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These reforms are to fall in line with the IMF-EU-ECB loan proposals, which demand that Greece liberalize its economy and cut its public spending and private sector wages, which many believe will decrease living standards. Hungary celebrates 1 May as a national holiday, with open-air festivities and fairs all over the country. Many towns raise May poles and festivals with various themes are organized around the holiday. As with other holidays, whenever 1 May falls on a Tuesday or Thursday the holiday officially becomes a long weekend when families take off to travel and hotels are booked full.

Left-wing parties continue to hold public rallies commemorating Labour Day. In Iceland the Labour Day Icelandic: However many stores nowadays are open and pay higher salaries to the workers instead on this day. A parade composed of trade unions and other groups marches through towns and cities across the country and speeches are delivered. The first Monday in May has been a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland since [57] and in Northern Ireland since The first May Day celebration in Italy took place in It started initially as an attempt to celebrate workers' achievements in their struggle for their rights and for better social and economic conditions.

It was abolished under the Fascist regime and immediately restored after the Second World War. During the fascist period, a "Holiday of the Italian Labour" Festa del lavoro italiano was celebrated on 21 April, the date of Natale di Roma , when ancient Rome was allegedly founded. May Day is now an important celebration in Italy and is a national holiday regardless of what day of the week it falls.

The concert is usually broadcast live by Rai 3. First official celebrations appeared during Soviet occupation , but it had negative communist connotation. As Lithuania declared its independence in , Work Day lost its public holiday status, but regained it in In Luxembourg, 1 May, called the Dag vun der Aarbecht "Day of Labour" , is a legal holiday traditionally associated with large demonstrations by trade unions in Luxembourg City and other cities.

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Many people seize the opportunity for an outdoor picnic with family and friends, and local and national associations organize popular events for this day, among others the Festival of Labour and Cultures, organized by the Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre in Luxembourg City. In Macedonia, 1 May Macedonian: Left organizations and some trade unions organize protests on 1 May.

In Malta, 1 May is an official public holiday celebrated as "Workers' Day", [62] together with the religious feast of " Saint Joseph the Worker". Saint Joseph's Day , 19 March, the saint's main feast, is also a public holiday in Malta. In the Netherlands, 1 May is not an official holiday. However, several left-wing political parties and organizations celebrate International Workers' Day yearly.

Small demonstrations are sometimes held, mostly by anarchist and radical socialist groups. One of the reasons labour day never got established as a national holiday might have been the fact that the day that used to immediately precede it, Queen's Day now King's Day at 27 April , was already a public holiday in its own right.

In Norway, Labour Day Norwegian: Arbeidernes Dag is celebrated 1 May and is an official public holiday. It is traditionally a day of marches, speeches and parties organized by labour unions , leftist political parties and feminist and anti-racist organizations to voice political concerns and celebrate solidarity. In Poland, since the fall of communism, 1 May is officially celebrated as May Day , but is commonly called Labour Day. However, due to historical connotations, most of the large organized celebrations are focused around Labour Day festivities.

It is customary for labour activists to organize parades in cities and towns across Poland.

The holiday is also commonly referred to as "Labour Day" Polish: The day, however, does not force paid time off. In Portugal, the 1 May celebration Portuguese: Since the Carnation Revolution on 25 April , the Worker's Day is celebrated by unions but as well by several leftist political parties with parades and demonstrations. The first demonstration after the Carnation Revolution, only one week after the coup, stays until today as the biggest demonstration in the history of Portugal. It is an opportunity for workers, including non-permanent workers' groups, to show their discontent for existing working conditions in parades all over the country but mainly in the capital, where the two main national union federations communist CGTP-IN and centre-left UGT organize two different rallies in Alameda D.

It is an official public holiday. During the communist regime , like in all former Eastern Bloc countries, the day was marked by large state-organized parades in most towns and cities, to which many workers were de facto required to participate. After the Romanian Revolution of , 1 May continues to be an official public holiday, but without any state organized events or parades. Most people celebrate together with friends and family, organising picnics and barbecues. It is also the first day of the year when people, especially those from the southeastern part of the country including the capital Bucharest , go to spend the day in one of the Romanian Black Sea resorts.

May Day was celebrated illegally in Russia until the February Revolution enabled the first legal celebration in The following year, after the Bolshevik seizure of power , the May Day celebrations were boycotted by Mensheviks , Left Socialist Revolutionaries and anarchists. It became an important official holiday of the Soviet Union, celebrated with elaborate popular parade in the centre of the major cities.

