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Lists with This Book. A very good action packed book for pure escapism. The story is set in the northern canadian waters on a isolated island and is set around a 50 year old mysteriously crashed USSR bomber at the start of the cold war. What had been the 'mission' and why was it carrying a cargo of anthrax? The bomber was found by a survey team, resulting in a joint investigation team of 3 americans and a russian Air Force Major setting out to reach the island.

Why is a 'crack' platoon of russian soldiers dropped by A very good action packed book for pure escapism. Why is a 'crack' platoon of russian soldiers dropped by submarine and is hiding near the crash site? Plus, why does an independent arms smuggler try to stop the joint team reach the island. When the team arrive on the island, where are the members of the survey team and why is the radio unable to transmit?

To find the answer to these questions read the book it will not insult your intelligence. May 14, Jill Mackin rated it really liked it Shelves: Lots of action in the arctic! This book is part of a series created by Robert Ludlum but written by James Cobb. James Patterson does a similar thing by co-authoring many of his books now, but forgive me for being old fashioned, but if it's Robert Ludlum's series, shouldn't it have been written by him alone?

I don't believe writers should continue to write a book series after an author's death. Okay, now that's off my chest, let me tell you I enjoyed this book. Recommended by a family member, I struggled wi This book is part of a series created by Robert Ludlum but written by James Cobb. Recommended by a family member, I struggled with the introduction as this is the first real 'spy' book I can remember reading, Ludlum having of course written the 'Jason Bourne' series.

I was easily swept away by the plot but had to groan at the old enemy of the US, Russia, playing the bad guys. It did fit well with the plot though and the setting in the arctic had me pulling my doona right up to my chin and feeling the cold. The Arctic Event was exciting enough and I could easily see it being made into a film. View all 6 comments. Nov 30, Barbara rated it really liked it. This is intrigue at its best and kept me on the edge of my reading chair. It is a fast and exciting read.

The Arctic Event (Covert-One, #7) by James H. Cobb

The unmarked plane is a Soviet strategic bomber that disappeared with its crew more than fifty years ago while carrying two metric tons of anthrax, ready to be activated and dropped on a target. Despera This is intrigue at its best and kept me on the edge of my reading chair. As for the Russians, they are lying-- they are protecting a second, even deadlier secret that rests within the lost bomber. It is a secret the Russians are willing to kill to protect. Trapped in a polar wilderness, Smith and his team find themselves fighting a savage war against an enemy they can see and an unknown other within their own ranks.

Apr 24, Cdh rated it really liked it. The action in this book was very well described, very immaculate in detail, and extremely gritty to boot. The plot is well conceived and the isolation makes it all a little more believable. Cobb seems to be a very good addition to the pantheon of covert-one novelists. Nov 21, Lbd rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love covert one!

This one had a lot of possibilities that could have happened.

The Arctic Event Movie Trailer

Cobb has done a good job at picking up the thread and style of Ludlum. I hope there will be more covert one novels. Jan 10, Bobat Chearsdotorg rated it it was ok. A good page-turner to keep you distracted on a long airplane or automobile journey. Features a knife-wielding agent who could be Jason Bourne's twin sister. Feb 12, Spencer rated it really liked it. Jan 16, Z rated it liked it. A fun, action romp with an interesting plot. Typical of its genre. Even though I had issues with later parts of the storyline, it moved well, was even and did not bore me.

Lack of communication is one way to further the suspense and story - acceptable but you lose a star if it is too obvious. For experienced professionals to make poor emotional decisions - ugh. You lose one star if not more. Mar 02, Robb Coulter rated it liked it. Im certainly glad that someone is continuing on with Robert Ludlums series. The covert one team is well developed and of course exciting.

In this book they manage to save the world and defeat multiple teams of bad guys Sep 27, Joseph rated it it was amazing. Some interesting new characters I found myself really enjoying some of the characters in this book. Jun 13, Ivan rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. Suspense, action, and the plot progresses with every page. I don't read books like this often but it definitely made my commute much easier. Jan 30, Loretta rated it really liked it. This is a very good book. Not as far fetched as some of the Bourne series.

Too bad they didn't make this into a movie. Oct 30, Glen Leavens rated it liked it. Great read for a get away from home. Aug 31, Jon rated it really liked it. Not a bad read. A well-written story, though I don't particularly enjoy Arctic tales. Cobb is definitely a better writer than Ludlum in terms of style, readability, etc. The one drawback, for me, was that the "…secret potentially more devastating than even the plane's warload … that could bring about both a cataclysmic revision of global history and serve as the trigger for a Third World War…" to quote the Amazon blurb seemed nowhere near as fearsome as that when it was finally revealed.

A bit of a damp squib! Feb 25, Dawn rated it it was amazing. This is a fabulous thriller. I fell in love with Covert One and now want to read all books of their adventures. I am truly hooked.

