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The solution to this problem is subtle misinformation or total information classification.

OPSEC (operational security)

This happens quite often in the consumer electronics industry, where analysts and tech journalists try to find out what devices a company will release next based on information they can easily retrieve, such as part shipments, employee interviews, and even teasers from the companies themselves. Often these companies try to run a misinformation campaign to intentionally put journalists off track, as well as their competitors, hoping to save some surprises for a new product's official launch.

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What is the difference between security and privacy? What is the difference between security architecture and security design?

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Beginner's Guide to Business Intelligence - Learn how to harness the power of business intelligence and analysis to gain a competitive marketplace advantage. A common example is developer profiles on sites like GitHub. They are a goldmine of information for attackers, and they usually provide an idea of development styles and any bugs that could be replicated in corporate environments — not to mention lovely profile pictures.

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Before you post comments or share content on support forums, social media etc. Building upon the message of not using same password across accounts, you want to make it difficult for an attacker to learn everything about you. Just as people reuse passwords or variations of , the same can be said for usernames and email addresses.

Why OPSEC Is for Everyone, Not Just for People with Something to Hide

Limit the exposure of the information about you, make email addresses almost random and assign each a specific use. For example, create a separate email address for finance or sensitive information, another one for social media, and another for general use. Finally, for extra protection, it is highly recommended that you enable two-factor authentication for everything.

OPSEC and PERSEC Keeping the Air Force and myself safe

Just as organisations regularly perform risk assessments or business impact assessments to understand exposure to certain threat scenarios, it is just as important to perform a personal risk assessment on oneself on a fairly regular basis. However, rather than looking at external threat vectors, this risk assessment should focus on the most important information you want to prevent being stolen, compromised, exposed etc.

Questions to ask yourself include:. By performing the aforementioned three steps, you can greatly improve your operational security by protecting the information most critical to you and vastly risking not only personal exposure but being a weak link in the wider company operational security chain.