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The biggest celebration was traditionally organized in Red Square , where the General Secretary of the CPSU and other party and government leaders stood atop Lenin's Mausoleum and waved to the crowds. In , which preceded the last year that demonstrations were held in Red Square, May Day grew into high-spirited political action.

‘A stunning display of pathetic cowardice’: Theresa May’s rough day in Parliament

Around 50, people participated in a rally in Red Square in after which the tradition was interrupted for 13 years. In the early post-Soviet period the holiday turned into massive political gatherings of supporters of radically minded politicians. For instance, an action dubbed as "a rally of communist-oriented organisations" was held in Red Square in The rally began with performance of the Soviet Union anthem and raising the Red Flag and ended with appeals from the leader of opposition movement Working Moscow, Viktor Anpilov, "for early dismissal of President Boris Yeltsin, ousting Moscow Mayor Gavriil Popov from power and putting the latter on trial".

In Serbia, 1 May and also 2 May is a day off work and a day out of school. It is one of the major popular holidays, and the only official holiday from socialist times that is still officially celebrated. People celebrate it all over the country. By tradition 1 May is celebrated by countryside picnics and outdoor barbecues.

May is marked by warm weather in Serbia. People go around the country to enjoy nature. A major religious holiday of Djurdjevdan is on 6 May so quite often days off work are given to connect these two holidays and weekend, creating a small spring break. In Slovakia, 1 May is a day off work and a day out of school.

Celebrations are usually connected also with the commemoration of the entry of the Slovak Republic into the European Union 1 May In Slovenia, 1 May and also 2 May is a day off work and a day out of school.

International Workers' Day

There are many official celebrations all over the country. On the night of 30 April, bonfires are burned on many hills. In Spain, the 1 May celebration was established after the death of Francisco Franco in ; before that, it had been celebrated during the Spanish Second Republic period — , but it was banned afterwards by the Franco regime. The first time it was celebrated was in , when the Communist Party of Spain was legalized.

Since then, it has become an official holiday that has been traditionally used by trade unions and leftist parties for social and labour vindications. Commonly, peaceful demonstrations and parades occur in major and minor cities. The day was made a public holiday in but had been celebrated by the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the left since The first May Day celebration gathered more than 50, people in central Stockholm. The crowd went to hear speeches by the leading figures in the Swedish labour movement such as Hjalmar Branting later prime minister , August Palm and Hinke Bergegren.

During World War I the demonstrations mainly had a peace message and the Liberal Party also joined the demonstrations. The 8-hour working day and women's suffrage were the principal themes during the troubled times after World War I. Recognizing the central contributions of workers and international worker solidarity in Swedish social, economic, political and cultural development, May Day demonstrations are an important part of Swedish politics and culture for social democrats, left parties, and unions.

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In Switzerland, the status of 1 May differs depending on the canton and sometimes on the municipality. It is the largest rally held on a regular basis in Switzerland. In , the Turkish government restored the holiday after some casualties and demonstrations. Taksim Square is the centre of the celebrations due to the Taksim Square massacre.

After the establishment of the Turkish Republic, it became an official holiday. In , it was forbidden by a decree and in both and , demonstrations were intervened by arm floats. During the events leading to the Turkish coup d'etat , a massacre occurred on 1 May Taksim Square massacre , in which unknown people agents provocateurs opened fire on the crowd. The crowd was the biggest in Turkish workers' history with the number of people approximating , In the next two years, provocations and confusion continued and peaked before the coup d'etat.

The Workers' Day holiday was cancelled once again. Still, demonstrations continued with small crowds, and in , three people were killed by police bullets, and a plain-clothes man who spied in the crowd was revealed and lynched by workers. On the same evening, a video broadcast on TV showed that two participants in the demonstration were lynched by far right-wing nationalist groups and this lynching occurred in front of police forces who were watching the scene with happy faces.

Thus, 1 May has been remembered by workers' movements. In , the 30th anniversary of the Taksim square massacre , leftist workers' unions wanted to commemorate the massacre in Taksim square. Since the government would not let them into the square, — people were stopped and 1 person died under police control. After these events, the government declared 1 May as "Work and Solidarity Day" but not as a holiday. In the next year, the day was declared as a holiday, but people were still not allowed to gather in Taksim Square.

Police fired tear gas grenades among the crowds, and into hospitals and a primary school. Workers pushed forward so that in , , people gathered in Taksim, and in there were more than half a million demonstrators.

