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Phrases Speak like a native Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. I am a very good weight for me and I think I look pretty good, even in a bikini. But sometimes I feel like the only woman who is seeing the world right side up while the rest of the world sees it upside down! How was life before start count calories?

A savoir que la nourriture est en quelque sorte la compensation de toutes mes frustrations quotidiennes. Je grossis pas, jamais. I just hope everything works out for this young girl in the long run. Je fais attention mais sans plus. Being healthy starts in the mind, and if you start messing with that at a young age, its very likely problems will persist. I did not read the article, but I hope the mother who is concerned for her child will mainly work on her self esteem and happiness rather than focus so much on food. I, like so many other girls, had a mother who was always obsessed with her weight and diet and drank Tabs all day to keep thin and other diet fabs that were not healthy, and I sadly and unsurprisingly developed eating disorders.

I wont deny a night out with girlfriends or a date and great food and drink. But I do my best to put healthy foods in my body on a daily basis to make myself feel good and have my hair, nails and skin look good. I try to only buy good ingredients, mostly organic and from the farm. And, again, I let myself indulge on fabulous delicicies in moderation.

I feel good when I take care of myself and enjoy life. I remember feeling nervous, distrusting, and bitter when I starved or put crap diet foods or junk in my body. S is very different from anywhere else, everything is in excess, on one hand, there are tons of fatty, junk food everywhere, on the other hand, there is this obsession with being size 0. Many people turn to plastic surgery just to get to that image. I think relationship with the food is a big issue in U. I think that in general here we have a good relationship with food. The problem with America is that they have too much. This means passing by the cookie aisle and the chip aisle, this also means cooking at home instead of ordering take out.

Tout mon entourage le voyait, tout mon entourage me le disait. I think what people need to learn is that there is a difference between a diet and just changing the way you eat. As long as the child stays healthy and learns what nutrition actually is rather than learning that going on juice binges is the way to go , then this can be a good thing. Thanks for the insight, Garance. I think people need to remember that there is a difference between a diet and just changing the way you view and interact with food. An interesting view of the article: Pour ma part, je suis mince de nature, sans efforts.

Maintenant je fais du Mon mari me trouve belle. I myself am thankfully not one of them. To me food is pleasure. Eating delicious food is an experience that I cherish every day and especially when travelling. I hope to instill this love and excitement for food in my children.

And I am super thankful to have this relationship with food. Yea, this is a tough one. I think I would have starting filtering out the less nutritious and calorie-laden ones and added more of what is healthful. Of course, you have to eat this way yourself or your kids will get a mixed message. I think we would do better to celebrate happy events in this country with activities that are not centered around food, like crafts or fun activities.

I grew up where food was the currency of love and there was always plenty around. However, the kids ages eat what they want, then go off to play, normal and healthy. Garance, je dois te le demander! My mother not only fed us with mostly-homemade dishes, but gave us a sound understanding of not-fanatic nutrition: I dieted a little as teen and young adult but never obsessively. Cutting way down on beer helped a lot.

For most of the 80s, I lived in the Netherlands. On a visit home, I first saw a tv ad for a food that was touted as guilt-free. If you eat something gooey and yummy, or a sizzling piece of meat, or even too much wine, you might as well enjoy it! As my body aged, I went on Weight Watchers 10 years ago and lost 20 pounds. Got to stop the pudge train. But I still think food is to be enjoyed. Reason, balance, AND skim milk and whole grains!

But I use a tablespoon or two of cream in my coffee. I ate too much yesterday. Last summer, I was lucky enough to live in Paris for a month. There, I immersed myself in the French way of life and eating: This adventure abroad helped heal me and restore a better relationship with food. However, since returning to the States, I sometimes forget the positive aspects of eating and revert back to my old, unhealthy ways. This post has helped remind me of the healthy relationship I did establish with food this past summer; I have been reminded of the joy I got from the French way of eating.

I was a chunky kid but as an adolescent I slimmed down and have managed my weight pretty evenly through reasonable eating and exercise ever since. Im in my 40s. I see in her so many of the habits I had as a kid. We just do our best to keep the foods she eats whole and ensure she gets lots of active time.

"Mission Impossible" translation into French

Un coup, je peux me dire: This is a healthy and fascinating discussion, full or honesty and inquiry. Brava, Garance, for initiating it! Interestingly, I never see any big, heavy-set women of style on this blog, celebrated as avatars of chic, originally and flair. Overwhelmingly the gals smiling from the photos here are almost preternaturally skinny, young, and dressed a la mode. One would almost think that there are no stylish, admirable, gorgeous, smart and highly original women over the age of 50 or the weight of pounds! Perhaps one answer to all of this hand-wringing over body image and disordered relationships to food, would be for some brave soul to consistently — not just once in a blue moon, not as a token — dare to show the complete range of body types and ages who represent the fullest bloom of terrific personal style.

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The more various the images we shoot and show, the more flexible the readings and the happier everyone will be. Is it the same when I count grapes for breakfast and vilify carbohydrates, and when I decide to have a side salad instead of mash potatoes with my steak when I eat out?

