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Double Take, Collins London, England , Distant Banner, Collins London, England , Seek for Justice, Collins London, England , Dwell in Danger, St. Once Dying, Twice Dead, St. A Blurred Reality, St.

A Trout in the Milk, St. The Devil Is Dead, St.

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Angel of Death, St. A Short-Lived Ghost, St.

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Assumption of Death, Constable London, England , The Ways of Death, Constable, Law in Action, Allman London, England , Building Law, Allman London, England , Managing within the Law, Allman London, England , Company Law, Allman London, England , Outlines of Equity, Butterworth London, England , The Victorian Bar, , R. Hale London, England , The Victorian Bar, R. The Maypole, Wigantech Wigan, England , Writer for radio program Brought to Justice.

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  • Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Modern Language Association http: Never afraid to cross borders in search of the truth and in an effort to clear his name, Eric finds himself leaving England often and visiting far reaching corners of the world. He delves into the workings of the criminal underworld and delivers a page-turning performance throughout. English author Roy Lewis has written a series of books featuring Eric Ward. Born in , the author lives in the North of England.

    His home provides a setting for his books.

    Lewis, Roy 1933–

    Roy was formerly a college principal. He was also an Inspector of Schools.

    Lewis, Roy 1933–

    These career backgrounds gave him the literary ability and creativity to write crime mystery novels. Eric Ward is a most interesting character. He appears in many books by this author. The first one was published in while the latest was published in This is more than 20 years of writing. Throughout the lifetime of these books, Eric Ward cleverly handles cases of crime. They are always shrouded in mystery and often feature death. Each of these books has a gripping plot where Eric is often on the cusp of death or worse. Crime mystery novels are generally page turners and this series is no different.

    Roy created a character who is relatable yet who finds himself in harrowing situations. Despite the choices that Eric Ward makes in his books, readers find themselves captivated and rooting for the good guy. This book was published and released in and was the first to feature acclaimed character Eric Ward. Egan was a wealthy man and his estate was substantial. In his will, he indicated that it should go to an heir.

    The only problem was that nobody in his family or network of friends had ever hear about this heir.

    Once Dying, Twice Dead

    Eric Ward was tempted to go and find out who this mystery heir is. In his efforts, Eric discovers that Egan did a stretch in prison for manslaughter. This was interesting news. What was even more interesting is that the evidence against him might have been planted and Egan knew about it as he went off to jail.

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    Eric Ward is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by British novelist Roy Lewis. Formerly a police inspector, Eric Ward is losing his eyesight and now works as a solicitor. A cold case leads retired police inspector Eric Ward into imminent danger when his informal investigation into the secret legacy of a convicted murderer points to a scandal that may involve two prominent families.

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    With his police career destroyed by impending blindness, aspiring lawyer Eric Ward faces a shattering personal crisis as he investigates a bitter family feud. In A Limited Vision by Roy Lewis book 3 in the series , Eric Ward must overcome the various problems caused by his painful glaucoma after a death threat forces him to search for an enemy from his past.