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Audaz, productivo y feliz constituye una valiosa guía para alcanzar la Éxito. Una guía extraordinaria (Autoayuda Y Superación) (Spanish Edition) El líder que no tenía cargo: Una fábula moderna sobre el liderazgo en la o Conseguir un rendimiento extraordinario en tu trabajo y en tu vida. . 1-Stunden-Lieferung.

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In Heart of Darkness , Tyler returns, having broken his sire bond by turning times in the Appalachian mountains. He was shocked when Caroline told him that if the Originator of the Salvatore's bloodline is not Klaus , they would kill him, and this means Tyler would also die. Later, he finds one of Klaus' arts on Caroline's table, he gets furious and leaves her place. Initially, Caroline is reluctant, as she does not want Klaus to find out that Tyler has broken his sire bond, but she eventually begins to heartily dance with him.

When Klaus shows up, he asks Tyler to step aside so he can dance with Caroline. Tyler pretends to still be under the influence of the sire bond and voluntarily steps aside, as neither he nor Caroline wants Klaus to know that he has broken it. Klaus asks Caroline to leave with him, but she refuses. This angers Klaus, who leaves her promptly. Tyler is trapped along with the other vampires in the school due to Esther's containment spell.

In the school gym, Stefan informs Caroline and Tyler that Esther is at the old cemetery and that Matt and Jeremy are headed there at that moment. Tyler confesses his anger in letting Caroline dance with Klaus, before Caroline tells him that she loves him. After Bonnie breaks the containment spell, Tyler, along with Caroline and everyone else, heads to the old cemetery to pays his respects to the dying Alaric. In Growing Pains , Klaus is in possession of Tyler's body. Klaus had made a deal with Bonnie that he would jump into another body as soon as he could. Later, Klaus , in Tyler's body, starts threatening Bonnie to put him back to his own body, when Bonnie refuses, Klaus starts ripping Tyler's flesh through his claws, forcing Bonnie to do the spell.

Tyler returned to his body. In Memorial , Tyler is on his bed having sex with Caroline when someone rings the doorbell, he goes downstairs to find Connor Jordan talking to his mother. Interrupting them, Tyler asks him if he could help Connor, when they shake hands, Tyler starts screaming due to pain, because Connor had vervain laced gloves. Connor then shoots him with wooden bullets which were carved to kill vampires.

Later Tyler is seen with Stefan, Stefan removes the bullets from Tyler's chest telling him that if he was a regular vampire, he would be dead. At Mystic Falls Church, Tyler is seated with Caroline when Stefan asks him what is he doing there, he replies he's showing respect for the Council Members who passed away and Caroline added that she would rip his head off if he hurt Tyler. Later, he interrupts the service saying that he would like to talk about Pastor Young , who showed him how to work as a team and stand for his team.

Before he completes his sentence, Connor shoots him in the chest. Caroline takes the bullet off Tyler's chest and as he wakes up he says "I'm gonna kill that bastard. In The Rager , Tyler is attacked by Connor while in the hospital and drained of some werewolf venom. When Tyler is released from the hospital he goes home to find that Klaus has ordered some of his hybrid's to protect Tyler at all costs. Tyler is surprisingly reunited with Hayley , who helped him break his sire bond.

One of Klaus' hybrids knows Hayley and told her that he protecting someone named Tyler. Klaus assumes Tyler and Hayley slept together. In The Killer , Tyler is first seen with Damon and Elena talking about how to get into the Mystic Grill Connor is holding Matt , April and Jeremy hostage there and Tyler informs he called in other hybrids to help with the situation. Sometime later, Tyler is shown to be trying to convince Dean from following Klaus's orders.

Dean says that if Tyler thinks he can stand up to Klaus, then he has to prove it. Tyler calls Klaus and says that he can do whatever he wants, as he is no longer sired to him.

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Ah, yes, my little bitch. Later, Tyler and Hayley are shown to be upset over Dean's death. Hayley says they could have saved him. Caroline walks in, deeply angry and upset that Tyler lied to her. Caroline accuses Tyler of falling for Hayley, but Tyler says he never fell for her. Tyler replies, " Because I'd rather him think that then knowing the truth.

