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Always look for the red and white Barber's pole to find a Barber. If you don't know how to cook you will be one of two things: It is imperative to know how to cook steak, eggs , chicken, pork , bacon, and fish. Those foods should be your staple foods and you can add things like potatoes, vegetables, rice, and other foods that require cooking.

Fast food equals fast fat on your belly. If the waiter brings you the wrong food tell them. If the cook made your order wrong tell them. Never be shy to get what you paid for. If your woman asks you what you want for dinner you always answer. You will want to get the best possible price on the cars and houses you buy.

Never pay the asking price unless it's a steal and always try to negotiate the best possible price. Always pay cash money. An offer with cash in hand is often irresistible. Always understand what political correctness is based on: People are not all the same. Black is not white. Woman is not man. Gay is not straight. Travel does not inherently make you a better person but it gives you life experience and a chance to see how the rest of the world lives.

It will give you stories to tell for years to come. Don't tie yourself down with an un-affordable mortgage, don't tie yourself down with a job making others richer, never tie yourself down with immense credit card or student loan debt. If you can't pay cash, wait and save up until you can.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. First of all I am really excited to find out that my father taught me most of those and the rest I learned from reading your blog posts. I turned into a sunken, submissive, depressed loser who only ever played video games, ate junk food and stared at the ground.

Even though the Internet was responsible for a lot of false beliefs, it was responsible for completely transforming me. I cleaned up my act, started being social, started dating, started eating properly, started working out, started recording music. Being masculine makes a man happy. But I got lucky. The Internet was my father figure, and luckily it steered me in the right direction.

What you can do is raise a son the right way, and if you know a kid without a masculine father figure — become him. You just happened to have the smarts to learn the right things from the net. But I grew up with a lot of male figures in my life and I had the goal of joining the military since junior high. Since then, I was always into martial arts and fitness.

I see how you feel. I am a black man. Sometimes he was a man and sometimes he was weak. He taught me a few things, but the Internet helped me the most.

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Discrimination ironically saved my life as you had mentioned earlier. The Internet taught me that. I became a man because of the Internet. For the first time I do disagree with you on something. I find that not believing in a higher power actually makes you work harder. It also takes away the false safety net for when you need an excuse or are feeling down. I said nothing about looking to religion for moral support. When I say higher power I mean that life has a purpose.

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But you did mention Atheism is nihilistic. Which I disagree as this is not true. I agree with rest of your stuff and other articles I have read here so far. Would be interested in knowing more on your modafinil experiences. Just curious what is your stand on Gay, Lesbians and Trans? There is no more nihilistic outlook than atheism.

Our world is en route already to that destiny and its fruits show stagnation, ruin, next stop mass slaughter…. How blind does one need to be in order to believe a building can build itself from nothingness…. No one really knows and nobody really gives a f ck. When we look at history, all we see is religious wars.

Fifty Things I Want My Son To Know: Roger Rueff: Books

When we look at the present we still see wars going on because of religion. I think that you need to take a better look at history and the present. Sibylla — You exist because God existed before you and made all things. Who made your parents? I seem to have had a similar experience to you. Sometimes it makes me rage and punch the wall, but there is nothing I can do about the past, only the future. I want to raise a Son, I want to do a good job and give him what I never got.

This is my mission in life, at least right now. As for Body of a Spartan. Currently only eating a single evening meal and feeling great. I do my best work on a empty stomach. What I do lately is cook 10 lbs of pork ribs and eat them throughout 2 or 3 days. Coat the ribs with a little sea salt, shao kao seasoning chinese bbq , cook at for 50 minutes, let cool, eat and enjoy. They taste even better as leftovers. Been thinking along this vein for awhile now, since my boy just turned 7. I was raised without a dad around, and it really messed me up for a long time.

My mom did her best, but she was small in stature and prone to worrying too much about what people at her church thought, so I grew up afraid to stand up for myself. The coach sucks and none of the kids on the team are having fun — just a negative experience all around. What a great post Victor! My favorites are 9, 10 and 18 but all should be taughts to our future men!

Very painful to watch. I did not have a father so I had to learn most of these points by experience, thanks for all this writing, Victor. This is what kids need to learn to make a better society. I would add this, if you dont have a father, go to the army, that what I did when I was 15 and learnt most of what you wrote here. The medical office I got checked out in practically had a gay memorial, flag and all.

The item number 12 is so wrong. Tell your son to always weare a condom that sould be number Whie that might be true you seem to imply that every unprotected sex act resutls in AIDS which is far from true. A father needs to teach his son how to dress in a neat masculine way. Otherwise he will end up following gay trends or dressing like a total slob.

My thoughts are that I have been a father figure for so many young, poor boys and I love them more than myself. I am only 19 but I draw inspiration from the fact that my father is not a strong, confident man and he only taught me how to work. I am lacking, but I have time and energy to spare. I think when I adopt my future sons they will have the best parts of me.

I remember when I got into kid fights- my dad would give me hi five while helping me hide it from mom. By eight I could camp , had survival training, shoot a variety of weapons, cook, swim, ride bike and horse. I could play sport and as my father was in the army was able to defend myself if necessary. I actively encourage my son to participate in most of the above activities, age appropriate , and as you can see am still researching areas that I may miss owing to my gender.

