care about her father's feelings about her being with Phin?

She banished herself from her pack five years ago with no intention of ever going back, and sacrificed her relationship with her sister for her freedom. For that matter, what does she fear her father would do about it that she hasn't already done to herself? Illogical stuff like that, prevalent in the book, drives me bonkers, even when it doesn't have a large impact on the overall story. I know this series is wildly popular and my opinion is in the minority.

I had fun reading several of the earlier books, too. Hell, I still chuckle to myself when I think about Angus MacKay checking under his kilt every time he teleports just to make sure all his bits made the trip. That's still funny to me. After this installment, though, I think my reading tastes and preferences have diverged a bit too far from where this series is now to consider reading any more of it.

This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own.

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Apr 03, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it really liked it Shelves: Phineas McKinney hasn't been a vampire for long - a petty drug-dealer who was attacked by Malcontents only several years ago, he was saved by the good Vamps. He now works for Angus McKay's company, which provides security and bodyguards for the Vamps and their businesses, as well as hunt bad vampires like the Malcontents. Now he's staged a convincing fallout with Angus on live TV the vampire network and bringing his younger brother Freemont in on the secret of what he really is.

All so he can Phineas McKinney hasn't been a vampire for long - a petty drug-dealer who was attacked by Malcontents only several years ago, he was saved by the good Vamps. All so he can go into hiding to chase up on a lead that Corky Currant is in Wyoming, rallying the Malcontents to her by self-styling herself as their queen. A vampire is no good during the day, so accompanying Phineas is the wolf-shifter, Bryn - and it's to her alpha-father's ranch that they are headed. As Phineas learns more unsavoury truths about life in a werewolf pack, especially for the daughter of an alpha, he comes to see Bryn in a whole new light.

The two work together as a team, utilising each other's strengths, as they hunt down Corky's whereabouts while evading the man Bryn's father has picked out for her husband. Undead or Alive we're entering into a phase of the series in which movie-title puns are common titles was quite enjoyable, and a bit heavier than usual: Countering that is Phineas, who is the self-styled "Love Doctor" - a cheesy moniker that always made me pity him. I'm not sure why he's been white-washed for the cover: Phineas is black, and the only black vampire character in the series so far.

It's a shame he's been white-washed; you'd think the States had stopped doing that. This instalment focussed on the role of tradition and the oppression of women, which is perhaps another reason why I liked it more than the ones that stereotype other races. It's easy for me to hate the characters I'm meant to hate, because the threat is more real and valid to me, personally. Also, Bryn is lively, fiesty and felt more real than a lot of the other heroines - plus she's a shifter and so has her own strengths. And the ending was a bit of a surprise, in terms of what happens to Phineas.

As I've said before, I do like it when authors play around with the formula. Phineas was up to his neck in some ridiculous reality T. Brynley and Phineas both have emotional scars and insecurities, and I liked how they were each looking for someone to love them for themselves. Phineas was tired of being used as a sex toy by women looking for a fling and Brynley wanted someone who love her, not her status as a werewolf princess.

There was a fair amount of misunderstandings and hurt feelings between these two, but not to the point where it was annoying. Once they started opening up to each other, things progressed nicely. Nothing worked out quite the way I expected, however. Sex scenes, references to rape.

Dec 29, Jenifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: The 12th in the Love at Stake series. I have to say that this was perhaps the best story of sexual and emotional tension I have read in a paranormal setting.

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He's a vampire, she's a werewolf Phineas was turned by Malcontents but was saved by Roman and his gang of good Vamps. Now he's on a mission to find an enemy who considers herself Queen of the vampires, but she's hiding out in Wyoming. What's a city boy like Phineas to do? Get assistance from Brynley, werewolf princess, The 12th in the Love at Stake series.

Get assistance from Brynley, werewolf princess, who happens to hail from Wyoming of course. I couldn't put this book down. It was great from start to finish.

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Loved all the new characters and catching on all the old one. Hope she writes a book about Nate. Overview Music Video Charts. Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Even though the books have become more complicated and serious, there is still room for humor; otherwise, it would be too dark and gloomy like some of the other paranormal romance series.

The humor is what sets this series apart from the others. There was a new threat introduced besides Corky Courrant. He is power hungry and greedy. The story and plot were great. The romance was okay except I thought both Phineas and Brynley acted really immature with each other…Brynley more than Phineas but it still felt a little middle schoolish to me. Book Cover Design — Who the heck is the white dude on the front cover? Was there a shortage of black models? It makes me think that the graphic designer did a poor job of investigating what the story was about.

If the model would have been the right color, the cover would have been a hit with me. The western theme is appropriate and the fiery background along with the foreground that looks like dust that has been kicked up from a rodeo works really well together. I think this author should be asking the publisher to work a little harder on her book covers. You are commenting using your WordPress.