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Despite the fact that 11 years passed since my former partner left me, I still love him I am not in love with him anymore, but I still love him; it took me 7 years and a lot of hard work to stop being in love with him. I also know what it means to truly love somebody and to be deeply loved in return. Furthermore, my parents are married for almost 46 years now and they are still in love with each other. I had a few friends who were married for decades and they loved each other and were in love with each other their entire life.

From my experiences and my observation in life, if you truly love somebody, you will never stop loving them. And why you are in love with them the entire time, what makes you love them? Occasionally I will see him looking at my mum and asking her: Even if he gets upset or annoyed, or gets lost in his work or is late or forgets things and makes me feel disappointed or whatever is going on, when I look at him I see the loving person he is in his heart.

And I know that I can trust him, I know he would never purposely do anything to hurt me, and if occasionally I feel disappointed, I know it is not him, it is just the situation we are in. It is the month of Ramadan and the schedules are pretty tight. Sleeping every day at around 11 pm and waking up again at 3 am is tiring and exhaustive. Cooking in the afternoon for Iftar sometimes robs the afternoon nap and leaves me deprived of sleep. My arms frantically patted beside me looking out for husband!

Worried; I swiftly jumped out of my bed to find him curled up on the floor with only a pillow! It turns out, he woke up at 3. Instead, he went ahead and filled-in my absence in the kitchen and served food to the family. And when he returned to sleep after finishing his prayers, he bunked on the floor instead of the bed being worried that creating any sort of disturbance might eventually wake me up from my sleep!

This extremely understanding and selfless nature of my darling husband makes me fall in love with him, all over again. I would like to start from a recent experience-. Recentky We had been to Jaipur, Rajasthan. So we decided to take a round of the pink city in an open rickshaw. We approached to the one who had an open rickshaw. It took us nearly around half an hour to reach but the experience was awesome. The smile on the old man's face is what made me fall in love with my husband once again ….

She was not begging rather requesting in her own way. In return people were saying no to her as usual it happens most often de. She came to us and approached us with eyes full of hopes. My husband told her that he won't give her money rather get her one day's grocery for her family and if it's ok then she can say yes. She happily agreed, took the groceries and left with as many prayers and blessing she could offer. My husband said money can be misused if given to her but the items can only fill their empty stomachs… he winked and I fell for him time and again.

These are just two small incidents, there are many such incidents which always make me respect him and love him more and more. He is a generous soul with a heart full of kindness, compression and love. In his family he is considered as a careless and irresponsibl forgetful fellow but I know when it comes to me he is the most responsible and caring person I have ever known. He knows when to do what.

Even if he is busy or even if he doesn't want to do certain things but for me he does so. Just to make me feel good and that too without my knowledge just in a natural way he does everything. Love is not about what you say, it's what you do and how you do…. The best that has ever happened to me is this person… and from him I have learnt, out of many, one good thing that- The joy of Giving. Very little things which won my heart and because of which I can fall in love with him again and again:.

We are getting married at the end of this year. We are together from one year and yes it's an arrange marriage. Me and my wife dated for 10 years since school days and then married in We were in same class but different sections. I came to know about her in 10th class from my friends who were attending a coaching with her and that was the first time I saw my queen while I am writing, memories refreshed: A girl with sheer innocence, beautiful dimple-smile and very jolly nature. We became friends over daily leg-pulling in science labs, coaching, class etc in 11th class when we were in same section.

I still remember how I was too eager to go to school just to get a glimpse of her beautiful smile, when our batchmates skipped school to prepare for competitive exams or board exams. Fast forward, here is a list of things what makes me fall in love with her again and again:. Somethings are very personal but if they have the ability to change lives, they must be shared. I was born wheatish in a punjabi family where its a crime, a serious crime. When I met my now husband then friend i was in a huge despora of self bashing and unlike everyone i concidered it to be my fault being dark.

