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Henry ordered the arrest of the leaders and about people were executed for their part in the uprising.

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After the death of Queen Mary in , the Catholics of England were persecuted. They mounted a series of rebellions and plots:. They were led by the Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland, and planned to depose Elizabeth and put Mary Queen of Scots onto the throne. They were supported by an army of about 4,, many of them the earls' tenants and servants. However, when the royal army arrived, they were easily defeated.

After the Northern Rebellion, the Catholics were not strong enough to attempt an open rebellion. The most significant attempt to overthrow the monarch was the Gunpowder Plot of - a plan to blow up James I and the Parliament. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so.

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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. History Popular protest through time and the UK Print. The most prominent of these were: Will Jackson , and others set up the Provisional Government of Saskatchewan , believing that they could influence the federal government in the same way as they had in The role of aboriginal peoples prior to—and during—the outbreak of the rebellion is often misunderstood. By the end of the s, the stage was set for discontent among the aboriginal people of the prairies: The railway had been completed across the prairies in , though sections were still under construction north of Lake Superior, making it easier for the government to get troops into the area.

Riel lacked support from English settlers of the area as well as the great majority of tribes. Riel's claim that God had sent him back to Canada as a prophet caused Catholic officials who saw it as heresy to try to minimize his support. The Catholic priest, Albert Lacombe , worked to obtain assurances from Crowfoot that his Blackfoot warriors would not participate in a rebellion.

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The District of Saskatchewan , part of the Northwest Territories in , was divided into three sub-districts and had a population of 10, To the east, the Carrot River sub-district with 1, people remained quiet. The Prince Albert sub-district located in the centre of the district had a population of 5, which included the Southbranch settlements with about 1, To the west, where the Cree uprising led by Poundmaker and Big Bear occurred, was the Battleford sub-district with 3, people. A majority tried to stay neutral in the dispute with the national government, as the priests recommended.

About armed men supported Riel.

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In addition he had the support of a small number of the Indians. Many moved back and forth into Indian communities and preferred to speak Indian languages more than French. Eventually, over a period of many weeks, Middleton brought 3, troops to the West, and incorporated another 2,, mostly English-Canadian volunteers, and North-West Mounted Police into his force.

Recognizing that an uprising might be imminent, the federal government had, three days before Duck Lake, sent Major General Frederick Middleton, the commander of the Canadian militia, to Winnipeg, where a unit of militia, the 90th Winnipeg Rifles, and of militia artillery, the Winnipeg Field Battery, already existed. By March 30, after hasty mobilization in Toronto, two trains containing the 10th Royal Grenadiers and Queen's Own Rifles militia regiments were ready to leave Toronto. Soon every major city in the East was the scene of embarkation for inexperienced young militiamen cheered by immense crowds.

The first militia to struggle westward had to contend with the many lengthy breaks in the C. They marched through snow, or were carried in exposed sleighs. Where there were short stretches of track, the militia rode on hastily-constructed railroad flatcars which did nothing to shelter them from the extreme cold. Many of the soldiers suffered greatly from the winter weather. However, the first troops sent West were, in succeeding weeks, followed by thousands more. On March 30, , a raiding party of Cree people, short of food due to declining bison populations, approached Battleford.

The Cree then took food and supplies from the empty stores and houses. They gathered all the white settlers in the area into the local church. They killed Thomas Quinn, the town's Indian agent , after a disagreement broke out. The Cree then attacked the settlers, killing eight more and taking three captive. The massacre prompted the Canadian government to take notice of the growing unrest in the North-West Territories.

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When the rebellion was put down, the government hanged Wandering Spirit, the war chief responsible for the Frog Lake Massacre. On April 15, , Cree warriors descended on Fort Pitt. They intercepted a police scouting party, killing a constable, wounding another, and captured a third. Surrounded and outnumbered, garrison commander Francis Dickens capitulated and agreed to negotiate with the attackers. Big Bear released the remaining police officers but kept the townspeople as hostages and destroyed the fort.

Six days later, Inspector Dickens and his men reached safety at Battleford. The reversal, though not decisive enough to alter the outcome of the war, temporarily halted Major General Frederick Middleton's column's advance on Batoche. Despite its use of a Gatling gun , a flying column of Canadian militia and army regular army units were forced to retreat. Fine-Day was affiliated with the chief Poundmaker. Big Bear did not get involved. On May 9, , Middleton attacked Batoche itself. Riel surrendered on May Gabriel Dumont and other participants escaped across the border to the Montana Territory of the United States.

The Cree were almost out of ammunition, and were forced to flee after a short exchange of fire and the release of their hostages. Different newspapers, such as the British Times and Guardian wrote approvingly of the actions taken by the Canadian government and by extension, the British Empire against what was seen as another 'native' uprising. The government pacified the Cree and Assiniboine by sending them food and other supplies.

Poundmaker and Big Bear were sentenced to prison. Eight others were hanged in the largest mass hanging in Canadian history.

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Riel was tried and hanged as well, sparking a national controversy between French and English Canada. The Canadian Pacific Railway CPR played a key role in the government's response to the Rebellion, as it was able to transport federal troops to the area quickly. While it had taken three months to get troops to the Red River Rebellion, the government was able to move forces in nine days by train in response to events in the North-West Territories.

The successful operation increased political support for the floundering and incomplete railway, which had been close to financial collapse. The government authorized enough funds to finish the line. Thus, Prime Minister John A. Macdonald was able to realize his National Dream of linking Canada across the continent. After the fighting, new Territorial Council ridings were created in the Territories, although still only covering specific areas of concentrated settlement.

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The North-West Territories election of was held. The Rebellion was Canada's first independent military action. It guaranteed Anglophone control of the Prairies, and demonstrated the national government was capable of decisive action. The French language and Catholic religion faced increasing marginalisation in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as exemplified by the emerging controversy surrounding the Manitoba Schools Question. Riel's trial and Macdonald's refusal to commute his sentence caused lasting upset in Quebec, and led to a fundamental francophone distrust of Anglophone politicians.

French Canada felt it had been unfairly targeted. Historic Sites and Monuments board of Canada. Government of Canada [51].

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Fort Carlton Provincial Historic site has been rebuilt as it had been ravaged by three separate fires. Big Bear Mistahimaskwa had used the site in his initial negotiations for Treaty Six in about , and finally, the following year he surrendered here after his engagement at Steele Narrows. Laurent north of Duck Lake is a local pilgrimage site.

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National Historic Sites and Monuments Board [60]. The Marr Residence is a municipal heritage property of Saskatoon which served as a field hospital for wounded soldiers of the rebellion. Poundmaker was arrested at Fort Battleford and sentenced to a prison term. Eight First Nations men were hanged, five due to participation in the Frog Lake Massacre , two for murders in the Battleford area, and one for the killing of a Mountie at Fort Pitt on April It is the location of an battle between Cree and Canadian troops.

National Historic Sites and Monuments Board [74]. There is also now, correctly located, a cairn erected upon Cut Knife Hill the look site of the Poundmaker Battle site and Battle River valley. The RCMP chapel, a frame building built in , is still standing. It was used to jail Indian prisoners. One of three Territorial Government Buildings remains on Dewdney Avenue in the provincial capital city of Regina which was the site of the Trial of Louis Riel, where the drama the Trial of Louis Riel is still performed.