I am concerned then that you feel that us single mums allow our sons to be sissys as you put it. I did not choose this. My husband had mental health issues and left us both. It takes a strong individual of either sex to successfully raise a child alone and labelling all single mums the same is damaging to both their credibility and all our sons futures. Tomorrow I will be teaching my son sword fighting. And how to make a pie. I will not be teaching him to hate anyone though.

Single mothers should be listed on a domestic terrorist list. As much as you think you are helping your son, you are permanently damaging him. Making him into a psychopath, the best thing you could have done for him was to give your sons father a daily blow job. Rachel is being a great mother and whether or not it ruins her son depends on what kind of person he is. No matter how he was raised he will still be different and that a good thing. Im 21 and I currently struggle with the mother on my daughter. Ive Had An Abusive Mother and now i have an abusive girlfriend.

I questioned myself for a long time after that night but this post has confirmed that to be true to myself I made the right decision to get the f k out. Still some points to learn …. My Son is gonna be lucky..!! This is the very first time I have been to this site. The title of the post caught my attention as i have my first child, and he is 8 months old.

I will subscribe to the site, and thank you for posting this. So is this just for white parents, or do you feel there are other races which have reason to teach their kids to be proud? Are there any stereotypes about white people that other races should be willing to use to prejudge whites? Considering global demographics, these are questions to which a lot of fathers could probably use answers.

Look forward to your feedback! Makes me appreciate what a great job Dad did. Would add a few: Here is the sad twist. My dad raised me like most of those points. Which made me tough. However this is effecting me raising my now 6 yearold.

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Iam too hard on him and will eventually break his personality if I did not change. He is a stubborn kid which makes our battles more often. My ponit is there is a certain age and maturity level for each of the above. And the level is set by your son.

I am from india…. Always pull out early. A Father should also teach his son on how to take care of a car or know how to drive a stick. When I was four, my dad taught me how to throw a right cross and follow up with a left hook. In fifth grade some fatass bully tried to bully me into giving him some money. He never came back to that school after that day. Props to my dad, one of the greatest guys I have ever known, who taught me that a solid punch is the only way to deal with those fuckers called bullies.

Recently I took him to London Eye where he could see the city from up high. Little treats like these help to broaden the horizon so they can think big when they grow up. Another great post VP.

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Just wanna input on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the subject material is real excellent. Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.

Fifty Things I Want My Son To Know

He just really needs someone there for him. Should I teach him since i have 3 brothers and I know what he needs to learn or what should I do someone please help me. Unless you are his wife, you are the last person that should be training him in the ways of being a man. You teaching him these things would be emasculating for him. Sneak out later to meet her. Never criticize a book, play, or film unless you have read or seen it yourself. Art is full of suprises. Believe it or not, a museum is a great place to beat a hangover.

Dance with your partner, not at her.

11 Things I Want My Son to Learn from ’80s Movies

Be cool to the younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime. Drive across the country. When singing karaoke, choose a song within your range. Read before bed every night. A book every two weeks is a good goal. Choose a window seat and enjoy the view. There is always something that could use a fresh coat of paint.

If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on. Have a favorite song. God created you to serve your generation like no one in the universe has ever served before. Be the guy who steps up to the plate to do hard things and uses his power to empower those around him. Our world needs more boys like YOU. What lessons and values are you instilling your son — or would you instill if you had a son? Thanks for reading this article today. Finally, I have two speaking events in October that are open to the public. It starts at I love all the bits of wisdom i would add help others around you by volunteering and helping those in need we feel gratitude empowerment and use our gifts and talents to build our family school community.

Citizenship is part of the little league mission statement and it is part of our mission in life to give our boys purpose as well as our girls. Hi Kari, Love this article and think you hit it out of the park. We have three sons and one girl. Our first two are at Samford and we have two teenage boys still at home. I really like protector not predator. Much better for the dad to read many parts of it.

Boys need to be encouraged to see the good around them and to be positive. Loving them well means teaching them to be independent. Forgiveness is vital; receive it and give it! Teach them to be conversational. I loved the quote about one boy, two boys….. And how many times have I been trampled by them rough housing in our king bed. Having a son who is a rising junior and on the cusp of becoming a young adult, I find profound truth in your insights. The boy of today indeed becomes the man of tomorrow in all too short a window. It is such a high calling to raise a son to be a strong, loving, morally sound man of faith and character, who will one day become a husband and head of family.

Thank you for sharing this! I would add to be kind, tender, strong particularly in moral strength , discrete, forgiving, merciful, loving, joyful, peaceable, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, self-controlled.

52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

I have a son going off to college in the Fall of There are so many things I want to tell him that he can take with him. I want to actually print pages out and send these words off with him to college. First off I would say put God first, have values, and be a leader in a good way.

Have compassion and be the one who motivates others to achieve. In helping others we help ourselves. Be strong and focused and pray a lot when you need answers and guidance. Thanks for sharing this it is great…. God is the only reason why!