Luied comments were passed, racist talks happened, despite I being of the colour majority of Indian are of. But for him, I was just what I was from inside, someone who could conquer, someone very fearless but only if given wings.

7 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Long-Time Partner

Not only did I came out of that depression, I no longer needed anyone's validation for what I was. I was absorbed in self love. He is milk white, he was critized for marrying me but the held me, stood by me like a rock always. Try to be with people who give you wings to fly, who can accept you with all your faults. Who love you for what you are inside.

These are the people who actually uplift you. Never let them go.

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Also, where we celebrate the coming of a goddess who is represented in dark hues Maa Durga and our main fiery Lord Krishna is also dark, why hate dark people then. And winning her heart everyday just makes it more special. But what exactly it takes to do that. To melt a woman's heart, to make her fall for you. Well it's a gentlemanly thing, and kind of difficult, but if you are loyal by heart and love her truly, she is surely going to be yours, whether it's sooner or later. So this time around, we are talking about 10 things men do to make their girl's heart melt and love them even more-.

A life full of surprises, who wouldn't fall for that? And if you are that guy who loves giving surprises to his partner then you are the man! Bigger surprises are seldom not costly, and lack originality. Though equally necessary, it's the small surprises of daily life which make her day. Make a portrait of her. Or keep her a lovely nickname. Perhaps plan the future. Help her in household chores.

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Buy a small gift, such as a pendent for her. Wish her morning in a different way. Or take her outside for dinner. And see her joy knowing no bounds. Is she having cold? Or is unable to sleep? Just sit beside her or take her on call and read some nice little story for her. And in no time, you two will be lost in the dreams of each other. And the mornings, they are just going to be ever more memorable. Coming late from the office. Sitting on the couch and resting. Heads towards to kitchen to prepare dinner.

Yeah, the former one might be you, and the latter one is her. Just go to the kitchen, hold her hands, appreciate her, and try your hands at cooking with her. Or cut the veggies. Or cook the veggies. And your daily curry and bread is just going to taste so different. Is it her birthday? So why a present? Well because everyone gives presents on such days. But you are not everyone, you got to make your girl feel special.

Someday come home with her favorite necklace. Ask her to turn behind, close her eyes with your hands and present her the present. And the smile on her face, her overjoyed reaction, and that tight hug she will give you, it's gonna make your day and add a new spark to your love life. For more Things which your partner all in love with you can check here. Ask New Question Sign In.

Run containers with industry leading price-performance. Learn More at try. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answered Jul 4, We are in LDR. We meet once in a month and spend two days and a night together. During those nights sometimes he used to ask me to sing a song or play some song so that he can sleep. He falls asleep in seconds. He being very independent, strong and a carefree charm, dozes off wrapping around my waist with his head against my chest.

Those beautifully curved eyelashes he has got. The way his jaws drops, a bit. The way he catches every breath with a slight tone. Wow those few minutes are the best that makes me doubt if it were the same guy who took over me and made me feel unimaginably horny an hour back. I turn over protective that I make sure his feet and ears are covered in sheet as he gets cold very easily. That very moment when he turns into an innocent child from a tall, responsible man!! I fall for him.

And recently he said he feels very safe sleeping beside me and that puzzled me as he is not at all sensitive in sleep to know how protective i am towards him He kissing my feet. I would not even make a face as if it makes me feel anything special. I would just smile but hey i would be at the top of the world.

He speaking about others. He never speaks ill about anyone. He seems a bit more taller that moment or i just fall deeper with him. He has the best smile in the world i bet you. Sometimes when our people tease us he gets to blush Im still debating with myself if its an illusion that he gets pink cheeks. When he is drunk he gives a craziest smile of all the time saying he would drink only little more.

When he feels loved, OMG i somersault in my head seeing that smile. We sing together while riding in bike. My heart catch hold of him when he sings wrong with confidence, just with me: I am terrible at dancing and sports. But when i happen to do any of it before people, He will be the first person to say i did great and say its ok if i lost the game probably the last: I never wanted to find out if he was only trying to make me comfortable.

