Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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The Participatory Virtual Theatre efforts at the Rochester Institute of Technology take a different approach by have live actors use motion capture to control avatars on a virtual stage. Audience responses are designed into the software that supports the performance.

An Introduction to CCM Musical Theatre

In the production, "What's the Buzz? Later performances use two motion capture systems located in different buildings controlling the performance on a single virtual stage In the early s, video, satellites, fax machines, and other communications equipment began to be used as methods of creating art and performance. The groups Fluxus and John Cage were among the early leaders in expanding what was considered art, technology, and performance.

Virtual theatres :an introduction /. – National Library

With the adaptation of personal computers in the s, new possibilities for creating performance communications was born. Artists like Sherrie Rabinowitz and Kit Galloway began to transition from earlier, more costly experiments with satellite transmission to experiments with the developing internet.

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Online communities such as The Well and interactive writing offered new models for artistic creativity. Another example is the sense: Early use of mechanical and projection devices for theatrical entertainments have a long history tracing back to mechanicals of ancient Greece and medieval magic lanterns.

But the most significant precursors of digital theatre can be seen in the works of the early 20th century. Digital theatre does not exist in a vacuum but in relation to other terminology. An Introduction positions itself as the first full-length investigation of theatre and digital media, analyzing performances that not only incorporate the virtual but are becoming completely virtual in and of themselves.

Performance in the twenty-first century, as analyzed in Gabriella Giannachi's book, has been rapidly ushered into the era of the simulacrum.

»Virtual theatres. An Introduction«

Viewers are not so much "liberated from the canon and the dramaturgy of theatre arts or even life, but. The virtual theatres studied in Giannachi's book place the viewer not only inside the work of art, but also in the position of "operating it, possibly even modifying it, in real time and being modified by it in return" 8.

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Giannachi, a senior lecturer in drama at Exeter University, has created a very compelling introduction to this emerging area of theatre, performance studies, and digital media. The "virtual" in Giannachi's Virtual Theatres is understood as operating within the real, yet simultaneously "perceived as separate from it" The virtual thus "consists of a dichotomous paradox, torn between its ontological status which locates it as part of the real and its aesthetic, through which it demonstrates its difference from the real" Virtual theatres, Giannachi argues, "multiply and disperse the viewer's point of view, thus creating the simulation of a condition that the viewer also experiences in the real" Giannachi's expansive definition of the virtual allows for a reading of a variety of performances, which are grouped into five well-focused and thoroughly engaging chapters: Giannachi's selection of performances is one of the strongest attributes of the book.

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