A hybrid Chris says that they are just paying their respects to Dean. Hayley pours a shot in Tyler's mouth and wipes her thumb across her bottom lip, sticking it in her mouth. Klaus walks into the room, remarking, " Well don't let me interrupt. Tyler says that it isn't a good time. Klaus soon leaves, and Caroline says, " Do you think he bought it? Tyler is later shown to be talking to Stefan, with Caroline with them. He explains to Stefan that Hayley helped him break his sire bond and he reveals that she has been helping Chris.

Sometime later, Tyler and Hayley are saying goodbye to Chris, who is leaving town. Klaus enters, and grabs Chris' throat. Tyler intervenes and says that it's not Chris' fault, but his for letting Elena out of his sight. Chris is let go by Klaus and attempts to leave, but is staked by Stefan. Chris falls to the floor and Jeremy enters with a cleaver in his hand and cuts Chris' head off. Finally, Tyler is shown to be sitting on a couch with Hayley sleeping beside him. Caroline enters and Tyler says they were just paying their respects to Chris. Caroline says that they needed to help their friend.

Tyler says that they helped their friend by handing over another. Caroline says that Chris wasn't their friend and Tyler says that Chris was a friend. He then asks how did she get Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids. Caroline reveals that she agreed to go on a date with him. Tyler gets up and angrily throws his glass against a wall behind her, causing Hayley to wake up. When Hayley asks what's going on, Tyler replies, " Nothing.

Just celebrating the life of a fallen hybrid friend. He states Caroline bought them another day and that he wants to go to the Miss Mystic Pageant with her. Hayley asks Tyler if the two are going, and Tyler doesn't want to go but finally agrees to. Hayley and Tyler go to the pageant and sometime after their arrival, Damon asks Tyler how does Hayley know Professor Shane.

Tyler thinks Damon is just being paranoid. Hayley and Tyler later drink outside the Lockwood Mansion. Tyler asks Hayley about her parents and she says she never met them and once her adoptive parents found out about her wolf gene, they kicked her out. Tyler inquires Hayley on how she triggered her curse and Hayley replies that it was a boating accident and she thought she wasn't drunk.

Tyler and Hayley catch sight of Klaus and Caroline walking across the lawn and he listens in on their conversation, which is if Klaus ever thought about being human again. Hayley asks Tyler on what they are saying and he is clearly jealous, stating that Klaus is saying a bunch of BS about being human again and when they get rid of him, the sooner the better.

Finally, at the abandoned barn, Kimberley is lying on the floor asking him if its over. Tyler says she successfully broke the sire bond and that they are one step closer to ending this. This is because of an earlier event, when Kimberley stopped another hybrid named Adrian from breaking his sire bond. Later, Hayley urged Tyler to take control back from Kimberley. However, this soon escalated into violence when Kimberley and Adrian kidnap and torture Caroline.

While searching for Caroline, Tyler informs Elena that the sire bond doesn't affect feelings, only how they act. The two find Kimberley with the other members of the pack and while fighting, Tyler threatens to rip Kimberley's heart out. Kimberley gives up and all the other members of the pack kneel to Tyler in respect.

Hayley tells Tyler that she found a witch to help them perform the body jumping spell on Klaus. Tyler volunteers, much to Caroline's dismay and she tries to stop him. Eventually, she comes up with the plan to put Klaus in Rebekah's body and bury the both of them. Later, at the Winter Wonderland party, Hayley tells Tyler that she made a deal with someone who can help her find her real family and that she had no choice but to use the 12 hybrids for a sacrifice.

Hayley also tells him that if he runs now, he can escape from Klaus's wrath. Tyler runs to the forest and looks around at all the dead bodies of the hybrids that Klaus had massacred. Meanwhile, Klaus has killed his mother, Carol. In After School Special , Tyler had wallowed in grief, cutting himself off from Caroline and his friends. However, when Rebekah takes his friends hostage at the high school, she calls Tyler up and informs him of her deeds.

Tyler goes to the school to rescue his friends but it's really a trap set by Rebekah who compels Tyler to turn into his wolf form, which would make him uncontrollably go after his friends. Tyler struggled during the transformation, trying to fight it but fully transformed, chasing his friends through the school. They managed to last long enough where he reverted back to his human form, lying naked in the gym where a tribute to his newly deceased mother was. Caroline found Tyler crying, saying that it was his fault that she had died due to his failed revolution against Klaus.