For a year or so. Perhaps this affords me some obsession with food. Interestingly, I never see any big, heavy-set women of style on this blog, celebrated as avatars of chic, originality and flair. Your video clip is great — delicious hand-made food to be shared at a table with people you care about.

The epitomy of healthy eating! Thank you for raising this discussion. As a paediatrician and the mother of a teenage daughter it is always very tricky to approach weight issues in pre-adolescent and teenage girls. There are so many pressures from magazines, like Vogue, and other media images to correspond to an often impossible to attain digitally-altered shape. Obese children find it difficult and embarrassing to exercise which perpetuates the problem. Children living in cities are often driven everywhere for safety and seldom have opportunities to run around or walk to balance their calorie intake.

Children who are home alone and lonely often comfort eat just like adults do. As your video suggests, there is no problem in eating sugary treats in moderation. Children do not generally buy their own food however so guided choices by adults are possible. Setting a good example as an adult is always challenging! What I find even more interesting is how Vogue works as a marker of what our culture finds aesthetically ideal, in this case acceptable body shapes. The only image that featured her body showed her laying on a sofa, wearing a very full skirt with a cinched waist, the lighting and pose emphasized her waist, and further made her look thinner than she actually is.

But it took some effort and self-observation and less celebrity-observation to finally acknowledge that I am healthy, I do plenty of activities for my own pleasure and not …always for loosing weight , I have a family and a boyfriend who loves me. Whether we acknowledge it or not, food IS one of the most important factor in the Happiness department of life. So why would I or any girl not want to enjoy life when we have so much. And I think that a girl is always more beautiful when she is happy like you Garance! I found the article disturbing.

Not the fact that the mother was trying to help her daughter be healthy but that it was turned into an article for public evaluation and judgment.

"Mission Impossible" in French

The mother even admits that time will tell whether or not she did more good then damage. Ton article me parle! What is the time better doing? Laying around in bed, or on the sofa right after you get home? I only can say that if we notice a problem in other people then we have the same problem. Problems out there are just mirroring our own problems.

There are way to many problems related to food and image to be count here. I would love to see more compassion regarding people who struggle in life. Je souffre de TCA. Manger du gluten et ne pas avaler ses graines de goji fait de vous un mauvais individu? Garance — I am a great fan of your blog but have never felt the need to comment before. Your honesty and delight at life and fashion are infectious, but I most love how you take it all so light-heartedly and enjoy your life and adventures.

I am so glad you took on the issue of food and the obsession with weight. For the past 30 years I have tried to eat healthfully and maintain an active lifestyle without obsessively dieting or exercising. My best friend, on the other hand, is anorexically thin. She has a much younger sister who is quite overweight. I felt as if she had slapped their mother in front of them. There were so many negative messages in that one comment. I hope I can be a better role model for them.

Il ne varie jamais. I remember growing up with a Mother who never dieted, never talked about dieting, never restricted foods etc. My Mother was slim and fit-always has been, after 5 children too! I believe this had a profound influence on me, both as a child and with my body image as an adult. I am not concerned with dieting, have never dieted, and am bored when around women who seem to feel every one else is as body image obsessed as they are.

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I was brought up on whole natural foods, and plenty of them. Snacks and desert consisted of fresh fruit. My weight is within the healthy weight range. I eat whole unprocessed foods-plenty of fruit and vegetables mainly raw, and vegan. I feel the main issue with weight management is processed foods filled with chemicals, which do who knows what to our bodies!! Diet foods loaded with aspartame-make people hungry and crave sugar. Msg in processed foods also creates increased appetite-and a craving for more of the food which contains msg.

Sugar, fat and salt are extremely addictive substances, obviously food corporations are aware of this and increase these in processed foods, which leads to increased profits!! Your health does not concern them-only profits! Best diet in the true sense of the word is a raw vegan organic diet-try it. As for the overweight child, I feel her Mother should not tell the child she is on a diet-but clean up her diet with whole natural foods, unprocessed foods, and play a little sport with her.

She will most likely grow into a healthy weight, once her height increases. I read the article, and I am so pleased you are talking about it. I suspect this little child is going to grow up with the same problems as her mom. Feeling guilty about enjoying lovely foods is insane.

There is nothing wrong with educating kids about more and less healthy foods, but life without any millefeuilles would just not be the same: Garance, I read your blog regularly and have never commented before but I really wanted to thank you for this post. I find the idea of a child being put on a diet quite horrifying, but I agree that it is brave and in a way positive that this mother is breaking her silence about it. As you say, so much of the obsession with dieting goes untalked about. Thanks for not taking part in it! As such I avoid processed foods, prepare my own foods, try to eat from every food group, and indulge on occasion.

So everything is perfect… But if my relationship with food is so healthy, I wonder why this article interested me so? Why did I spend so much time reading through many of the comments? I may not be starving myself, but I am aware that my relationship with food is very closely tied to how I feel about my body, and there is a fine line to where it might become unhealthy. Maybe it already is unhealthy, given the amount of mental energy I have dedicated to the matter!