Instead i would just smile as such incidents reminds me my dad who believed i got all power in the world. I need to share everything that happens in a day with him. I do it literally!! This has been a habit for me since we were friends. I fall for him for the way he trusts me.

Even before explaining about how i befriended some guy i met online, he would say,"I know you, no need for explanation". He makes sure i walk in the path i choose and catch me if i ever trip down. I fall every single time when he massages my feet out of no where. Sometimes when he stops the bike and i would feel his hands on both my legs massaging, even with people around. I fall every time when he waits for my permission to go one more step ahead in bed. He cannot touch me even if he badly wants to if its a no for me. He would not even notice. Even if he does, he would call me insane for smiling alone trust me he gives a puzzled look.

That is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

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I can go on listing forever. Learn something new in just 5 minutes a day. Get smarter with 5-minute lessons delivered to your inbox every morning. Get started for free! Learn More at gohighbrow. Related Questions More Answers Below How did you find your life partner, and what makes you fall in love with them again and again? What could make you fall in love again? How do I make my ex fall back in love with me? How do I get my husband to fall back in love with me?

Can a person fall in love again after breaking up with someone they loved deeply? You probably held hands with your partner when you were first dating, so why not now? Simple touching outside of the bedroom can often help you feel closer and revitalize the bond between you. Flirt more and be kind. Think of love as an action. Every day, find ways to show your partner how much you care about them. Make it so that they couldn't ever forget that you love them. If necessary, plan or schedule your intimate moments.

Build romance into your schedule, and talk about ways to revitalize your love life if it seems to be waning. Go back to the place you met or where you had one of your first dates. Going back to these places with your new perspective as an established couple can help you remember where you came from and appreciate how far you have come.

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Traditions can help couples and families establish shared experiences and viewpoints. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on past years and speculate about the future. Create a love map. She had qualities that you found desirable and attractive that you may not be taking for granted. Try to take an objective step back and look at your partner through new eyes. Make a list of all of the things you admire about her; you may even decide to share this list with her later.

However, the value of creating the list is to renew your admiration. You might try to encourage your partner to engage in mutual admiration as well. This could prompt a reciprocation that could solidify both sides of your relationship. If you have a reason to distrust your partner, such as a history of cheating, you may want to go to counseling together to reestablish a bond of trust. A renewal of vows or a formal ceremony is not necessary. You can just decide to renew your commitment and tell your partner about it. Keep a gratitude journal. Keeping a journal that focuses on the gratitude that you have for all aspects of your life, including your relationship, may help you feel happier and closer to your partner.

Even if the gratitude does not directly benefit your relationship, doing something that makes you feel happier will have an influence on your relationship. You may also feel appreciative of your partner for helping you set aside the time for self-care. Self-care does not look the same for every person. It may mean just spending time alone in quiet reflection or taking the time to participate in a hobby or sport that you enjoy.

Offer your partner opportunities for self-care as well.

Give her time to herself and encourage her to pursue things that make her feel fulfilled and refreshed. Know when you have a problem. Too many couples wait until they are separated or discussing divorce before they look for help. You can seek help strengthening your relationship before your problems progresses past the point of saving the relationship.

Find a therapist or counselor. Look for a therapist who specializes in marriage counseling. I can say with certainty, YES! I felt really strong emotions for her, both positive and negative, but over the course of 8 years of marriage and the process of divorce, I also gained the most important knowledge I could have when it comes to finding lasting love… …The knowledge of what personality traits are truly important to me, most importantly, which traits of behavior, moral character, and attitude I decided I would not accept in a future mate. I value things such as: Definitely a big YES.

And then it happens! Answered Aug 27, We did run across each other on Facebook last year and he lives in Ireland with his wife and children and seems extremely happy,which makes me both happy and sad at the same time So my feeling is that it was a once in a lifetime shot and I lost my chance. Answered Apr 17, Thanks for the A2A.