Tyler was gloating to Klaus about how his friends were going to find the cure and when they did, he'd turn Klaus mortal and figure out which way would be the most fun to kill him. Klaus tried to plant the idea that if he is cured, his whole bloodline would be cured too, but Tyler disagreed. When Caroline came, Klaus took the opportunity to trick her into coming close before biting her with his hybrid bite. Caroline slowly began dying from the bite and Tyler was forced to beg Klaus to help her but Klaus refused, still upset with Tyler about his hybrid revolution.

Tyler, knowing Klaus loved Caroline, left her on the floor in front of the Original, telling him that he could either save her or watch her die. In Down the Rabbit Hole , while Klaus is still trapped in the Gilbert's living room, Tyler and Caroline find the Sword of Alexander , knowing that it has inscriptions about the cure. They find it Klaus' home before bringing it to the Gilbert's. Klaus grudgingly helps them translate the message of the sword. Upon learning that there was only one dose of the cure, though, it became apparent that they would not be able to use it on Klaus, Tyler's plan to kill him falls apart and he decides it's best to flee and go into hiding while he still has a chance.

He says goodbye to Caroline, telling her that they'll meet again someday and if they don't, to just forget about him and move on with their lives. Tyler and leaves and Klaus is freed from the trap, telling Caroline he'll give Tyler a headstart. In Stand By Me , although Tyler isn't seen, Caroline called him several times to inform him of Jeremy's death however it is unknown as of yet whether he received those calls or voicemails.

In Bring It On , Caroline continues to leave him voicemails, stating that she hopes that if she leaves enough of them, when Tyler comes back he'll be all caught up, then it will be like he never left. However, at the end of the episode, Matt asks Caroline to come over to Tyler's house , and reveals that he left the deed to his house in Matt's name, in order to provide a safe haven for her that Klaus can't reach. Reading the letter Tyler left for her, Caroline realizes that he is not actually going to come back, and she begins to break down into tears. He appeared briefly in Pictures of You to Caroline, in which they shared a dance.

As he was leaving, he was confronted by Klaus who asked if 'it was worth it to give Caroline a good prom night', before threatening him. As Klaus counts down, Tyler disappears from view, assumingly leaving Mystic Falls. Caroline speaks with Tyler on the phone. She is also preparing everything for his arrival; since she assumes he will soon join her, Bonnie and Elena at college. Later, Caroline receives a voice mail from Tyler which tells her that he can't return to her because he is still helping a pack of wolves in Tennessee, and she begins to cry sadly.

In True Lies , Elena asks Caroline for Tyler to which she replies that he is deferring from enrolling and deferring from returning her phone calls, so she is deferring from having sex with him ever again. Caroline runs into his arms and they embrace. In Monster's Ball , Tyler is in college with Caroline. They are seen kissing and talking about her plans for him at college. She adds that he is escorting her to the Whitmore historical ball and that they will dress as Bonnie and Clyde. Later, Caroline returned to the dorm room where Tyler is packing his things.

She asks to him not leave her, to stay with her, but he tells her that he can't. Caroline tells him that if he leaves, they break up definitely. Tyler takes the decision to abandon her although seemingly it isn't an easy decision for him, leaving Caroline shattered and sadly crying. In Total Eclipse of the Heart , Tyler is trying to get over Caroline and decides to drink at the bar. He meets Nadia and asks her to drink with him and Matt because they are all feeling bad for themselves. As they are drinking and gossiping about their mothers, Tyler needs to leave and use the restroom, but then he hears Nadia compelling Matt at the bar.

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He warns Matt about Nadia compelling him and recommends that he take some vervain because Nadia took his vervain bracelet. Then they try to find out why Nadia is compelling Matt they make a try, but when Matt attempts to tell Tyler everything he knows, Nadia then returns and snaps Tyler's neck.

