Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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The word "Christian" is synonymous with words as "Brahmin," "ashtaroth," "vishnu," and "manito. Oahspe states that Christians worship a "drujan," a lower, mischievous God. In the Book of Es, Oahspe states that when Christians go to heaven and say, "I want to go to Jesus, I want to go to Kriste, he [is] shown the drujan God, and [is] told: Salvation, according to Oahspe, is based upon giving. It states, "If ye have great learning and ye give of it, then shall more learning be added unto you; if ye have goodness of heart, and gentle words, then, by giving this away, more shall be added unto you.

Oahspe demands of the clergy and the churches that they "prove that [they] have a good and sufficient doctrine for the salvation of souls. It admonishes churches to divide up their possessions and give to the poor. Even the infidel shall accept the Creator and good works. Oahspe teaches that life continues to progress in the spirit realm. It affirms the practice of "communing with angels," and conversing with the "dead.

Oahspe declares, "Behold, I have seen my father and mother and brother and sister who were dead; they have spoken to me, [and] there is no devil nor place of hell. Oahspe claims that the reality of spirits testifies to the iniquities of earthly religions. And the angels are testifying unto you that your doctrines, as you practice them, are a blasphemy against the Almighty.

The spirits reveal the truth of heavenly existence. Ye study spiritual things with your corporal [physical] senses; neither have ye capacity to see and hear the spirits of the dead. How much less, then, shall ye presume to interpret Jehovih and His kingdom. Oahspe charges the Christian faith with professing doctrines, rather than beneficial works, and of denying the reality of spirit existence.

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It characterizes churches as being benefactors of wealth. It declares, further, that "the selfishness of man hath made the world a place of wretchedness. The people are in misery and want. The "new religion" proposed by Oahspe not only encouraged spirit communication, but also social reform. Newbrough and his followers began an orphanage in New York City. Oahspe envisioned a "new kingdom of man" and a prophet named Tae was given the responsibility of establishing this kingdom.

Jehovih commanded Tae to: The word "Shalam" meant "a land of peace and plenty. At Shalam, no one was to rule over another. However, dissension began after Newbrough and his associate Andrew Howland tried to impose autocratic control over the members. Several were evicted and many others left voluntarily. Newbrough died at Shalam on Aug. The community continued to decline and the property was sold Sept. Several communities were begun, but none survived.

A Global Council, also based in Salt Lake City, was organized in and it elected its first officers in The Council is a consortium of Oahspe readers.

Books by John Ballou Newbrough

Oahspe sharply criticizes the Christian faith. Its claims about the life of Jesus, the Bible, and the historical Christian faith likely cannot stand the scrutiny of critical Biblical or historical analysis. Like any other channeled work, its content is of questionable origin. Some may conclude that it is the product of demon spirits, and others will presume that it is the result of the author's subconscious mind.

Historically, Oahspe is probably the first channeled revelation. Apart from other channeled writings, it puts itself on the level of the Bible, purporting to be a work which is even greater than the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Channeled works often claim that the New Testament has distorted Jesus' actual teachings, or that it does not contain his real teachings. Claims of this sort must be evaluated according to the soundest Biblical, theological, and historical evidence. Regardless of what Oahspe or any similar writing may boast about its own authenticity, its claims must coincide with the most accurate Biblical and historical sources available.

Readers of Oahspe are likely persons who have had negative experiences with churches and with Christianity. In talking to them, listen carefully and do not judge. A personal witness of love is the greatest testimony. Oahspe makes no claims of infallibility. It does not profess to be a final revelation. Its stated purpose is to enable mortals "to hear the Creator's voice.

As we are able to share our experience with God in a loving, compassionate, and patient way, the light of God's truth will surely shine forth and give direction to wandering souls. All rights reserved by Personal Freedom Outreach. Endnotes Oahspe, Book of Oahspe, 1: Jim Dennon, Oahspe and Shalam History: Letter to author from E. Lee, Universal Faithists of Kosmon, to author, November 25, Oahspe, Book of Oahspe, 1: Universal Faithists of Kosmon, n. Oahspe, Definitions, New York and London: Oahspe Publishing Association, , , pg. Oahspe, Book of Jehovih, 1: Evil oriented persons enter heaven into hellish conditions.

Nevertheless, all in descension eventually turn around and ascend upward to more delightful places within an organized heaven, whose chief is called God. God is an advanced angel ordained into office for a season. The morphologically plural name Elohim , often translated as god-singular in the Old Testament, is not used to mean the Creator throughout the main body of Oahspe ; the singular Hebrew terms "Jehovih" SHD and "Eloih" are used instead. According to Oahspe , the history of humankind is marked by a series of progressions. These lessons come in cycles: Cycles exist within cycles, but one important cycle, used in improving the grade of humanity, is a year cycle average , and it is this cycle around which the books in Oahspe are organized.

The first few books of Oahspe lay the groundwork for understanding the nature of the work.


This merges into a concise history taking the reader up to the present time, the new era. Separate from the history books are a series of books intended to illume for the reader the requirements of humanity for this day and age. An interesting graphological characteristic of Oahspe is that a number of its sub-books are printed on pages divided in two.

In these, the top half of the page contains a narrative of celestial events, while the bottom half describes the corresponding events on Earth. Oahspe includes doctrinal books, and precepts for behavior can be found throughout its many books. Freedom and responsibility are two themes reiterated throughout the text of Oahspe. Some core doctrines include an herbivorous diet vegan , vegetable food only , peaceful living no warring or violence; pacifism , living a life of virtue , service to others, angelic assistance, spiritual communion, and communal living, the smallest collective unit being ten families, the largest being a total of 3, persons then dividing to create a new community.

