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This latest search for Ciudad Blanca used a technology known as lidar light direction and ranging. This mapping method uses low-flying aircraft to map the area under their flight path. The planes produced constant pulses of laser light that is then reflected back to a detector aboard the plane.

Lost City Of Gold Found In Honduras?

Maps produced by this method can measure elevation to just four inches. Vegetation was removed from the map by 3D modeling, revealing artificial structures that were quickly spotted by Bill Carter of the University of Houston. Stephen Leisz of the the American Geophysical Union said , "We use lidar to pinpoint where human structures are by looking for linear shapes and rectangles.

Explorers Find CURSED 'Lost City of the Monkey God' Gets Infected by Mysterious FACE Eating Parasite

Nature doesn't work in straight lines. Steven Elkins and Bill Benenson developed the idea to search for the lost city after recent evidence suggested that highly-developed cities had once been present in the remote rainforest.

Legendary lost city of gold Ciudad Blanca may have been found buried in Honduran rainforest

Part of their drive for finding the ruins was to film the search for the city as the subject of a new documentary film. Christopher Fisher, a Colorado State University professor who led the research took a cautious approach when he said , "We may never be able to tell whether any of these are Ciudad Blanca, or whether the legendary city ever existed, but we can clearly see in the UTL data evidence that there was a densely settled region with a human modified environment. Chactun, an ancient Mayan city abandoned ten centuries ago, has been uncovered in a Mexican rain forest.

The area appears to have once been a thriving center of government, recreation and worship.

Legendary lost city of gold Ciudad Blanca may have been found buried in Honduran rainforest

One of the Aztecs' greatest mysteries may soon be revealed in Teotihuacan, all thanks to a Mars Rover-esque archaeological robot. Scientists on May 20, have shown that the recently feared end of the world on Mayan calendars could be an error of conversion between the Mayan and Christian calendars.

The legendary "White City" of Ciudad Blanca was one of the "cities of gold" conquistador Hernando Cortes led an expedition to find in the s. LiveScience reports archaeologists and filmmakers Bill Beneson and Steven Elkins began their search for the legendary lost city in Honduras' Mosquitia region last year. Unlike Cortes' who had little more than eyes, rumours and machetes, the new team is using LiDAR imaging technology that uses lasers to penetrate the forest canopy to analyse the terrain beneath.

New images reveal unusual features that could be ancient ruins.