When he wakes up again Matt tells him that everything is fine and Tyler asks that if Matt is having any more problems with Nadia he should let him know and then leaves. He and Caroline soon share an awkward conversation and sees Matt walk into the mansion with Nadia. Matt later explains to Caroline and Tyler about where he's been, but Caroline doesn't believe it. He soon comes to Caroline's rescue and bites Nadia. He later tells Caroline that they will never be good. Later on Tyler arrives to class late because of football practice, he then sits down next to Liv and looks at her book to see what page their on but she pulls away, Tyler tells her that he was just trying to see what page their on, so she then uses magic to turn Tyler's book to the correct page.

After class Tyler is seen at the football tailgate drinking where he bumps into Alaric and says "Watch it dick", Ric then asks Tyler if he should be drinking this close to a full moon, Tyler says that he's in control but Ric takes his drink from him anyways then Tyler looks at Liv and Alaric tells him that "that girl is so not into you". Tyler is later on his phone talking to Caroline when she tells him that Luke has been giving Elena witchy drugs to make her hallucinate Damon , Tyler tells her he'll handle it, he then sees Luke and confronts him then Luke touches Tyler and he loses it and slaps Luke's hand and then chokes him and says to leave Elena alone then Alaric breaks it up.

Tyler is then doing pull-ups when Liv confronts him, Tyler apologizes but Liv tells him to say it to Luke, not her. Tyler is later on seen exercising again. In Welcome to Paradise , he is at Whitmore, he ask Liv if she could "spare a keg or two" for a party, she first says no but then Luke convinces her to change her mind and she tells Tyler to come by the bar after 1: He later arrives at the party and sees Matt and Jay talking about Sarah's attack, Tyler interrupts them, which almost leads to a fight between Jay and Tyler but Matt breaks it up.

Tyler and Matt then go to meet Elena and Caroline in the woods, where they use to go to get drunk when they were younger. Elena offers Tyler a shot but he says he can't because he's trying to control his anger and drinking won't help. After the party, he and Matt are putting the kegs back on the truck but then Enzo stops them because he needs to get rid of Jay's body. Then Tyler and Matt are talking and Liv interrupts them because she needs the kegs back and when Tyler attempts to put them in Liv car but she uses her magic to toy with Tyler, he asks her why is she doing that, she tells him that she doesn't want to fall for Tyler.

Tyler is later driving his truck to the Homecoming when someone runs in front of him then Tyler attempts to swerve but he hits the guy anyways, along with multiple other people as he drove uncontrollably through the corn maze. After the truck crashes, Tyler gets out and he sees the guy he hit pinned under the truck, then he calls Elena and tells her that he was the one driving the truck and that the guy is dying, he tells Elena that he needs her to come help him because if she doesn't then he will trigger his wolf gene again.

He tries to lift the car off of the guy but he couldn't and then Liv uses her magic to lift it. Then Liv calls Elena and Elena has Jo explains to Tyler that the guy will die, so to protect Tyler from becoming a werewolf again Liv kills the guy. Later Tyler finds Liv to thank her. Liv approaches him and tells him that he's making a mess and doing it all wrong, Tyler then thanks her for preventing him from triggering his wolf gene.

In Fade Into You , he is setting up the table for the "Friendsgiving" meal and Liv walks in ask him where does he want her to put the stuffing and then Jo says that she'll take it. Then Tyler asks Liv where is Luke , she tells him that he's outside making a video for their 22nd birthday. He asks Liv if she wants a drink but she tells him that she's not in the mood, Tyler asks her if he did anything wrong and she says no.

Tyler finds Liv at the bar and asks her why didn't she tell him about her coven, he tells her that she doesn't have to do what her coven says, she tells him that she doesn't have a choice. Later he is at the Lockwood Mansion with Liv, he tells her that he brought her there because magic doesn't work in Mystic Falls , so the witches can't get to her.

In I Alone , He is at the Lockwood Mansion with Liv , Matt , and Monique , he tells Liv that he doesn't want her to leave because it's too dangerous since her coven is still after her, he ask Matt to back him up but Matt says he can't because it's for Bonnie. Later Tyler saves Liv from Kai by pushing him off the balcony. Then Liv brings Damon and Elena back, Tyler tells them that she had to because Kai attacked her, he apologizes to Elena and tells her that now he has to get Liv back to Mystic Falls.

