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This is an interesting perspective that the author explores, in light of all of the tolerance and name-calling issues we are dealing with today. Readers are also exposed to those classic big-screen masters of the one-liner to whom I was turned onto by a member of our high school crowd. DUNK is a deeply personal narrative. I found myself rooting for Chad, who we know is far from being a model citizen, but who transforms and gains insight through the events of that summer.

David Lubar has done a great job here. DUNK will cause young adults to pause and think for a moment as the seat tips over and they plunge toward their own world of work in the twenty-first century.

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Apr 23, Robert rated it really liked it. This book is so fun and exciting and always keeps you on your feet.

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This book is about a kid named Chad and Chad is a kid who once was walking the boardwalk and a bozo, the people who sit in dunk tanks waiting to get dunked, made a mean comment about chad. After that day Chad got inspired to be a bozo and happened to meet someone who is a bozo, and she gave Chad some good advice. Later in Chads life he got his change to fulfill his dream. The way David describes his writing is fabulous. The words in this book he uses are phenomenal.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to get exited about books, and wants to be in a characters shoes, because this book is both of them. Sep 20, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Picked this book up after glancing through a few pages. It is the end of summer and the beginning of fair season so was interested in the setting of this book.

The setting is an eastern boardwalk. The main character is a teenage boy living through one of his last summer's as a kid. A typical ya book However this was a well written book so the typical story didn't really bother me. It was written in a simpler time. Before cell phones and co Picked this book up after glancing through a few pages.

Before cell phones and computers. A plus to this book was finding out my oldest son had read it when he was in middle school. To read passages that he had read was a nice connection to the book. Oct 30, Suzanne Crane rated it liked it. I read this with my son for a 7th grade literature assignment, they were allowed to pick their own book to read.

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  • This title was on a list I found of good books for a 12 year old boy. We both read it so that I could keep him motivated to finish the assignment by talking about the book as we went through it together. This is a decent YA read and a good one for a yr old boy who might not love to read.

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    There are some good life lessons about honesty, empathy and courage. Plus the major parts I read this with my son for a 7th grade literature assignment, they were allowed to pick their own book to read. Plus the major parts of a story are relatively easy to identify. Oct 02, Margaret rated it really liked it Shelves: Quirky and unexpectedly full of heart, Dunk turns a series of objectively mundane events into a realistic and interesting read.

    Sep 19, Andy rated it really liked it. Also, I enjoyed the setting of the Jersey Shore and boardwalk, and I definitely gained a new appreciation for dunk tank clowns May 12, Becky Ginther rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book wasn't really my normal preferred genre I'm more of a fantasy reader , but I have to say that I really loved it.

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    It's about a boy named Chad who lives with his mom and doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life. He sees a Bozo, the man in a dunk tank, on the boardwalk and wants to be the one in the tank, shouting insults at everyone else. Soon he meets Malcolm, an acting teacher who also works as Bozo, and they get off to a rocky start. Chad also deals with a sick friend an This book wasn't really my normal preferred genre I'm more of a fantasy reader , but I have to say that I really loved it. Chad also deals with a sick friend and a mom who is never home to make ends meet, but he ultimately gets on the right path to discover what will make him happy.

    I found the characters to be very intriguing. It's clear that Chad is seen as a bit of a "bad boy" because he doesn't do well in school and spends most of his time hanging out on the Boardwalk. However, because the book is from his perspective we know what he is really like. He doesn't do drugs or anything like that, and while he might not be the best in school he is a generally good guy.

    Malcolm is also a great character - he is an actor, and like Chad we sometimes find it difficult to tell when he is acting in life and when he is being himself. But Malcolm carries a tragic past that we slowly learn more about. The plot itself was interesting enough to keep me hooked and to keep reading. There were lots of questions I wanted to know the answers to that kept me turning the pages. It felt like the perfect pace for a novel of this type - not too fast that I couldn't follow, but not too slow that I got bored at any point.

