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Tales Series Colette from Tales of Symphonia gains a pair of fully functional wings after the first dungeon Lloyd, Kratos and Zelos also are shown to have them by the late game , but never seems to think to use them to fly across gorges to hit switches, get to out of the way treasure chests, or climb over an Insurmountable Waist-High Fence , except for a few random cutscenes where she suddenly remembers she can fly. Speaking of Tales games, Tales of Phantasia had a witch-like character who could use a flying broom. There are a couple situations where it's used to fly up such as getting treasure chests too far to reach and avoid a dungeon that the other characters have to go through , though none that would desperately call for it.

Several chests are blocked away on islands over bottomless pits or hot magma. The only way to get to them is by leading a party with Arche, the above Cute Witch , or Calo in the Witch or Arche costumes. And no, you can't do it with Collette or her costume. It remained on the ground, firing only its main gun. To add injury to insult, there's a spot on the map where Snake can stand and hit the Hind but it can't hit him.

MOBA game League of Legends , which is played at ground level, nevertheless has a champion that is a bird, two champions with wings one of which flying , a levitating champion, and even one piloting a helicopter; with the appropriate skin, he turns into a Red Baron biplane or flying saucer. These can all be attacked with melee weapons from the ground. As a double whammy, the bird is the slowest champion in the game. Averted somewhat in Grand Theft Auto: Early in the story, Pit leaps with a boost from Mario towards the airborne Ancient Minister and falls when he misses.

It looks like a case of Cutscene Incompetence and Acrophobic Bird, but it's not. Pit normally can't fly, unless he is powered by Palutena, and then it's only for 5 minutes at a time. Of course, that makes one wonder why she didn't help and why he can fly when controlled by the player. Later on, Meta Knight subverts this by actually flying up high, and then immediately averted when the Ancient Minister shoots a dead-accurate laser shot right through Meta Knight's wing, forcing him to land and tend to it.

Meta Knight actually seems to flip-flop in cutscenes. He also flies through narrow indoor corridors, where you'd think running would be easier due to the size of his wingspan. Lastly, rather than flying up the entire way to the Halberd, he chooses instead to climb and leap up a mountain. Flying animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 , such as the secretary bird, may fly around, but it never occurs to them to cross their exhibit fences.

In Banjo-Kazooie , Kazooie can't fly until you specifically gain the ability from Bottles, and even then, it's only in specific places. In Tooie , she has to gain the ability to glide and doesn't get it until fairly late. She's a reasonably fast runner, though. Flying units in Super Robot Wars can be intentionally moved along the ground by the players in case they need terrain bonuses, like, say, make a unit move into a forest to increase chances to evade.

This is useful because most of the ground enemies can attack even if your units are in the air. Torment , Fall-From-Grace is a succubus with leathery wings. Though rather squishy in melee combat and a gifted spellcaster, she never thinks to take flight either to escape a bad combat or to simply find a safe place to cast spells. Likewise, when pursuing the player, the gargoyle-like abishai never unfurl their wings and use their flight speed to keep up.

They walk after a player who can run, enabling the player to evade them pretty easily. Similarly, Dragons in Baldur's Gate never take flight, even as things start to go south for them. Dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim do fly, but conveniently land within reach of a sword every once in a while, and never fly away from a battle unless the player shows no intention to fight.

The Dragonrend shout serves almost exclusively to force a dragon to land so melee based characters can fight them. Of course, this could be justified as it's established ingame that fleeing from a battle is considered shameful to dragons as evidenced by Odahviing's reasoning for betraying Alduin for the Dragonborn , as well as the dragon's arrogance in their superiority over the mortal races. Somewhat unusually averted in The Witcher 3. Flying enemies generally circle out of range and make swooping attacks, forcing the player to use a crossbow or magic or very good timing with sword swings to knock them out of the sky so they can be killed.

Some bosses will even fly off and try to escape if the fight is going badly for them. In Sly Cooper , several of the enemies encountered by the player are birds. Some of them, like the dodos, cannot fly. However, there are others , such as vultures, herons or pigeons, that can do it, yet all of them prefer to fall to their deaths if knocked out from high places or into the water, instead of just coming back flying.