First of all, what is Love? So your question is can love be found twice? Based on a true story, names are changed for privacy purposes A boy had a crush on a girl in high school and he proposed to her in the sweetest manner possible and with a bunch of romantic verses. Until next time, dear readers! Answered Aug 29, Didn't know what it was. I had never talked to a girl all my life. I thought it meant something bad. But then she came. She changed my life. It was my first love. I was this nerdy studious guy who went to school just to study and play.

But everything took a backseat. I wanted to learn new jokes, impress her , spend time with her. I used to walk back to home just for that extra 10 minutes with her. But, after school we both wanted different things. We had out fights. We knew it wouldn't work. I guess I didn't understand love and the sacrifices. I was silly and immature. So we parted ways. I wanted to go back but it wasn't possible. I got up, focused on my studies and soon she was a thing of the past. Today also I have a pleasant smile remembering her. As John Keats said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

For me it is. No matter what happens. No matter who I become, She was my first love. And no one else can say that except her. I was in college. More in tune with what my heart wants. More adjusting , more sacrificing. But I thought I was over love. The previous story was such a ghastly affair that I wanted to do nothing with the concept of love. So I made friends , some closer than others. All of them new.

Can we fall in love again as strongly as we fell in love for the first time? - Quora

Initially I was okay with the kind of circle I had. But, then I went to close to a girl and fell for her. I Fell as deep as the Mariana trench. I knew from the Day 1 that this will not happen. This will not survive. But heart wants what the heart wants. Screwed up a great friendship in search for something which was not there. Alone , Aghast , I took refuge in books. And came out stronger and better with new lessons learnt. This story is not of a girl or a friend. Its one of steal and resolve. After these two stories I became socially awkward.

I could not trust people. I didn't want to be near people. I can stay in a room for days and not speak a word. I may not be happy but I am not sad too. I still have dream of having someone I can talk endlessly to. Someone with whom I snuggle in a warm blanket on a chilly wintry night with the breathtaking view of hundreds and hundreds of stars in front of us. Not saying a word. I am still hopeful. I just need time. Yes, I may not get it.

But then what the hell. But , I hope I fall the next time even harder and may be this time it will be one last time. People come into our lives. And thus, refine us. Every time you fall for someone, And it does not work out, Think that you were not refined enough for your future soulmate. So this person's whole purpose was to mold you so as to make you reach that end product. I firmly and truly believe there is someone for each and everyone of us. Please don't lose hope my friend: And when your time comes.

Everything else will start to make sense. Life works in mysterious ways. We live under an illusion that we control our life. But , it controls us. We are it servants. Live each day as its your last. Love will happen twice , thrice even more. Don't be a spoilsport. Love is the best thing we as humans do: Answered Sep 13, If you've fallen in love with a girl who is always fooled by others but still she loves them back forgetting everything If you've fallen in love with a girl who always refers to the past and the mistakes she made If you've fallen in love with a girl who blames herself for everything she did and didn't Remember she will be the one girl who will be with you no matter what you do to her.

She's unlike those girls who gets in a relationship for updating her status or for your looks or your words She is one amongst the lonely, who wears a mask, and smiles to brighten the lives of all around her And when you love her to the core, she ll worry about not being the perfect one for you.. And when you tell her you love her she believes you not cuz you've said those 3 lovely words but cuz she trusts you blindly.. And keep in mind that when she says she needs you, she needs you more than you need her Don't leave her alone..

You are her world. Her life rotates around you. You become her breath and tears, her beat and her rhythm.. She'll say she'll stay away from you if you ever ask her to. But the truth is she finds it difficult to because she's given you her whole heart. You become the reason for her to live. And when you leave her she'll let you because she'll say she never gave you the perfect relationship you longed for,because she's not good,because you deserve someone best She'll cry through her nights..

