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A corollary to the affirmation of one God is the biblical vision of one humanity. This is a missionary vision, as Paul made clear Acts So the biblical vision of one humanity is a redemptive hope that calls us to be ministers of reconciliation 2 Corinthians 5: As Terence Fretheim puts it: Abingdon, , ; idem, with Nancy Murphy, Witness: Abingdon, , In addition to the theological affirmations derived from an analysis of Genesis , certain theological applications suggest themselves when some of the more significant issues of the day are considered in the light of the theology of Genesis These applications draw sustenance from the conviction that the biblical witness is visionary, speaking even about first things in ways that shine light on the path before us.

Brown, Nancey Murphy, and H. Translation and Commentary New York: University of Chicago Press, , 2. But there have been earnest attempts to engage the physicality suggested by various scientific investigations into human nature in a biblical, and hence, non-reductive way. A false dichotomy between our spiritual capacities and our conditional existence as earth creatures does more than create poor exegesis and translation of Genesis 2: Such a dichotomy left unchallenged may lead us to unwittingly accelerate the alienation human beings feel as they struggle to be at home in the universe but not on earth and to live as entitled individuals rather than in community with their fellow earthlings.

By the phrase she intends to give expression to a Christian life that is spiritual but not otherworldly. Fortress, , 4. Cf this with the observations of Eugene Peterson: The biblical vision entails more, however, for the human condition than simply our status as creatures of God. In addition to our place in the natural order of creation, the biblical doctrine of creation indicates that our humanity is conditioned by communal and eschatological contexts as well.

The Theology of the Book of Genesis

Postmodern Science and the Theology of Nature Berkeley: University of California Press, , ; a fine collection of classic reflections on cosmology from a wide range of sources may be found in Dennis Richard Danielson, ed. As we walk across the bridge, however, we do well to remember the dangerous waters the bridge help us traverse. Van Till et al. The quote is from the preface, ix. We risk venturing onto the bridge, though, because we long to recover a sense of the moral nature of the universe.

Ellis, On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Theology, Cosmology, and Ethics Minneapolis: As previously noted, the magnitude of the biblical vision calls for us to relate our whole lives to God. When human inquiry expands our intellectual horizons, the biblical light encourages us to see beyond and gives us hope that our expanding universe is held in the loving hands of one whose thoughts are genuinely unfathomable.

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Finally, the coherence and meaning we seek through cosmology or our attempt to understand ourselves is discoverable only as we embrace worship as a way of life. The Holy Spirit and the Theology of Life, trans. Genesis , Old Testament Narrative. Southwestern Journal of Theology To download full issues and find more information on the Southwestern Journal of Theology , go to swbts. The Theological Foreground Structural Considerations The Toledoth Formula One of the most obvious structural features of Genesis is the so-called toledoth formula.

The Seven Day Structure of Genesis One Another important literary structure that sheds enormous theological light is embedded in the narrative of the first week of creation. The Genealogical Arrangements The genealogies of Genesis are integral to the entire structure of the work.

The Land If their covenant with God determined the identity of the people of Israel, the land was the laboratory in which that identity was forged. Political Realities and Covenant Relationships The land had inhabitants before Israel arrived on the scene One God Israel inhabited a world in which the regnant presumption was that of the existence of many gods elohim.

Lecture 2. The Hebrew Bible in Its Ancient Near Eastern Setting: Biblical Religion in Context

One Humanity A corollary to the affirmation of one God is the biblical vision of one humanity. Theological Applications In addition to the theological affirmations derived from an analysis of Genesis , certain theological applications suggest themselves when some of the more significant issues of the day are considered in the light of the theology of Genesis Biblical theology, defined as the attempt to discover the theology implicit in the Bible itself James Barr, The Concept of Biblical Theology: Joseph Blenkinsopp, The Pentateuch: This count and schematization follows the analysis of Blenkinsopp, Pentateuch, The Hebrew word adam provides a thematic connection between Genesis 1 and 2.

His case for this is quite good but its development is beyond the scope of this paper. Claus Westermann, Genesis On the intentional structuring and purpose of these genealogies, see Derek Kidner, Genesis: Direct quotations are my own translation from the Hebrew text. The Land may be regarded as the laboratory of the Covenant.

Blenkinsopp, Pentateuch, ; Sailhamer, Pentateuch, For a systematic discussion of the repentance of Yahweh, see Preuss, Theology, vol. Walter Brueggemann, Theology of the Old Testament: Terence Fretheim, The Suffering of God: The study by Langdon Gilkey remains a classic in its attempt to bring the full force of the biblical testimony to the creator to bear on contemporary philosophical, scientific, and theological.

For a cogent analysis of Nietzsche from a theological vantage point, see James Wm. This is the basic unifying project of the essays in Whatever Happened to the Human Soul.

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For a good introduction to cosmology as a human enterprise, see Stephen Toulmin, The Return to Cosmology: Chapter eight explores the significance of Gen In other words, Abraham's call is to assure him that other nations will bless themselves by Abraham due to his greatness Chapter nine considers whether or not Gen Moberly presents the views of Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, and Charles Colson, who all, even if in slightly different ways, think that Gen Noting the complexity of the issues, Moberly considers several factors.

Second, in the New Testament, as in the Old, everlasting covenants can be set aside. The covenant of circumcision with Abraham is everlasting, yet Paul makes it clear that circumcision is no longer necessary Third, who are the children of Abraham? According to Paul, those who are in Christ are his children.

Genesis, Theology of

Christian appeals to Gen In view of the modern tendency to read the story negatively, Moberly observes that it is contextualized by the canonical context as the climax of Abraham's relationship with God and that it is called a test in the narrative, which implies a positive purpose for Abraham. Also, due to the pronouncement that he fears God, his actions are cast in a positive light. Readers that do not share the assumptions of monarchy can still intelligently engage and learn from Shakespeare's Macbeth or King Lear.

Theological interpretation that engages seriously with the canonical context, as Moberly has defined it, cannot simply adopt or reject the text, but rather is constrained and guided by the canonical context as it weighs the enduring significance of the text Chapter eleven addresses the appeal of Abraham as a figure to promote interfaith dialogue.

Moberly sympathetically exposits Karl-Josef Kuschel's work, Abraham: Essays in Honor of James L. Levenson's position can be summarized in his own words: Among other positive suggestions for how to approach this issue theologically, Moberly puts forward the hospitality of Abraham to the three men in Genesis Chapter twelve, the last of the volume, evaluates if Joseph should be considered wise.

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After entertaining the view that Joseph may be manipulating his brothers in order to torment them and gain some measure of revenge for their actions against him, Moberly thinks there is still value in von Rad and Claus Westermann's reading, which envisions Joseph's actions as reduplicating the situation in which they took advantage of him in order to divine what is in their hearts. That is, through this little deceptive drama Joseph seeks to reveal and prick the consciences of his brothers and thus provide proof that his brothers have really changed.

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