The Fire Emblem series has units with flying mounts like Pegasi or Wyverns, as well as some characters who flat out have wings of their own. While these characters do use their gift of flight to freely negotiate terrain, none of them seem to think of using it to attack from above and, instead, will hover just above ground level so the enemy can hit them. Particularly egregious if the ground-based enemy is the one initiating the attack and the unit is in no condition to fight. A subversion appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn , in which one chapter has a battle take place in the sky.

At one point in Jurassic Park: The Game , the rescue team are in a helicopter and are trying to get out of range of the Tyrannosaurus. Yoder simply backs away from her rather than flying directly up. The two villains set up obstacles to slow down the heroes, but there is one problem with this picture. They're all in aircraft! Batman and Robin could have easily flown over all of the obstacles, but they didn't. Any and all of the various flying and occasionally climbing characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise have probably been subject to this at some point, in and out of the games.

Granted, the thing that's after them may be very tall and flying isn't as fast as running , but in some cases, it's just strange. If you're playing as Tails, the game doesn't let you fly over the slow-moving boulder! Nezahuapilli, a Winged Humanoid , from Granblue Fantasy has a severe fear of heights because he fell out of a tree as a child.

He feels that this makes him unworthy of claiming the title of the Winged King. For Overwatch , an animated short called The Last Bastion shows two fighters perform close air support in the desperate battle to defend Stuttgart, but they fly lower than that role necessitates especially against an enemy horde full of Bastion robots that can can serve as antiair platforms, and one indeed goes down in flames , and the camera immediately pans to the dropships deploying the Bastions, which would be far more suitable targets. The various flying enemies throughout the Fallout franchise, such as bloatflies, cazadores, and stingwings never bother to fly above about head-level.

Averted in El Goonish Shive. Nanase is shown to hover occasionally while talking much to the annoyance of her physics teacher.

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When Grace is in her Omega Form , she often hovers. However, when she mopped herself into a corner, it took her a moment to realize to remember she could do this in her defense, she had only recently learned about her Omega Form. Averted in Bob and George , even though it's only jumping, not flying. Wapsi Square 's Atsali is a Siren with acrophobia. In The Bird Feeder 38 , "Look out! Later, in 44 , "Sleeping Get on the bird Get on the fucking bird! The Critic wonders why, if Tails could fly, he doesn't just pick up Sonic and get them out of danger. Starshine, a superheroine from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe , often sniped at villains from a seemingly unassailable height having both super-acute sight and a laser blast with no effective range limit.

The one time she fought a villain who could match her for accuracy and range, however, she forgot she could gain altitude going into orbit, if necessary The title character of Nukie tries to reach his brother in America despite the fact that he is stranded on Africa. Both of them are aliens who are capable of flying as the reviewer, The Cinema Snob , repeatedly points out, which would end the movie rather quickly.

When Nukie finally suggests flying, the Snob's reaction is amazing to behold. Looney Tunes It's especially and extremely evident in any Tweety and Sylvester cartoon. Granted, the earliest incarnation of Tweety was colored pink because he was supposed to be a baby bird and thus unable to fly. His color change came about due to censorship , not any implications of him growing older. I'm like a bird! Wait, I am a bird. However guaranteed it may be that the Road Runner will elude whatever traps Wile E. Coyote sets, it's never because the bird remembers he can fly.

Nor does the Coyote ever take the Road Runner's ability to fly into account, when designing said traps. He shoots up into the air, says he's the first of his kind to fly There's also a Woody Woodpecker cartoon where Woody falls from a great height, starts flying , and admits, " Hey, I forgot I was a bird! War for Cybertron — Silverbolt, leader of the Aerialbots, is terrified of heights. In the cartoon, the Aerialbots were built on Cybertron out of the remains of old craft, with Silverbolt being built from a low-altitude shuttle, whose limitations were apparently carried over by Vector Sigma into Silverbolt's personality.

Optimus Prime named him leader of the group to help keep his mind off of his weakness though it may also be due to Silverbolt having the most level-headed personality among the Aerialbots, and being the only one of them to inherently respect other, weaker lifeforms such as humans.