Loving you more and more than before.. She'll want to know how you feel about her but when you ignore her it kills her. She goes back to all the messages you send and all the memories She'll wish you a happy life but she won't be able to move on like you.. She won't blame you for leaving her,she'll blame herself.. She'll think about leaving because you mean the world to her but the pain of loosing you isn't something she can bear. No matter what her friends tell her about you she just says he did the right thing, he's always the best.. She'll ask your friends if you're doing ok.. She'll want you to be fine and happy.

She'll cut herself failing to leave but it becomes a habit. When the pains too much she cuts herself.. Be it for any reason you left her, she'll understand it better than you.. But remember like you've moved on she won't be able to, she forgets how to smile and live, she'll pretend she's happy, she'll attempt to kill herself,she becomes a failure. She call herself names and tries to stay away from everybody's life. She won't blame you but she'll cry for you.. She won't be able to study or do her work She becomes a ghost of her own past and your face,smiles, words, memories haunting her..

Take care of her. She won't tell you how much it hurts because she doesn't want to bother you and because she understands your reason better than you and she wants you to live your life with all the happiness.. But remember when you left her she'll remember something you said Now think about who's dead, be it for any reason you left her She will still love you. Answered Apr 20, First Love or atleast I thought so: Long distance Its been more than a year we're together Never ever had a fight Compatiablity and understanding levels- infinite May be we're this awesome because we met on quora: Answered Jul 22, I was deeply strongly madly in love once.

It was a long distance relationship that continued for 6 years. We wanted to marry and grow old together. Due to a variety of reasons we separated. Slowly with time the pain subsided and what left was bittersweet memories. We talked, apologized and wished each other luck. The past made it impossible to continue to be "just friends".

So we bid our goodbyes. Last year i got married. It was an arranged match. What started with mutual respect and admiration slowly blosommed into trust, warmth and comfortable partnership. I don't know at what precise moment, i don't know how but i am deeply in love with my husband now. We started our relationship post marriage with being friends but now are crazy for one another. What i feel for him, how i desire him, the way i miss him.. My experience says YES, you can. Just give it time. You will feel as strongly for another person, the right person. Updated May 20, It teaches you some great lessons of life: Life is so unpredictable, it can come crashing down in a minute 2.

Don't depend on people, ever. No one is gonna be with you forever 3. Happiness comes from within you 4. Have least expectations from people and you will be at peace 5. Love lasts forever is actually a myth 6. You can actually survive anything now. Quora User , Serial Ditcher. Is there a thing called second love? Will it ever be as strong one's first love? Frankly, I am not sure. However, after a failed relationship and a blooming one, I feel there is scope. If we decide to change our thought process. We feel exhillerated when we talk about those, we have a new rush of confidence when we achieve those, and all in all, we are pretty pleased with ourselves for the new feather in our cap.

Same is the case with love. Good love makes us happy, pushes our dopamine levels up, changes us for the better we all want to feel worthy of our loved one , and creates this newer, warmer world, where nothing is out of place. We tend to appreciate nature even more, talk more freely to people and all in all- be much more confident of who we are. However, most first loves are destined to fail. You either find out you made too quick a commitment, or you grow out of it, or you simply forget the feeling and become complacent. Most people end up seperating from the person they loved first.

One analogy I have is- do we like all the clothing we have in our closet wih the same passion? I have 3 pieces in my wardrobe that I really really love. But one is a comfy t-shirt, another is a day dress and the third is evening updress. I love all of them, but do I love them for the same reason? But can I part with the t-shirt oldest of the three just because I have new clothing? Or do I not love the evening updress newest as much as the t? Also, we usually don't have the focussed approach to liking and attraction. We tend to scan the room and settle for the person who seems most attractive.

In addition, we may have deep attraction for one person, lust for another and comfort with the third. We 'love' all of them and can't part with any. So I am only saying, it may be a possibility that we can fall in love again. May be not for the same reasons, but I hope each person has atleast a second chance in love. A world without second chance in love would be a bad, bad place to live in, especially for someone like me.