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Andy Hill, then the lead Republican budget writer, said in Democrats, meanwhile, downplayed marijuana money, considering revenue estimates to be far too optimistic. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, now a state senator, said of marijuana revenue estimates. And then the big chunk: Who knows where they go now, maybe some of it goes to education, maybe not. Almost all of it goes to education. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. No personal attacks or insults, no hate speech, no profanity.

Is marijuana money the answer to fund Washington schools?

Look no further than the crucial issue of how marijuana impacts the developing brain. The so-called Dunedin study, well-known in pot-policy circles, found heavy use in adolescence was associated with stunted IQ. A new study from Norway, using the same data, said factors other than marijuana, such as socio-economics , were to blame. A University of Washington professor emeritus and former pot-smoker, Roffman believes many people can use pot without harm. But experience has shown him that others can be hurt by it. To get beyond hyperbole and scare tactics, Roffman points to a brochure produced by the University of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute as a model for accurately conveying the risks of marijuana.

But some infrequent users, such as New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, say they felt horrible after consuming pot-infused edibles. As the UW Institute advises, first-time marijuana users may experience anxiety or panic; use a small amount at first and wait an hour two, if consuming edibles to learn how it affects you. Under state rules, labels on pot products must show the percentages of two main chemicals in pot: But CBD is believed to have anti-convulsant and other therapeutic qualities and growers are breeding it back into plants.

There is no known fatal dose of marijuana. What Everyone Needs To Know. And pot is less risky than alcohol in that regard — as some 7, die each year of accidental falls due to being drunk, he said. Still, even if all 26 deaths were related to overdose, and not other factors, Kleiman and his co-authors say the three deaths per year would be equivalent to the risk of dying in a commercial plane crash. There are non-fatal overdoses for sure, as tens of thousands of people end up in hospital emergency rooms every year for reasons related to marijuana use.

The vast majority are treated and released without being admitted. Scientists are not certain if pot smoking increases the risk of cancer.

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The latest research suggests that smoking is likely to increase symptoms of chronic bronchitis, such as coughing and wheezing. Scientists also are concerned that the way pot is smoked — by inhaling deeply into lungs and holding smoke there — can lead to tar being deposited in lungs. The main psychoactive ingredient in pot, THC, can affect specific sites in the brain, including the hippocampus, which is associated with memory. Scientists think getting high can impede your short-term memory, or ability to remember recently learned information.

It does not impact other types of memory, such as the ability to recognize things, or recall a learned skill, such as riding a bike. THC crosses the placental barrier, just as alcohol does. But scientists believe regular marijuana use during pregnancy can lead to babies born with reduced weight. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, research suggests that babies born to women who used marijuana during their pregnancies may have subtle neurological alterations and, later in childhood, can show diminished problem-solving skills, memory, and attention.

However, the fact that pregnant women who use marijuana may also smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol makes it difficult to determine exactly how much of these effects are attributable specifically to marijuana. Again, the science is not conclusive. Some people get depressed when high, others psychotic. But there is an important exception, according to the UW Institute. People vulnerable to psychosis, or who have a history of it, face a risk of having a psychotic episode if they get high. For teens, scientists believe, the risks of mental-health problems are greater if they consume pot.

The chief concern for young people is that their brains are still developing. The pre-frontal cortex, for example, might not develop the way it is supposed to if a teen smokes a lot of pot. That could lead to memory problems, learning difficulties and problem-solving struggles. And these problems could be permanent. Teens who use a lot of pot might also have increased chances of depression or other mental illnesses. Not for most people, according to the UW Institute. For some, though, pot use looks a lot like addiction. Important things, such as friendships, are sacrificed so they can get high.

Some scientists estimate that 9 percent, or 1-in pot smokers, develops the symptoms of addiction. To avoid such problems, the UW Institute advises getting high once a week or less. Driving high increases the risk of accidents, although not as much as alcohol does. Driving high can cause impairment, such as slower reaction time and divided attention, or distraction.

The state hopes parking-lot pot transactions with sketchy dealers die out in favor of trips to your state-regulated pot shop. Here are their locations: Represented are the locations of pot-store lottery winners in Washington as well as potential pot-store locations in communities that did not have enough applicants to warrant a lottery. What do pot stores and sex offenders have in common?

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Even if a river separates a school and potential pot shop, there still has to be 1, feet between them kids can swim, you know. Because dense neighborhoods usually have kids running around, certain parts of the Seattle will be veritable pot deserts.

‘A classic story of gentrification’

Seattle will have 21 stores. You can advertise in newspapers and online , but the Liquor Control Board advises marijuana businesses to consult with an attorney before taking to the airwaves. What about TV or radio? Stores must close at 12 a. They can be open seven days a week. Pot shops can only sell pot, pot-infused products and paraphernalia. Keep in mind, retailers are only allowed to sell, and not process, pot. Only with your nose.

Cannabis capitalism: who is making money in the marijuana industry?

Edibles, tinctures, lotions and even vaporizers are likely allowed under state law. Federal law, of course, is another story, and landlords could rely on that to disallow consumption. But how would they know? And would that hold up in the courts?

Is marijuana money the answer to fund Washington schools? | The Seattle Times

Seattle mandates that 75 percent of its lodging rooms be smoke-free. However, clashing state and federal laws makes that a complicated endeavor. How do I avoid the Maureen Dowd experience? Unlike the Panama Red and Acapulco Gold of yore, sinsemilla is green — often with orange and purple highlights — and it is more potent. First, it is not genetically modified , as confirmed earlier this year by truth-checking Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists at Politifact. It is selectively bred like apples or wheat for qualities such as color, smell and, yes, potency.

Second, it is strong. A recent scan shows samples ranging between 7 percent and 23 percent THC. The 20 most recent samples averaged Back in the s, the mean potency for pot was about 3 percent, according to Politifact. The state rules require that all pot products carry labels showing the levels of THC and CBD cannabidiol , a chemical in pot known to have anti-convulsant and other therapeutic qualities.

Prices are expected to be quite high when retail pot shops first open in Washington, as they were when Colorado opened its first stores in January. The high prices in Colorado reflected an initially low supply and extraordinary demand. In Washington, we should expect something similar. The state will have licensed just a fraction of the applicants who applied to grow when stores first open.

This is less harmful to your lungs. There are two main kinds of vaporizers: Dogg had sent a complimentary vaporizer to the paper. It fits in a pocket, but is fragile and has some design flaws. A lot of ground to cover here. First, the obvious; while Washingtonians voted to legalize weed, not all are experienced with how to consume it. Those pot-laced truffles look sweet and pretty, but they can pack a wallop. You need to start by understanding the potency of any edible before taking a bite.

State officials consider 10 mg of THC to be a single serving size or dose. So look at the total THC content of your edible and ingest just a 10 mg dose , or less, to start. Only increase your dosage after waiting more than an hour, maybe two. So why does everyone now seem to talk about how stoned you can get instead of all the great things you can do when high, like communing with nature, protesting war, or fighting The Man?

We agree on your larger point, though. How will that play out in Washington? Will Washington be bankrolling schools or building roads with some kush cash? There are several rungs and licenses in the pot-supply chain. Between each rung, a 25 percent tax gets paid out to the state. Under the law, producers can also be processors, and therefore avoid a 25 percent tax. Consumers will pay sales taxes as they would when buying any other good.

The Liquor Control Board will dole out pot excise tax revenue every three months, and I is very specific in outlining its destination. Surely there will be more tax revenue.