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What are the characteristics of red jasper?

Those whose patron is Mars can choose agate, quartz, jasper, tiger eye, serpentine, rock crystal, carnelian, amazonite or hematite. Aries born under Venus should choose diamond, garnet, zircon, ruby or sapphire.

Birthstone for Aries - Diamond

Astrologers disagree as to which gem is the best for this sign, besides, it is extremely difficult to interpret the individual manifestations of temperament. Therefore, such division is recommendatory rather than not compulsory. When choosing an ideal gem, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that such solar colors as red, yellow and orange strengthen the power of any fiery zodiac sign, while green and blue deter Aries from developing certain traits of character before they manifest themselves in a negative way.

Thus, if some features of the sign are too sharp and negative, it is better to choose green, blue or colorless stones. The bloody ruby gives vital forces for conquering peaks, it accelerates the intellectual activity and helps to restore forces much more quickly. Some milder shades of a ruby possess the same properties though they mostly constrain the manifestation of aggression and excessive emotionality.

Agate as a mascot will suit the students born under the sign of Aries. It helps to concentrate their attention on studies, develops self-organization and constrains the impatience of the owner. Aries often takes the risk without having estimated the opportunities, therefore, they need a protector stone; it can be the mysterious labradorite. Aries can use amethyst to curb aggression in communication with the dearest people. Garnet perfectly suits Aries women.

Meaning of the Zodiac Sign Aries

The most prominent representatives of the sign can choose diamonds, garnets, rubies, amethysts and smoky quartz. The green diamond is a symbol of womanliness and motherhood. A bright garnet will help to find love and harmony. The amethyst is a fidelity stone, it develops the female intuition, but it suits Aries only if it is lilac. The smoky quartz helps to keep the love between spouses. Young women should choose transparent zircons, while yellow zircon is preferable to mature women.

This stone gives energy and shields from depression. The red jasper will be suitable for careerists and business ladies because it helps to plan the day. It reserves some energy for homeliness and tenderness. It can be useful because Aries women often plunge into work and forget about their family. The best gemstone for an Aries man is a ruby. All representatives of this sign quickly develop the skill of leadership.

Aries Birthstone

This trait of character is more expressed in men; they always accept the position of a commander and organizer. The ruby, and also garnet, will be a good mascot for Aries.

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You should pay attention to the setting of your gemstone. If the man aspires to climb the ladder and wishes to find himself in a certain activity, then it is better to wear the stone on the forefinger. For romantic men who are looking for the true love, it is better to buy jewelry in the form of an amulet or a pendant. If the man is rigid and quick-tempered, he should choose an amethyst which restrains anger and helps to improve the climate in the family.

Its properties are strengthened in the silver setting. According to a legend, this stone protects from alcoholic intoxication. Jasper stimulates cerebral activity and equally helps them learn to portion their energy so as not to reach exhaustion. In the case of Aries, jasper is their lucky charm and it has to be common knowledge that is must be cleaned once every two weeks under warm water and let overnight to recharge with energy alongside other birthstones such as haematits.

The emerald is regarded as the fourth precious stone by gemologists, the first three being diamonds, rubies and safires. Due to its high concentration of chrome, this green birthstone helps with the memory, improves visual perception and intuition.

What are the characteristics of emeralds?

The emerald helps those in the Aries sign develop both introspective and meditation capacities, thus facilitating a personal development based purely on mind and will power and not on ego and individualism. In this regard, emeralds worn by Aries sign natives improve empathy levels and determines them to put the needs of others above their own. Healthwise, the emerald acts as a tissue regenerator and detoxifies the liver and pancreas.

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  4. If worn as a jewel, the emerald must be cleaned once a month under a stream of warm water, and placed under sun rays at dawn. Being the first sign of the European zodiac, your essence is Spring, the new, freshness, explosion, life, the will of upsurge. Regardless of your age, your heart will always stay young.

    Adventure is what you most want from life. Your life philosophy — adventure You will try everything in life, even if only once, just to feel the chills of new adventures.

    You have an immense courage, almost madly. You love challenges because of your competitive spirit.

    Aries Birthstones

    You take on things subtly so as to realize whether or not you can control the situation and win. You are always on the lookout for new conquests, fights and victories. You have golden hands.