Tyler arrives at the Lockwood mansion to find that Kai is there, he tells Tyler that he doesn't want to kill him, he says that he wants to make a deal with Tyler to save Liv's life. Damon calls Tyler and tells him that he knows that they have Jo, Tyler tells Damon that he is just trying to save Liv. Later Tyler sees Luke and asks him, why did he tell Damon where to find Kai and Jo, Tyler tells him that he's putting Liv's life at risk. In Woke Up With a Monster , he is at Whitmore and on the phone with Liv , she tells him that she's in Damon 's room looking for a shirt because Jo burnt hers.

He asks her how is Jo's training working out, Liv tells him that it's going bad, Tyler tells her to make sure that Luke doesn't find out. Tyler later finds out that Liv isn't as strong as she told him she was, Tyler says that they should run but Liv says no because he family will hunt her, Tyler tells her to go since she doesn't want to listen, Liv says that she knew their relationship was a mistake but Tyler says that it's not.

Tyler Lockwood

Then Luke comes and tells them that he's not doing the merge. In The Day I Tried To Live , he is in the dorms with Liv , Tyler's tells her not to blame Luke because it's Kai 's fault, he tells her that Kai is going to kill everyone in the Gemini Coven , so they need to leave town but Liv doesn't want to leaves he wants to avenge Luke's death, Tyler tells her that its a bad idea but Liv tracks him down to the Salvatore Boarding House , Tyler tells her that he understands what she's going through but she can't kill Kai because if he dies then every Witch in the Gemini Coven will too, Liv still doesn't care and tries to leave but Tyler gets in her way, so she uses a spell to put him to sleep.

Tyler wakes up and brings her back to her room, then he breaks up with her because she lied to him. He shows up at Liz 's funeral drunk but before he can enter the building, Matt stops him and tells him to leave. After Liz's funeral he meets Matt at the grill, they talk about how bad their lives have been and then Matt comes up with the idea that they should join the officer training program to become cops.

He enters the bar and sees that Caroline and Stefan have compelled everyone. Tyler tries to leave but Stefan stops him and Matt from doing so, then Caroline forces them to play a game called "Caroline trivia", and whoever answers them right will live, but neither of them get the last question right, so then Caroline said heads I kill Tyler, tails I kill Matt but before she could show them what the coin landed on, Tyler slaps it out of her hand. Tyler tells them that they are the reason why everyone hurts Vampires , then he gets up, and throws a chair at Stefan, Matt tells him to stop but he doesn't.

Tyler picks up a wooden stake and dares either one of them to come at him and he does but Caroline pulls Matt in front of her and Tyler accidentally stabs him. Damon enters the bar and gives Tyler his keys and he and Matt leave and Takes Matt to the hospital. In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You , he arrives late at the Salvatore Boarding House for Ric 's bachelor party, later on during the party he finds Matt in the kitchen and tries to take him home because he's drunk but Matt won't allow him to and starts a fight with Tyler then he punches Matt and throws him against the refrigerator, Tyler tells him that he doesn't want to do the deputy training program because he runs the risk of triggering the wolf gene again.

Then he is with Caroline arranging flowers and helping with the wedding and Tyler ask why is he there then she apologizes for trying to kill him and Tyler accept then Liv arrives and she and Tyler get into another argument and she leaves. Caroline comes back with drinks for them but she sees that Liv is gone and she tells Tyler that he needs to fix it but Tyler gets angry at Caroline because she hasn't even fixed her own relationship problems and he leaves. Later he is at the wedding. In I'm Thinking Of You All The While , he was outside on the ground with Liv with a shard of glass in his chest, they're both dying and Liv tells Tyler to kill her because she is going to die either way but if Tyler kills her, he'll trigger the wolf gene and he will heal, he originally objects but Liv makes him do it, so Tyler suffocates her then Tyler begins to turn, so he calls Matt and tells him to warn everyone because once Tyler turns he won't be able to control himself.