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    And finally, I thought the writing itself was very good. There were a couple of quotes that made me stop and want to write them down because I just thought they were great. I figured I'd share them here since the writing will be able to speak for itself better than I can talk about how great it is. And everything was possible. I saw that now. You can try things out, test the waters. Feb 05, Sally Kruger added it. OK, this is one of those books that grabbed me right from the start, but I know it's going to be a tough review to write.

    For some reason, the books I really like are the toughest to review.

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    Does anyone else feel that way? Summer on the New Jersey shore is all about the boardwalk entertainment. Chad and his friends walk from one end to the other every day. With little money to spend, they carefully pick and choose which games, rides, or food vendors will get their meager funds.

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    This summer Chad's OK, this is one of those books that grabbed me right from the start, but I know it's going to be a tough review to write. This summer Chad's best buddy, Jason, is intent on playing volleyball nonstop. Volleyball isn't Chad's thing; he is fascinated by the dunk tank and a particular Bozo who works the game.

    The guy is amazing! He picks his mark out of the crowd and hurtles comedic insults with laser precision. Chad watches him every chance he gets and wishes he could climb into the tank and yell at the world, too. When Chad first discovers the Bozo working in the dunk tank is the same guy renting their upstairs apartment, he isn't pleased, but when the guy offers to coach him on the finer points of comedy, Chad can't wait to get started. The summer takes a bad turn when Chad's friend Jason ends up in the hospital. Normally, a healthy athlete with energy to burn, Jason develops an autoimmune disease that threatens not only his summer volleyball, but maybe even his life.

    Chad's summer becomes going back and forth from the hospital to his job picking up balls around the dunk tank. He desperately tries to use his new love of comedy to help inspire his sick friend's recovery. Chad learns that friendship is about love and laughter and trusting enough to share the good times and the bad. Oct 12, Josh Holden rated it it was amazing.

    David Lubar yet again wrote an amazing book,with the characters having different types of personalities. Dunk follows three very different types of characters: Chad, Jason and Malcolm. Each of them having an important role in the book. Chad lives with his mom, who works and goes to school so they barley ever see each other by the time she gets out of work and school which is only about an hour or less a day. One day chad was on the boardwalk when he se ''Dunk'' by David Lubar is a fiction story.

    One day chad was on the boardwalk when he seen Anthony, Anthony is a bad kid, he stoll a pair of Gucci pair of expensive sunglasses. Malcolm was on a bench, he seen it all happen but he didn't say anything to the cops. Jason wasn't at the place but malcolm was staying at chads house, he was renting it out.

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    When people are getting in trouble and other people seen it happen, they don't say anything. Anybody who wants a quick read, you should read this book its quick and easy. Chad likes to work at the dunk tank. The novel asks us to pause, look how younger people will work more than the older more younger people. Anybody that wants a short length and funny book you should read "dunk''.

    Overall, the book hold the readers interest, and it wants you to finish the book, wants you to ask whats gonna happen next, but it doesn't take days or even weeks to finish it. Mar 09, Luke C. I read dunk by: Dunk was a fantastic book I would give 5 stars it was so great. My favorite character was the bozo that took the good bozo's place because the things he said made no sense it made it funny.

    My least favorite character was probably jason he didn't really stand out in the book even though he was one of main character and was mentioned in the book plenty of times. My favorite part was when they went to check out the bozo and that's where my favorite character came in be I read dunk by: Possibly the most economical short story writer in this list, Carver, with his precise, punchy prose, conveys in a few words what many novelists take several pages to elucidate.

    Adichie had written two novels set in her native Nigeria before this collection. It shifts her gaze to the US in 12 stories that explore the experiences of husbands and wives, parents and children, immigrants and permanent residents. The title story delves into the loneliness suffered by a Nigerian girl who moves to an America far removed from her imaginings. A wise and emotive writer, in this collection Adichie touches on her familiar themes of exile, cultural miscommunications and the human desire to reconcile internal and external worlds.

    She also won the Man Booker International prize for her lifetime body of work and has been called a modern-day Chekhov. A pioneering modernist writer, Mansfield was born and brought up in colonial New Zealand before moving to Britain, where she became friends with DH Lawrence and Virginia Woolf. The title story, one of her best-known works, is written in the modernist style, with the deceptively simple setting of a family preparing for a garden party.

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