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Now we weld, again and still with the Millermatic. Each edge gets a tack, and the 4 tacks hold the leaves together for the next step.

How to Make a Steel Rose: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Gloves on, this part gets warm! I boost the heat slightly on the welder, A breeze with the Miller machine. With the TIG, I always have the machine set at 90 amps and control it with the pedal, so here I just kick harder, no need to adjust on the Diversion. Most of the center of the leaf circle is burnt out, and the whole piece is rosette welded to a solid core, joining the leaves to the head of the flower. This rod is put into the vice to be yanked and twisted all over the place. This adds an organic feel to the stem, so that it looks natural.

Thorns are formed by stacking very short beads on the side of the stem. Gloves on for this part! Then buzz it again, but shorter. Or, with the TIG, play with your pedal. Keep your filler melting, but step it back and ramp down the amperage as you do. Now tack the stem to the head and leaves. I generally do a quick tack, then get the gloves on to lay a full bead, welding the stem to the solid slug that we created by welding the head to the stem. Now I cut 3 small leaves out, and texture the entire leaves.

Steel Rose

Imagine removing the outer circle from the iconic peace sign. That is what you are making.

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Each leaf is welded to the 3 tips of that, while the end that is left on its own is burned to the stem. I hope you guys enjoyed looking through this album! As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the camera on this new phone, and if you like my work you can see more on Facebook at www. Thanks for your time!

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  • A step-by-step build of a metal-art steel rose. I hope you like it!;

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How to Make a Metal Rose

After many years of providing investor relations services to public companies in BC, Jon founded Steel Rose Communications in Chris is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in small business management, digital strategy, social media, eCommerce, content creation, coordination, and marketing. Also, the parts needed to be the right size. Finally I found this 5 part model to be easy, and actually nice looking too.

Hammering is easier than it looks. It is important to remember that good result comes from the amount of hits, not from the power. Hitting too hard makes deep grooves, which are hard to fix afterwards. Just a little patience and after a couple hits you can see how steel starts to take its shape.

The leaves...

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