After 3 years of peaceful meetings in , meetings in Taksim Square were forbidden by the government. Clashes occurred between police and workers; water cannon and tear gas have been widely used. It is a public holiday in Ukraine, inherited from the Soviet era. Until May 2 was also a public holiday as in the Soviet era , instead in Western Christianity 's Christmas celibrated 25 December become a new Ukrainian public holiday.

In , May Day rallies were banned in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Late May laws that ban communist symbols came into effect in Ukraine, thus banning communist symbols, singing the Soviet national hymn or the Internationale. According to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov during the May Day rallies in some major cities the number of police officers far outnumbered the number of rally participants. The spring bank holiday in the United Kingdom known as May Day was created in and is held on the first Monday in May each year.

There are many traditional May Day rites and celebrations, some of which have been held for hundreds of years. However, it wasn't until the late 20th century that May Day in Great Britain became linked to International Workers' Day, and the holiday is not officially a "Labour Day". In recent years, the anti-capitalist movement has organized a number of large protests in London , Glasgow , Edinburgh , and Doncaster.

In London, these have resulted in clashes with the police. In , the clashes ended with a branch of McDonald's being smashed and a statue of Winston Churchill being given a grass Mohawk hairstyle. The Cenotaph was also defaced with graffiti. While unofficial activities and commemorations associated with International Workers Day occur on May Day in Australia, Labour Day in the various states and territories generally falls on other days.

Queensland holds the biggest rallies in Australia, with the rally in Brisbane averaging 30, people. There are also rallies held in Cairns , Rockhampton , Townsville , Barcaldine , Ipswich , Toowoomba and other regional centres. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim the right for an eight-hour working day when, in , the carpenter Samuel Parnell [83] won an eight-hour day in Wellington.

Labour Day was first celebrated in New Zealand on 28 October [84]. Labour day falls every year on the fourth Monday of October. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See May Day for the traditional spring holiday. See Labour Day for other labour-related holidays. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Vienna , Austria , May Day Labour Day. Labor Day in Spain. Holidays portal Organized labour portal.

I raised my baton and, in a loud voice, ordered them to disperse as peaceable citizens. I also called upon three persons in the crowd to assist in dispersing the mob. Fielding got down from the wagon, saying at the time, "We are peaceable," as he uttered the last word, I heard a terrible explosion behind where I was standing, followed almost instantly by an irregular volley of pistol shots in our front and from the sidewalk on the east side of the street, which was immediately followed by regular and well directed volleys from the police and which was kept up for several minutes.

I then ordered the injured men brought to the stations and sent for surgeons to attend to their injuries. After receiving the necessary attention most of the injured officers were removed to the County Hospital and I highly appreciate the manner in which they were received by Warden McGarrigle who did all in his power to make them comfortable as possible. Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 2 May America's traditional, radical, complicated holiday". The National Museum of American History. Industrial Workers of the World.

The History of Labor Day". Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 2 September International Association of Bridge. Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers. Retrieved 4 September Origins of Labour Day". Retrieved 5 September Progressive Historians 3 September The Dramas of Haymarket. Retrieved 30 December Haymarket Affair Digital Collection.

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  5. Wisconsin Labor History Society. Retrieved 11 May Retrieved 5 July Retrieved on 1 May Retrieved 17 December Deze website is te koop! The New York Times. Reserve Bank of India. Archived from the original on 21 April Prajasakti Book House, Singaravelu, First Communist in South India. People's Publishing House, Retrieved 6 September Archived from the original on 30 April Statutes of Republic of Korea. Archived from the original on 3 May Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 8 May The Programme for a Partnership Government also committed the Government to appoint the first Monday in May to be a public holiday with effect from , in recognition of the centenary of the foundation of the Irish Trades Union Congress.

    In deciding to introduce a new public holiday, the Government also took account of the fact Retrieved 9 May Archived from the original on 15 August Retrieved 26 April Retrieved 30 June Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. Holidays, observances, and celebrations in Algeria. New Year's Day 1 Yennayer Valentine's Day 14 Tafsut Children's Day 1 Father's Day International Day of Peace International Day of Non-Violence 2 Halloween Bold indicates major holidays commonly celebrated in Algeria, which often represent the major celebrations of the month.

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    Maypole dance , ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole garlanded with greenery or flowers and often hung with ribbons that are woven into complex patterns by the dancers. Such dances are survivals of ancient dances around a living tree as part of spring rites to ensure fertility. It is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the west by the Atlantic…. May, fifth month of the Gregorian calendar.

    It was named after Maia, a Roman fertility….

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