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Growing up during the days of the Cold War, I read this plot knowing the terror of those times and really feeling the ethical dilemma of the Russian who had to decide whether or not he was going to help Covert One. The plot being situated in the Arctic made each operation that much more gripping - the cold, the dark, the rugged terrain. It seemed like there was never This is a fabulous thriller. It seemed like there was never an oasis. I, the reader, would get so discouraged for them, but just about the time I would have given up, one of the Covert crew would tell a joke or make a huge understatement to lighten their predicament and I was no longer frightened to turn the page.

What a great read! Feb 28, Melanie Winter rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Barbara from the Pantry loaned me this book. She said the other ladies at the Pantry would not be interested in reading it but she loved it. And I did, too. It was a great ride. And the cold war revisited. The characters were compelling, the plot for the most part made sense and was interested, but there were a few places where it didn't quite hold together.

But it was a very good book! Dec 16, Clara rated it really liked it. Book Review 4 Mrs. Cobb, this book is a mystery book compact with some of the most suspenseful situations in all pages. From the first sight of danger until the problem is solved you wont be able to put this book down. The author put the protagonist Col. Jon Smith, Randi Russel, and their team into danger while on the mission to destroy and find the real reasons of why the World War II Russian bomber plane was carrying two metric tons of anthrax, a war bioweapon used in the world wars.

The heroes will emerge from the covert-one United States Team. But will they be able to fight their enemies and get to the secrets of the World War II bomber before they do? The book takes place on Wednesday Island, an island in the Canadian Arctic. The only leads of free, dark water to be seen trailed behind the drifting iceberg on the horizon as they resisted the frozen constriction of the coming winter.

Hardback Editions

To the east, the driving winds had drawn a snow squall across the far end of the island," Chapter 1. The time setting is in modern times in the close of fall, under the fictional president, President Castilla. The president believes a trusted skilled group of dependable, courageous, and patriotic professionals are the ones who need to be trusted with Americas most top secret dealings.

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The Arctic holds enough anthrax to wipe out an entire nation. The Russians most despised secret is on this plane. Setting-Literary Element In the book there are lots of flashbacks to March 5, On March 5 the Soviets were going to make history. Then something happened and now a half a century later we are faced with that day and the outcomes of that decision.

On the journey, the Russian, Gregori Smyslov. As a security officer Smyslov instantly recognized the document coding. Ultra secret accessed by presidential authorization only This is the March 5 event. It is possibly the single most critical state secret held by your motherland," Chapter 7. Literary Element-Flashbacks, Suspense I recommend this book to anyone who likes war mysteries and anyone mature enough to handle mature content. This was a great book that keeps you awake and on your toes. It has some language and scenes.

But as the fate would have it, I've never before now had a chance to get my hands on him, thats before Arctic Event that is. Well one could very well argue that Arctic Event is not a real Ludlum novel, as it is a series that the Master author created and his apprentice continued it as a series. So here we go with my review: The book start of with an epilogue, about 50 years from th A Cold saga called "Arctic Event" Aah, people have often recommended Robert Ludlum to me as the best thriller author.

The book start of with an epilogue, about 50 years from the current day, when an Russian ABC Atomic, Biological and Chemical warfare aircraft crashes into Queen Archipelago in Canadian Arctic carrying 2 metric tons of Anthrax, the facts remain buried till the present day.

Covert-One series

Scientists have now found out the crash site. Russians and Americans are now scared that the news of ABC World war 2 fighter plane crash might be blown out of proportions, far worse that some criminal might get his hands on the deadly Anthrax onboard. Jon Smith, a colonel, a Covert one cipher, of which only a handful of people know exists, is called upon urgently. His mission is to go to Canadian Arctic and take stock of the Misha Crash site and to check if the Anthrax is still onboard and intact, if so destroy it.

On this mission, he is aided by a professor of history, Valentina Metrace, whose designs are far more sinister than they appear to be; Randi Russel, once his sister in law, who believes Jon is the only reason for the death of her late sister. Thrown into the mix is Major Gregory Symslov, the Russian liaison with Americans on this mission, whose true mission seems to be much more than hey now of. Jon believes this is an simple straight forward mission, his notion is soon corrected when he and his team are attacked on their way to Canada.

Once on the ice, things start going wrong at a rapid pace. Jon and team are forced to wage war on two fronts, one is the mafia trying to steel the Anthrax and the other is some one within his ranks, a traitor. Only a handful of insiders know that it still represents a major threat to civilization, as the aircraft is a Soviet Air Force biological warfare platform, still armed with two tons of active weaponized anthrax. But on the island Smith and his team find themselves confronted with a traitor from within their ranks. Cut off from all outside aid, the operatives must struggle against both betrayal and the brutal polar environment.

Gradually they become aware that something else exists within the hulk of the ancient bomber: Hardback Editions January Center Point Pub Availability: Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event: