Systemtheorie - Methoden und Anwendungen für ein- und mehrdimensionale Systeme (German Edition)

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November 4, The X pile goes critical and produces plutonium by the end of the month.

Late John von Neumann visits Los Alamos to aid implosion research. December 15, The first Alpha racetrack is shut down due to maintenance problems. January The second Alpha racetrack is started and demonstrates maintenance problems similar to those that disabled the first.

January Construction begins on Abelson's thermal diffusion plant at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. February Y sends grams of uranium to Los Alamos. March The Beta building at Y is completed. March Bomb models are tested at Los Alamos.

April Oppenheimer informs Groves about Abelson's thermal diffusion research in Philadelphia. June 6, Allied forces launch the Normandy invasion. June 21, Groves orders the construction of the S thermal diffusion plant at Oak Ridge. July 4, The decision is made to work on a calutron with a beam source for use in Y July 17, The plutonium gun bomb code named Thin Man is abandoned. July A major reorganization to maximize implosion research occurs at Los Alamos. July Scientists at the Metallurgical Laboratory issue the "Prospectus on Nucleonics," concerning the international control of atomic energy.

August 7, Bush briefs General George C. Marshall, informing him that small implosion bombs might be ready by mid and that a uranium bomb will almost certainly be ready by August 1, September 13, The first slug is placed in pile B at Hanford. September Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Hyde Park and sign an "aide memoire" pledging to continue bilateral research on atomic technology.

Summer Spring The Manhattan Project's chances for success advance from doubtful to probable as Oak Ridge and Hanford produce increasing amounts of fissionable material, and Los Alamos makes progress in chemistry, metallurgy, and weapon design. September 27, The 1OO-B reactor goes critical and begins operation.


September 30, Bush and Conant advocate international agreements on atomic research to prevent an arms race. December The chemical separation plants Queen Marys are finished at Hanford. February 2, Los Alamos receives its first plutonium. March S begins operation at Oak Ridge. March Tokyo is firebombed, resulting in , casualties. March 12, K begins production at Oak Ridge. April 12, President Roosevelt dies. May Stalin tells Harry Hopkins that he is willing to meet with Truman and proposes Berlin as the location.

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May 7, The German armed forces in Europe surrender to the Allies. May 23, Tokyo is firebombed again, this time resulting in 83, deaths. May 31 - June 1, The Interim Committee meets to make recommendations on wartime use of atomic weapons, international regulation of atomic information, and legislation regarding domestic control of the atomic enterprise the Committee's draft legislation becomes the basis for the May- Johnson bill. June 6, Stimson informs President Truman that the Interim Committee recommends keeping the atomic bomb a secret and using it as soon as possible without Warning.

June Scientists at the Metallurgical Laboratory issue the Franck Report, advocating international control of atomic research and proposing a demonstration of the atomic bomb prior to its combat use. June 14, Groves submits the target selection group's recommendation to Marshall. June 21, The Interim Committee, Supporting its Scientific Panel, rejects the Franck Report recommendation that the bomb be demonstrated prior to combat.

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July , Stimson briefs Truman on the Interim Committee's deliberations and outlines the peace terms for Japan. July 16, Los Alamos scientists successfully test a plutonium implosion bomb in the Trinity shot at Alamogordo, New Mexico. July 21, Groves sends Stimson a report on the Trinity test. In an evening session, Truman informs Stalin that the United States has tested a powerful new weapon.

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb

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