Even worse off is the Autobot Triple Changer Broadside , whose alt-modes are jet fighter and aircraft carrier. Not only is he acrophobic, but he gets seasick on the water. Rescue Bots , Blades, who transforms into a helicopter, has a similar fear of heights. In addition, the majority of the Decepticons in the original series could fly. However, they still chose to run on foot most of the time, even in the title scene — in which the seekers transform out of their jet modes, land on the ground, and then rush the Autobots with guns blazing.

Of course, Starscream doesn't require much provocation to high-tail it out of there and make use of his aerial superiority. Transformers shows feature a number of instances when characters who are able to fly simply fall off a ledge anyway. Examples include the Decepticons falling into lava at the end of the episode Heavy Metal War , the Dinobots among them Swoop, a flying robot-Pterosaur falling into a tar pit in the two parter Dinobot Island , and various flight-capable Beast Wars characters doing the same, even when their flight gear is seemingly undamaged Terrorsaur, in fact, dies this way.

The Powerpuff Girls In episode "Cootie Gras", the girls are trapped in a pit with a boy they think is afflicted with the terrible disease of "cooties".

They run around in the pit, trying to dodge the cootie boy attempting to kiss them, never once attempting to fly and only doing so after they realize Cooties isn't really anything and let him have the kisses he was so eager for. In another episode, Buttercup is being chased by the townspeople because she refused to take a bath. The chase scene was really intense, with Buttercup rushing through the woods, and suddenly, she stops and realises "Duh, I can fly.

Lampshaded and played for laughs in Drawn Together. Captain Hero frequently stays in bad situations his superpowers could get him out of for various reasons. He points out that, while they were in a helicopter about to crash to death, that he could easily save them. Sadly, he can't as he is addicted to drugs. The Series , there is at least one episode where Aladdin repeatedly tries to tell Genie to shape shift into a bird and carry them away, and Genie just doesn't get it. But then, Genie carried a chronic Idiot Ball in that entire series much less so in the movies. Classic Disney Shorts In the Donald Duck short Good Time for a Dime , Donald briefly tries to fly away from a rogue airplane ride, but it ends up not working at all, and he still plummets.

In Alpine Climbers , Donald must rescue Mickey from an angry eagle it's a little hard not to be on her side as Mickey was stealing her eggs.

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He flies by spinning his tailfeathers like a propeller! If hallucinations count, Donald is actually shown flying in one later scene in The Three Caballeros , but he is flying like a hummingbird rather than like a duck. In Teen Titans , Beast Boy seems to forget that he can change into a flying creature to get out of trouble notably in the first episode with Mad Mod. Much of this is played for laughs or can be explained by remembering that Beast Boy isn't the brightest tool in the shed. Although, he DID outright state once or twice that his biggest issue was thinking which creature would actually be the most beneficial to a situation Hence why him turning into a giant, heavy beast when on unstable footing was usually comedy relief.

On occasion, he has tried to fly away and promptly been shot down by a ray-gun, force-field, or what-have-you. He also mentions at one point that transforming into a flying animal is very tiring. In Ruby Gloom , Scaredy Bat has a fear of heights. This is mostly Played for Laughs , though. Lampshaded in an episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law , when Harvey wishes he had some way to just fly away while standing in a prison yard The Last Airbender is frequently forced to dodge projectiles launched from catapults that couldn't be reaching heights of more than a couple hundred meters instead of just staying out of their range.

Superman tends to forget he can fly in Justice League , whenever he is fighting a ground-based foe like Solomon Grundy or Darkseid. The latter at least has the almost never-missing Omega Beams to make it so that keeping his distance via flight wouldn't really make Superman any safer. The most ridiculous example is in "War World", in which he is captured by Mongul and forced to fight Draaga, another alien, against his will.

Despite making it very clear that he doesn't want to fight, Superman never thinks to just fly out of Draaga's reach and stay there. Rigby abuses a forbidden kung-fu technique and ends up sending Mordecai and himself to a pit that's steadily filling with lava. After the two wail and moan and blame each other for their situation, Mordecai says he was smart enough to learn a way to escape, and uses another forbidden kung-fu technique to fly to safety.