Then he attacks Kai in the parking lot and bites him, Kai throws Tyler and he runs away. Later, the next day, he is at the Salvatore Boarding House and is given a dream with Elena in order to say goodbye, she tells him that he should leave town and live his life as a wolf. In Age of Innocence , three years into the future, Tyler is living in the city he is driving when he receives a call from Stefan Salvatore , he tells Tyler that his scar opened back up and that he doesn't have much time, he asks Tyler to call Caroline and warn her, Tyler agrees and then tells Stefan that he needs to be running.

He and Damon put her coffin in the back of the truck and Tyler takes her to an unknown location. In Things We Lost in the Fire , Tyler arrives at the Lockwood Mansion to find Damon chained up to the wall, he reminds them that even though he doesn't live there, it's still his house. After failing miserably in one of Caroline 's baby shower games, Ric informs Tyler that neither him nor Matt are allowed to babysit.

He then has a drink with Matt but Tyler is the only once drinking since Matt is on duty. Tyler doesn't understand why Matt even continues to protect the town, the bad guys aren't going anywhere, if anything they're multiplying. He says that Mystic Falls was once his town but not anymore, he describes it as a cesspool that's not worth dying over, getting out of Mystic Falls was apparently the best thing to ever happen to him.

He shows up at Whitmore College after getting called by Damon, he wants Tyler to take him to Elena 's coffin. Tyler originally denies Damon's request but he reluctantly agrees after Damon threatens to turn the baby shower into a "bloodbath". He takes Damon to a storage facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. As he pulls the coffin out, Tyler grabs a gun and shoots what looks to be a vervain dart but Damon catches it. He then flips Tyler and bashes he head into the concrete multiple times. In This Woman's Work , according to Enzo , Tyler had a decoy location and coffin in place in preparation of the foreseeable event in which Damon would one day request to see Elena's body.

He and Enzo have mutual friends located in New York and that's where Elena's body is being kept. In Moonlight on the Bayou , Tyler has been in a coma ever since Damon bashed his head into the ground. He is revealed to be an associate of the armory and they have been taking care of him. According to Enzo , Tyler contacted the armory during his time vampire hunting, when Matt called Tyler for help with his vampire problem, Tyler called the armory.

They are keeping him alive until his werewolf transformation begins and allows him to fully heal. He comes to but is completely unaware of the current situation, as Damon begins to tie him to the table, Tyler informs him that they won't hold but Damon is aware of this. He is injected with a sedative to put him to sleep but this proves ineffective for the most part, it temporarily slows down the transformation. As the transformation into a wolf progresses, Bonnie shows up but Tyler instructs her not to open the door because he would kill her too.

He goes on to tell Damon that all of this is his fault, it always comes back to Damon somehow, they both know that all of their friends will continue to keep risking their lives for Damon until they're dead. Tyler begins to lose control, Bonnie opens the door to the cell and he attacks Damon with the intent to bite him; however, Bonnie interferes and Tyler accidentally slams her into the window. In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving , Tyler exits his vehicle after noticing a man lying in the road, he soon discovers that it's Damon , realizing that he's walked his way into a dangerous situation, Tyler attempts to leave as he wants nothing to do with any of it.

He reaches for a gun inside his coat pocket as he's walking away, however, Damon's on to him, grabbing Tyler's wrist before he can even pull the trigger on his standard issue firearm from The Armory. Tyler attempts to explain to Damon that if he dies, then no one will forgive him, unfortunately for Tyler, Damon doesn't seem to care, tightening his grip on his wrist. Tyler suggests that Damon walk away, fight whatever it is that Sybil wants him to do, thus regaining control of his life, reminding Damon to remember what and who he wants at the end of everything.

Damon disowns any past desires, tightening his grip on Tyler's wrist yet again, forcing him to drop the gun. With no other options, Tyler has accepted his fate, demanding that Damon kill him if that's what he's there to do, Tyler believes that he'll serve as a reminder of the moment that Damon gave up, he'll be the face that Damon will never forget, and for the rest of his life, he can be "a Sirens little bitch".

Or this could be the moment that Damon finally wakes up, and in the end, both their lives could be worth something. Damon turns the other way, just as it seems Tyler's word's may have had an impact, Damon turns back around, attacking Tyler, tearing into his neck as he slowly loses consciousness. In An Eternity of Misery , after learning that Damon attacked Tyler the prior night, and left him bleeding and wounded in the back of a green mustang off I, Matt abruptly takes off to find him.

