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He drops a few things and his writing is spidery but we all know that is expected of a scientist so when he delivers an equation to his professor on the back of an envelope, no one is surprised. It is only when he has a catastrophic fall while running in the college quad that the devastating sentence is delivered: Hawking was only The film then follows the monumental battle against physical decay that both Stephen and Jane endure.

The fact that Hawking is still alive 50 years later, operating his voice command with the one remaining working muscle in his right cheek seems an almost messianic victory over time and fate. The film suggests that there may be something even more inexplicable than time such as spirit and love that are the most important predictors of the future.

From close-ups of cream swirling in a coffee cup to overhead shots of spiral staircases that bend upwards towards the oculus and into the air, the imagery always hints towards the transcendence and circularity of things. The film is based on the memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, by Jane Hawking. Kristen lives in NYC and is constantly searching for new music and talent who use their voice to inspire others. Her all-time favorite artists are Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen. You Might Also Like.

Create your own visited countries map or check out the JavaScript Charts. Share your thoughts below. JavaScript is required for this content. Hawking enjoyed the film enough that he granted them permission to use his own synthesised voice, which is heard in the final film.

The Theory of Everything: A powerful love story touching on the power of the human mind

The film takes various dramatic liberties with the history it portrays. The Theory of Everything' s marketing materials will tell you it is based on Jane Hawking's memoir of her marriage, a book published in the UK as Music to Move the Stars , and then re-issued as Travelling to Infinity. But the screenwriters rearranged the facts to suit certain dramatic conventions. And while that always happens in these based-on-a-true-story films, the scale of the departure in The Theory of Everything is unusually wide.

The film becomes almost dishonest—in a way that feels unfair to both parties, and oddly, particularly Jane Hawking herself. In Slate , L. Anderson wrote that "the Stephen played by Eddie Redmayne is far gentler and more sensitive" than suggested in Travelling to Infinity. The film alters some of the details surrounding the beginning of Stephen and Jane's relationship, including how they met, as well as the fact that Jane knew about Stephen's disease before they started dating. The movie presents the demise of their relationship as a beautiful, tear-soaked, mutually respectful conversation.

Of course that didn't actually happen either. Jane's book describes a protracted breakup that comes to a head in a screaming fight on vacation. She also described devastation when Hawking announced by letter he was leaving her for his second wife, Elaine Mason. He ended up married to Mason for 10 years before that fell apart, and then he and Jane mended fences. Which, as it happens, the movie fudges too. It tries to present the rapprochement as coming when Hawking was made a Companion of Honour in , but that actually happened before the couple separated.

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Physicist Adrian Melott , a former student of Dennis Sciama , Hawking's doctoral supervisor portrayed in the film, strongly criticised the portrayal of Sciama in the film. On 8 October , Universal Pictures International had acquired the rights to distribute the film internationally. On 10 April , Focus Features acquired the distribution rights to The Theory of Everything in the United States , with the plan of a limited theatrical release.

"The Theory of Everything" A Film About Defying the Impossible Odds - CONSCIOUS

The film had a limited release in the United States on 7 November , [40] expanded in successive weeks to Taiwan, Austria, and Germany, [41] ahead of a United Kingdom release on 1 January , before being released throughout Europe. The site's critical consensus reads, "Part biopic, part love story, The Theory of Everything rises on James Marsh's polished direction and the strength of its two leads.

Catherine Shoard of The Guardian wrote, "Redmayne towers: But it borrows from the right sources, this theory. And that's something", while praising Redmayne's performance, McCarten's script, and Delhomme's cinematography.

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One told me he came in with high expectations for a quality movie, and this one exceeded them". The film was not without its detractors. Some criticised Marsh's focus on Hawking's romantic life. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap stated that "Hawking's innovations and refusal to subscribe to outdated modes of thinking merely underscore the utter conventionality of his film biography". The movie doesn't deserve any prizes for its drive-by muddling of Dr.

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Hawking's scientific work, leaving viewers in the dark about exactly why he is so famous. Instead of showing how he undermined traditional notions of space and time, it panders to religious sensibilities about what his work does or does not say about the existence of God, which in fact is very little. Writing for The Guardian ' s film blog, Michelle Dean argues that the film does a disservice to Jane Wilde Hawking , by "rearrang[ing] the facts to suit certain dramatic conventions The Theory of Everything is hell-bent on preserving the cliche".

The film's producers, writer, director Marsh, and actors Redmayne and Jones were widely favoured for award season success. The Theory of Everything received several awards and nominations following its release. The film, and Jones were also nominated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Theory of Everything (10/10) Movie CLIP - Look What We Made (2014) HD

The Theory of Everything UK release poster [1]. Working Title Films [2]. United Kingdom [4] Japan [4] United States [4]. It is how these two characters, these two real people transcend all the complications and curveballs that life throws at them. List of accolades received by The Theory of Everything. Retrieved 6 October Archived from the original on 12 August Retrieved 6 August Retrieved July 17, Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 18 August