This is the only instance in which Mordecai has been able to fly, despite being a bird specifically a blue jay, a species perfectly capable of flying. Friendship Is Magic , who really is acrophobic — Spike even questions why a pegasus would be scared of heights. In her case, it's an extension of her fear of everything. Rainbow Dash, meanwhile, just seems to have an easier time maneuvering forward instead of up. Taylor Brandon's enthusiasm, contagious energy, and charisma, have already proved quite popular during guest readings and on Martha Stewart's television show.

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The Fish Who Couldn't Swim! The Hyena Who Wouldn't Laugh! Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Upside Down Animals Book 9 Nov 11, Available for download now. Upside Down Animals Book 4 Mar 15, Upside Down Animals Book 16 Mar 15, The Penguin Who Disliked the Cold!: Upside Down Animals Book 15 Mar 15, Kakorrhaphiophobia- Fear of failure or defeat.

Katagelophobia- Fear of ridicule. Kathisophobia- Fear of sitting down. Katsaridaphobia- Fear of cockroaches. Kenophobia- Fear of voids or empty spaces. Keraunophobia or Ceraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning. Astraphobia, Astrapophobia Kinetophobia or Kinesophobia- Fear of movement or motion. Kleptophobia- Fear of stealing.

Koinoniphobia- Fear of rooms. Kolpophobia- Fear of genitals, particularly female. Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue. Koniophobia- Fear of dust. Amathophobia Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon. Kymophobia- Fear of waves. Cymophobia Kynophobia- Fear of rabies. Kyphophobia- Fear of stooping. Laliophobia or Lalophobia- Fear of speaking. Leprophobia or Lepraphobia- Fear of leprosy. Leukophobia- Fear of the color white. Levophobia- Fear of things to the left side of the body. Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises.

Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. Limnophobia- Fear of lakes. Linonophobia- Fear of string. Liticaphobia- Fear of lawsuits. Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth. Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers. Logophobia- Fear of words. Luiphobia- Fear of lues, syphillis. Lutraphobia- Fear of otters. Lygophobia- Fear of darkness. Lyssophobia- Fear of rabies or of becoming mad. Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking. Maieusiophobia- Fear of childbirth. Malaxophobia- Fear of love play.

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  6. Sarmassophobia Maniaphobia- Fear of insanity. Mastigophobia- Fear of punishment. Mechanophobia- Fear of machines. Medomalacuphobia- Fear of losing an erection. Medorthophobia- Fear of an erect penis. Megalophobia- Fear of large things. Melissophobia- Fear of bees. Melanophobia- Fear of the color black. Melophobia- Fear or hatred of music. Meningitophobia- Fear of brain disease. Menophobia- Fear of menstruation. Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up. Metallophobia- Fear of metal. Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes. Meteorophobia- Fear of meteors.

    Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol. Metrophobia- Fear or hatred of poetry. Microbiophobia- Fear of microbes. Bacillophobia Microphobia- Fear of small things. Misophobia or Mysophobia- Fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs. Mnemophobia- Fear of memories. Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia- Fear of dirt or contamination. Monophobia- Fear of solitude or being alone. Monopathophobia- Fear of definite disease.

    Motorphobia- Fear of automobiles. Mottephobia- Fear of moths. Musophobia or Muriphobia- Fear of mice. Mycophobia- Fear or aversion to mushrooms. Mycrophobia- Fear of small things. Myctophobia- Fear of darkness. Myrmecophobia- Fear of ants. Mythophobia- Fear of myths or stories or false statements. Myxophobia- Fear of slime. Homichlophobia Necrophobia- Fear of death or dead things.

    Nelophobia- Fear of glass. Neopharmaphobia- Fear of new drugs. Neophobia- Fear of anything new. Nephophobia- Fear of clouds. Noctiphobia- Fear of the night. Nomatophobia- Fear of names. Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals. Nosophobia or Nosemaphobia- Fear of becoming ill. Nostophobia- Fear of returning home. Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother. Nucleomituphobia- Fear of nuclear weapons. Nudophobia- Fear of nudity. Numerophobia- Fear of numbers.