Upon his arrival, Matt opens the trunk of the vehicle to find Tyler dead, eyes wide open and throat torn into. Distraught over the loss of his best friend, Matt quickly begins to cry, falling to the ground as his father comforts him. In Nostalgia's a Bitch , he is seen as a subconscious hallucination inside Damon's head, due to being responsible for his death.

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This hallucination tries to tell Bonnie that Damon isn't worth it. In The River in Reverse , Tyler gets his neck snapped and is thrown into The Garden by Marcel and Rebekah after he makes it known that he's willing to kill a harmless baby. Tyler is his wolf form. His fears came true when he accidentally killed Sarah and triggered the curse. Tyler felt guilty for killing Sarah, and when he discovered Caroline Forbes was a vampire they became friends.

She helped him get through his first transformation, but he almost killed her when he was a wolf. She came back when he was back in human form. After this, she became his friend then girlfriend.

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His aggressive trait seemed to calm down once he triggered the curse, and he was able to start trying to live a normal life. Tyler as a werewolf-vampire hybrid. In " Home " , after Tyler is stripped of his vampirism, and killed by the magic purification spell , he is resurrected as an untriggered werewolf, a lasting result of his death that he notices almost immediately. As an untriggered werewolf once more, he had reverted back to the "old Tyler", the hot-headed bully who is incapable of walking away from an altercation. He had already picked a fight with Luke Parker after learning that he had been supplying Elena with hallucinogenic herbs, proving that Tyler had no control of himself and that his anger was consuming him.

Since then, Tyler had made several attempts take control of his anger, and channel it into something productive, like the law enforcement training academy that he and Matt had enlisted in. However, that was short lived. In order to save his life from a life-threatening wound suffered during Alaric and Jo's wedding , Tyler had no choice but to once again trigger his werewolf gene. He did this by killing his girlfriend, Liv. She told him that she wanted him to live, and the only way to do that was by killing her to trigger the werewolf curse, thus activating his healing ability.

It should be noted that Liv was already dying of the spell that links the Gemini Coven to their leader, who had already died. After triggering his curse, Tyler left town with Jeremy Gilbert to hunt vampires. It was during his hunter sojourns that he crossed paths with The Armory , and later became an associate of theirs. From there, Tyler moved to New York, where he was apparently living a normal life as bank trader. However, some time after this, he met Virginia St. John , who entrusted him with documents and research pertaining to the second Siren. This brought Tyler to back home to Mystic Falls , where he met his untimely demise at the hands of Damon Salvatore.

Tyler has tanned skin, short black hair and dark brown eyes. His height is between 5'7" to 5'9". Tyler has a muscular and toned body. Like all werewolves, his eyes will turn yellow when he becomes very angry. In his werewolf form, Tyler's fur is black and his eyes are yellow. In human form, Tyler often wears black jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket. On special occasions, such as parties, he wears a black suit. In Season Two , he starts wearing leather jackets. His style has matured over the course of the series, using darker colors looking much more attractive.

When he returns in Season Eight , Tyler is seen wearing more mature, darker clothing with a black leather jacket. He has also grown out a beard and stubble. Tyler possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid. Tyler possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non- evolved werewolf. Tyler seems to have grown up with a distant, but a somewhat positive relationship with his mother. It is only after the death of his father that Carol began to have a closer relationship with her son. When Mason Lockwood disappeared once again, Carol informed Tyler that "I guess it's just you and me now".

Although he doesn't show it very well, Tyler is clearly fond of his mother, even returning to town after her accident. After Klaus Mikaelson murders Carol as revenge for Tyler trying to kill Klaus, Tyler originally wanted vengeance for her death. However, Tyler seems to have given up seeking vengeance for her death and continues to mourn Carol's death. When Tyler triggered his curse, Caroline Forbes wanted to help him. Though Damon demanded her not to be his friend, she did.

Tyler once asked whether she is a werewolf, Caroline laughed and said she is a vampire after a skirmish. When the first Full Moon came, Caroline helps him through the first transformation and it seems they form a special bond. The two become closer and eventually began a romantic relationship. Klaus promised that he will kill Tyler and Caroline pleased Klaus to let him live.

