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However, I will be honest. This book is the hottest one out of The Striving Series, hand down! The author was definitely making sure you got the connection between Deb and Mick. This book was emotional just like the rest of the books, but I honestly think it had more happy points and humor than the first two in the series. At the same time it was more suspenseful than I was gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review. At the same time it was more suspenseful than the first two as well.

I love the journey of Dreams that Deb and Mick go on. While this book would probably come second to Striving for Perfection the second in the series.

Nothing To Do With You

It is the perfect ending to The Striving Series. The Epilogue was Perfect!! Her actions leading up to that event haunted her and her already shaky relationship with her family seemed to be buckling under the strain. Keeping the world — and all her relatio Emotional and suspenseful! As her story was tantalizingly revealed, it became clear that Mick, her landlord and unexpected supporter, was there to help her whether she wanted it or not.

She struggled with her actions leading up to the event and with mishaps occurring at the shop she feared even more that the past was not going to let her lead the life she was afraid to hope for. Mick, fighting the bonds of family tradition and legacy, was trying to fulfill his own dream of opening his own restaurant while looking to his own divided family for the support they both needed.

This is the third book in the Striving series and the first book I have read by this author. Deb and Mick were complex characters and I loved the way the point of view seamlessly shifted from one to the other throughout. Both were dealing with family issues and the theme of acceptance was woven into both their lives. The story was well-written and fast-paced as we learned about the past through therapy sessions, inner monologues and both serious and humorous scenes with all the stories characters.

From intense family conversations to seriously hot lovemaking scenes, the author had a deft hand throughout and kept me reading from start to finish in one session.

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I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review. WOW I just finish reading this book, and I am a little sad that this series came to an end, I love the series, love the characters, and love how each book turn out to be, I am so happy that we finally got hear from Deb story, and to read what she really think about, I am gone keep this short and sweet since I don't want to give anything away.

This is the story of Deb, if you had read the first two book In the series, than you me I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review. This is the story of Deb, if you had read the first two book In the series, than you met her, Deb is the older sister of Dennis and Rachel.

After Deb and Drew found themselves in a bad situation, with Drew ex crazy boyfriend, and the man that use Deb to get to Drew, Deb found herself pulling the trigger as self defense, now months after that incident Deb is trying to get her life back together, she got her a flower shop with a very hot and sexy landlord, Mick he is the owner of the building and a former cop, he quit being a cop to make his own dreams of being a chef come true, but he got the idea of getting to know Deb a little more better, and want to know what she afraid of, while they spend more time with each other the feeling get more deep, but she Deb is afraid to fall for him, and Mick is afraid to tell her what his job use to be, will Deb give Mick a chance when she find out what he use to do, or will she let her fears get in the way.

I really love seen how Micks and Deb are with each other, love it how she wants to prove to everyone that she could make it on her own, love it how Mick wants to protect her and be their for her and the Sex Scene are hot.

Striving for Acceptance (Striving #3) by B.L. Mooney

I really love and enjoy reading this book, I love the series and I did not wanted to come to an end, Author B. Deb always felt alone in life, she never felt like she belonged in her family, her marriage was a flop and she got mixed up with one horrendous man who made her feel less than herself. That is until her new leaseholder makes it known that he wants to be in her life I loved me some Mick.

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What a fantastic leading male character. He had all the qualities you look from a good male lead. Protective, sweet, sexy and dominant when he needed to be. Their story started off rocky with Deb needing to be in control, but Mick pushed until her took a little control and had Deb open up to him.

Jessica Before and After: Striving to Accepted

I loved their connection and the genuine feel of it. What made this story all the better was the bit of suspense on what would come from Debs past. It hung over her head like a dark gloomy cloud preventing her from living her life to the fullest. She was scared of what could be taken from her and the ones she let herself love and love her in return. When it finally all came down to it, I did or see it happening in the way it did, but the way it happened proved to Deb that she is not the person she thought herself to be. This is the first book of this series that I have read, but I will read the first two soon.

I enjoyed all the characters and I would like to get their full stories to better understand their characters and the roles they all played in each other's lives.

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ARC Kindle Copy We all are looking to be accepted but sometimes we do things that might be questionable. But can we still strive to be accepted. Deb finds herself killing a man in self defense but it keeps haunting. It was not just any random guy it was the guy who she cheated on despite being married.

A guy who was thrown in jail for pushing his pregnant girlfriend down the stairs and caused her to lose their baby in which he spent four years in prison as she corresponded with him during his impr ARC Kindle Copy We all are looking to be accepted but sometimes we do things that might be questionable. A guy who was thrown in jail for pushing his pregnant girlfriend down the stairs and caused her to lose their baby in which he spent four years in prison as she corresponded with him during his imprisonment.

The ex girlfriend who is now engaged to her brother. A relative new detective out to make a name for himself is bent on reopening the case and charge her with murder threatens her future and cause her to be weary of police. She thinks that any day she will be charged with murder as she goes to therapy to cope with what she done.

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  • Deciding to start a flower shop and do something with her life, she ends up renting space. The landlord happens to be a former police who recently inherited some rental properties. Between them there is attraction as he senses earlier on her dislike of police and does not tell her of his past occupation as the two become close as he prepares to open up a restaurant despite his family of police officers and his father disapproval.

    Learning to accept each other no matter what and that you cannot think to ahead for life throws things when you least expect it. You can only live one day at a time. This story is so compelling and dynamic! I couldn't put it down, even for a second.

    She is straining to move on with her life after everything she's been through. Coping by closing everyone out. Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? His Word is truth. His promises are altogether sure. He is faithful and true. There is not a thing in heaven or on earth that can separate us from His love. There is nothing in the earthly or spiritual realm that can divorce us from His care. There is no created thing including our own rebellious selves that can remove us from Him.

    No man or woman, principality or power can touch you or any blood-bought believer: WHY — because of what you are or what you did? Because you are a good Christian who reads the bible and prays? Because you have done lots of good deeds and witnessed about the Lord? Because you have restrained yourself and tried to follow His good example? So, I had a few dollars and reached in to give it when the Lord said, "You have a dime in the bottom of your purse. I gave it into the offering plate that day. After the service Pastor Jimmy told me that God told him to write this book and he had another publisher in mind.

    But, in the middle of the service, God told him to use me. While I was in my office in my house typing Jimmy's book from audio, I heard my husband open the kitchen door and walk towards my office. I had the door closed and really didn't want to break the momentum, so I whispered, Lord don't let my husband interrupt me until I finish this book. I heard the footsteps come right to the door, then stopped. A few hours passed and I finished typing when I heard the kitchen door open and I heard my husband come in.

    I asked him if he had come in earlier and he had not. God had stationed an angel to guard the door so I could finish this book. Three years have come and gone since that day and we are re-publishing this book with a few different cover options, but the story is the same. This book is from God to you. I pray it helps you to be all that God created you to be.

    God bless you, Theresa J. Nichols Publisher show more. Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.