Oahspe exhibits great interest in understanding and applying general ethical principles.

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The suffix ISM in Faith-ism is defined meaning adherence or following an ideology. The Book of Inspiration in the Oahspe states "I will have no sect. I will have no creed ". Oahspe speaks of the need for all religions to help the various nations and peoples to rise upward. It also speaks of what it calls "the religion of Gods themselves," [14] in which its adherents have no need for intermediaries such as are Saviors and Idols, but who commune directly with the Creator of all.

Oahspe purports to describe events in the spirit realms and their corresponding influence on events in the physical world starting from approximately 72, years ago, although many of such events are not recorded in the existing human records. The Book of Eskra and the Book of Es, according to Oahspe, are the more recent historical records as they were recorded in the spirit realms from BCE to the time Oahspe was transcribed in CE.

Oahspe Bible Video and Audio Version

The Book of God's Word teaches the record of Zarathustra and dates his time on earth at years ago. Oahspe gives details, including maps, about lost lands and new lands, particularly a large sunken continent called Pan or Whaga that once filled much of the Pacific Ocean. It also puts forward explanations on the causes of rapid loss or gain of fertility, the cyclical variations in heat and light upon the earth. Oahspe presents many illustrations of symbols said to be of ancient languages and of rites and ceremonies.

It states the concept that there was an original language called Pan or the Panic Language , meaning "Earth Language," which originated from the ability of humans to mimic sounds. Its Book of Saphah has details on the claimed meanings and roots of many of the ancient words, symbols and ceremonies. Oahspe contains chronologically-ordered accounts that are cosmological revelations concerning the development of humanity from approximately 78, years ago.

This also includes a narrative of the genesis of life on earth, from its start as a planet being formed from its beginnings as a comet gathering material as its vortex subtle envelope matures till it is placed into its own stable orbit around its sun. After cooling - the transformation of gases and its first life-forms - and finally to the appearance of the human race and its progression from beast to physical and spiritual maturity.

The process, according to Oahspe, has reached its last stage with the emergence of the "herbivorous men and women of peace" of this Kosmon era. Oahspe explains physical science as having its basis in subtler realms which include spiritual forces , and then how to predict from them. Oahspe devotes an entire interior book to the subject, called the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy , but a general overview can be read in the Book of Jehovih. Also, many examples and edifications are sprinkled throughout Oahspe. Other related subjects include physics and an integrating treatment of gravity, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, weather phenomenon, subtle planetary envelopes called vortices that respond to conditions beyond its boundaries and more.

Vortex Motion of Planets was originally proposed by philosopher and mathematician, Rene Descartes , and was not a new scientific theory as Oahspe claims. The text describes cyclical events that occur within a range of greater and smaller cycles. For instance, according to Oahspe , the earth is traveling with the sun and its planets through regions of space in a large circuit of 4,, years, which is divided into sections of 3, years average, which also occur within larger cycles of 24, years and 72, years, and so on.

Each of these regions has variations in density and other qualities, and so, engender varying conditions that the Earth encounters. Also, explanation is given as to the rise and fall of civilizations. The various regions mentioned in the previous Cycles section, are under the administration of spiritual or "etherean" beings with titles such as "God" and "Chief" and whose ranks and ages vary in ascending grade, from tens of thousands of years to hundreds of thousands of years old and older.

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Their dominions cover vast distances and include many spiritual and corporeal worlds of various grades and densities. These chief officers are designated "Sons and Daughters of Jehovih," and in accordance, the text of Oahspe contains separate sections or "books" such as the Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih , and also includes familiar names from non- Abrahamic religions , as in the Book of Apollo and Book of Thor , named as Sons of Jehovih.

Each of these Chiefs, Chieftainesses, Gods and Goddesses are only advanced angels according to Oahspe. And every angel, regardless of rank or office, was once a mortal, either from this planet earth or from some other planet in the universe. The Shalam Colony continued to exist for more than 10 years, although Newbrough died in during a severe influenza epidemic. A contemporary Faithist group is the Universal Faithists of Kosmon Colorado and California , whose teachings include the virtue of unified group efforts to achieve good works.

They have also published a edition of Oahspe. The Shalam Colony, or Land of Shalam, was formed in Las Cruces, New Mexico , in , as a commune in which members would live peaceful, vegetarian lifestyles, and where orphaned urban children were to be raised. The commune was decided upon after a convention at Pearl River, New York, in November , and was founded with the financial help of Andrew Howland.

Members spent the first winter in adobe huts, and in began building a room central building, the Fraternum. Children were "'gathered-up' from foundling homes; handed over by police sergeants; and left in Faithist depositories". The children, from a variety of races, were pampered and treated with love and kindness. By the time Newbrough died on 22 April , of influenza , the colony consisted of the Fraternum, the Children's House completed in , and a church and other buildings. After the majority of the original volunteers left Shalam in when the financier, Howland resumed ownership of the property, a second type of colony was built a half a mile away from Shalam; called Levitica, it was founded for people who were not particularly followers of Oahspe teachings but needed a place to live.

Levitica was designed in a less communal fashion, and inhabitants lived in more isolated homes. Apparently, the colony was not a viable financial enterprise, due to the repeated failure of crops, the lack of markets for the crops they did produce, and the frequent flooding of the Rio Grande ; Newbrough's wife, Francis van de Water Sweet, had married Howland in "to put an end to malicious gossip" but the cost of maintaining the colony proved too high.

In , the colony folded, and the children were sent to orphanages in Dallas and Denver. Numerous publications [23] have been inspired by Oahspe , incorporating text and ideas from it, as well as reinterpretations, condensed and abridged versions. Many of these publications were from: Oahspe has been published in three editions in the U. The first edition was edited and in published by John Newbrough.