Klaus told her to tell Tyler to leave town and hide which after a painful goodbye he did. They leave each vowing that they will find a way to be together again. Tyler returns in For Whom the Bell Tolls , and they break up in Monster's Ball , ending their relationship permanently.

They still had feelings for each other, until Caroline slept with Klaus. After Tyler finds out, he is furious at her and this breaks their bond completely. After their angry tension was resolved after their post-breakup fight, they continue to remain good friends. Tyler Smallwood is a character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. Tyler is an eighteen-year-old who was born and raised in the supernatural town of Fell's Church, Virginia.

He is a werewolf resident within the town. Tyler is the son of Mr. Smallwood, as well as the cousin of Caleb Smallwood. Tyler's best friend is Dick Carter, who plays on the high school football team with him. Klaus helped him trigger his werewolf gene by assisting him in killing Sue Carson and feeding him her blood. He later had sex with, Caroline Forbes, his ex-girlfriend, which made her pregnant with a child.

Though he was presumably unaware of this, he fled the town after Klaus's death. Tyler is currently in a relationship with Caroline and he is raising their twin children, Lucas and Brianne together. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? This article is about Tyler Lockwood from the Shows. Legend of Zelda How to Train Your Dragon Devil May Cry Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Prince of Tennis Sonic the Hedgehog Hunter X Hunter The Next Generation Dungeons and Dragons Final Fantasy X Alice in Wonderland Skulduggery Pleasant series Beauty and the Beast Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice Pretty Little Liars Legend of Korra Big Bang Theory League of Legends The Original Series His Dark Materials Nightmare Before Christmas High School Musical Queer as Folk House of Night Sailor Moon X-overs Batman the Animated Series Phantom of the Opera Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Familiar of Zero Phineas and Ferb Song of the Lioness Big Hero 6 Final Fantasy IX Howl's Moving Castle Sons of Anarchy The Clone Wars Wheel of Time Black Jewels Trilogy Maze Runner Trilogy Guardians of the Galaxy Series Of Unfortunate Events Kung Fu Panda American McGee's Alice Diana Wynne Jones Dead Like Me Total Drama series Deep Space Nine Fast and the Furious Jackie Chan Adventures Tales of Symphonia Night World series Big Time Rush Final Fantasy I-VI Parodies and Spoofs D N Angel Robin Hood BBC Just Add Water Penguins of Madagascar School idol project A Nightmare on Elm Street Spyro the Dragon Tokyo Mew Mew Team Fortress 2 Highschool of the Dead Resident Evil series Bendy and the Ink Machine Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 9.

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Sarah Connor Chronicles 3. No More Heroes 3. Sarah Jane Adventures 3. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 3. Picture of Dorian Gray 3. Alchemists of Al-Revis 3. Protector of the Small Quartet 3. Mercy Thompson series 3. The books are organized by series. Hover over a book cover to get more information about that book. Her Native American heritage has gifted her with the ability to take the form of a coyote at will. She's surrounded by far more powerful supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires and an assortment of fey.

Urban Fantasy This series is set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson Series, but on a slightly earlier time line. It begins with a novella titled Alpha and Omega published in the On the Prowl anthology. The decision to continue the story was made after the anthology had already been published, which has caused some confusion, since "book 1" is a actually a continuation of the short story. The series has plenty of action, but there's more emphasis on the romantic attraction between the hero and heroine. On a romance-readers scale, this series is sweet rather than steamy.

High Fantasy This series is set in a medieval setting, with small clans of nomadic people known as "travelers" who often have magical talents. This series focuses on a retired warrior Tier, his traveler wife, Seraph, and their family. The first book can be read by itself, and resolves well. The sequel is best enjoyed after reading the first book. Fantasy This is a two-book series. Dragon Bones is a stand-alone story, which resolves the major plot threads nicely.

Dragon Blood depends on the reader having some knowledge of the world, and references events from the previous book, and is best read after Dragon Bones. A stand-alone novel featuring an untrained mage and a magical creature with a flirtatious tail, set in its own world. Fantasy Wolfsbane is a tightly-coupled sequel to Masques , and won't make much sense by itself.