    Nyctohylophobia- Fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night Nyctophobia- Fear of the dark or of night. Pocrescophobia Ochlophobia- Fear of crowds or mobs. Ochophobia- Fear of vehicles. Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8. Odontophobia- Fear of teeth or dental surgery. Odynophobia or Odynephobia- Fear of pain. Algophobia Oenophobia- Fear of wines. Oikophobia- Fear of home surroundings, house. Domatophobia, Eicophobia Olfactophobia- Fear of smells. Ombrophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on. Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia- Fear of eyes. Omphalophobia- Fear of belly buttons.

    Oneirophobia- Fear of dreams. Oneirogmophobia- Fear of wet dreams. Onomatophobia- Fear of hearing a certain word or of names. Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes. Snakephobia Ophthalmophobia- Fear of being stared at. Opiophobia- Fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients. Optophobia- Fear of opening one's eyes.

    Ornithophobia- Fear of birds. Orthophobia- Fear of property. Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia- Fear of smells or odors. Ostraconophobia- Fear of shellfish. Ouranophobia or Uranophobia- Fear of heaven. Panthophobia- Fear of suffering and disease. Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything.

    Papaphobia- Fear of the Pope. Papyrophobia- Fear of paper. Paralipophobia- Fear of neglecting duty or responsibility. Paraphobia- Fear of sexual perversion. Parasitophobia- Fear of parasites. Paraskavedekatriaphobia- Fear of Friday the 13th. Parthenophobia- Fear of virgins or young girls.

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    Pathophobia- Fear of disease. Patroiophobia- Fear of heredity. Parturiphobia- Fear of childbirth. Peccatophobia- Fear of sinning or imaginary crimes.

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    Pediculophobia- Fear of lice. Pediophobia- Fear of dolls. Pedophobia- Fear of children. Peladophobia- Fear of bald people.

    Acrophobic Bird

    Pellagrophobia- Fear of pellagra. Peniaphobia- Fear of poverty. Pentheraphobia- Fear of mother-in-law. Novercaphobia Phagophobia- Fear of swallowing or of eating or of being eaten. Phalacrophobia- Fear of becoming bald. Phallophobia- Fear of a penis, esp erect. Pharmacophobia- Fear of taking medicine.

    Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts. Phengophobia- Fear of daylight or sunshine. Philemaphobia or Philematophobia- Fear of kissing. Philophobia- Fear of falling in love or being in love. Philosophobia- Fear of philosophy. Phobophobia- Fear of phobias. Photoaugliaphobia- Fear of glaring lights. Photophobia- Fear of light.

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    Phonophobia- Fear of noises or voices or one's own voice; of telephones. Phronemophobia- Fear of thinking. Phthiriophobia- Fear of lice. Pediculophobia Phthisiophobia- Fear of tuberculosis. Placophobia- Fear of tombstones. Plutophobia- Fear of wealth. Pluviophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on. Pneumatiphobia- Fear of spirits. Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia- Fear of choking of being smothered.

    Pocrescophobia- Fear of gaining weight. Obesophobia Pogonophobia- Fear of beards. Poliosophobia- Fear of contracting poliomyelitis. Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians. Polyphobia- Fear of many things. Poinephobia- Fear of punishment. Ponophobia- Fear of overworking or of pain. Porphyrophobia- Fear of the color purple. Potamophobia- Fear of rivers or running water. Potophobia- Fear of alcohol. Pharmacophobia- Fear of drugs.

    Proctophobia- Fear of rectums. Prosophobia- Fear of progress. Psellismophobia- Fear of stuttering. Psychophobia- Fear of mind. Psychrophobia- Fear of cold. Pteromerhanophobia- Fear of flying. Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers. Pupaphobia - Fear of puppets. Pyrexiophobia- Fear of Fever. Pyrophobia- Fear of fire. Quadriplegiphobia- fear of quadriplegics or fear of becoming a quadriplegic. Quintaphobia- fear of the number five. Ranidaphobia- Fear of frogs.

    Rectophobia- Fear of rectum or rectal diseases. Rhabdophobia- Fear of being severely punished or beaten by a rod, or of being severely criticized. Also fear of magic.