Even worse, she goes off on one at her daughter. I see it around me too these days, nowhere near as bad as it must be in parts of the US, but all these women who eat the donut and spend the rest of their coffee break discussing how guilty they feel about having eaten it. Sweets were always around, but consumed occasionally and in moderation, perhaps precisely because they were always there.

Dinner was prepared in the kitchen and eaten together as a family. And I very rarely buy ready-meals or take out. If I ever have kids, I very much hope that I can pass this on to them in the same way that my parents very quietly passed it on to me. After having an eating disorder for 10 years and spending most of my waking hours and many of my dreaming ones obsessing about eating or not eating, vomiting or not vomiting, exercising or not exercising, my recovery I celebrate 10 years this fall , has been a journey involving relapse, experiments with different dogmatic types of diets, and finally, an equilibrium.

And that, is the truth. Because the sad part about this weight stuff again for those who struggle with too much or with not enough is that that struggle so overshadows the living of a real, engaged, intentional life. So there gets to be a point where you have to accept it, by remaining as healthy and active as you possibly can.

Everything else is genetics or outrageous restaurant meals. Obviously the Vogue article is quite controversial. I planned to write a letter to the editor but will say it here. I found it not only troubling, but extremely selfish. In twenty years this child will be writing articles about how her mother influenced her negative feelings about her body and how it became a problem for decades and how she had to overcome it.

The obsession with weight has reached hysterical proportions. Skinny is not pretty. As much as I appreciate the honesty of the writer, I just cannot condone a mother that puts her child on a diet yet still allows for one processed snack a day. This is where life-long unhealthy habits originate. I myself am also of European descent, and as you, living in New York City. Compared to what I am used to, it is absolutely saddening to see peoples relationship to food here.

I first moved to New York at the young age of Back then, I was unfortunately drawn into the world that many N. After moving back to Europe for a while, my mindset completely changed again. Food is an extremely important part of our lives, it is what keeps us alive and it is what contributes to the energy we have to laugh, have fun, and most importantly, to love. But to let food completely devour ones life is an energy completely wasted, in comparison to how a life really can be lived.

Unfortunately, I see the negative type of energy towards one self being of the dominating kind here in New York. It is just sad to see, because what people do not seem to realize, is that they loose their own inner self and individuality through putting so much focus into food, and thus, their outer self. No magazine or bodily ideal can ever take the pure beauty of individualism away. The poor women of this world. Instead of seeing eating as a nourishing fulfillment of needs, we view eating on a scale from starving to over indulging.

If she starves, should i? Then when we see that woman who eats whatever she wants, we measure ourselves against her too. If she indulges, then i can too, right? Instead of having an objective view on eating, we are pitting our eating habits against one another, and thereby pitting women against women. As a girl who mostly eats whatever she wants, and is never without butter in the fridge, i wish that we could stop making a competition of who eats less, or who indulges more, and start trying to enjoy eating again. If parents are worried about passing along poor eating habits, then they should put down the diet books, and start teaching their kids to have a healthy relationship with food.

As a vegetarian I find it easier to eat healthier day to day than my meat eating friends particularly when I cook. I am in place now where I have accepted my body more than I did in my twenties but having found my happy weight place where I feel my figure and confidence are at their best, I can become uncomfortable if I feel the weight creeping on. Finding your personal happy place and working to stay there is good but finding your happy weight and struggling to stay there is good for nothing.

This story touched me. I have a wonderful mother, but her insecurities about her own body which has never been overweight often passed on to me who has also never been overweight, though my weight has fluctuated within the healthy scale. That will keep you alive longer than stressing out over a 19 BMI will. Though it is of course important to eat healthy and exercise, the constant guilt that comes along with any sort of indulgence is unhealthy.

Because so much of this really does go unsaid, learning to speak to yourself positively is so much more important — and not just in terms of food and health. The amount of obsession we place on food is unhealthy in itself. Lately I find myself constantly thinking about what I eat and how it will affect my body. I am so obsessed that I have joined a calorie counting website, freaking out over every meal I eat and going to bed angry when I have gone over my days calorie allowance. I eat healthily and do regular exercise, but I am sad that food is constantly giving me the guilt treatment.

Food should be there to be enjoyed, especially if its a healthy moderate portion I need to be sufficiently nourished. We need to assure ourselves that being healthy means being beautiful, not stick thin. Plus on culpabilise sur un plat, un dessert, moins il y aura de plaisir et plus on conditionnera notre corps. Ce que vivent bon nombre de personnes est difficile, manger fait partie de notre quotidien. You know the average girl that wants to loose a kilo or two. But at my years old I gained without realising it 4 kilos.

It was eally great that I did that because I learned how to eat healthier and was a good way to get throught this without becoming obsessed about it. I got some great eating habbits, I lost some kilos- I regained half of them later, being in Greece it is hard not to eat amazing food, and I love food!

Yes straggle with food is bad and happens to most of the people I know. Most people become misserable with food and it is annoying because you cannot enjoy life litterally! I think the kew is acceptance of ourselves, and balance on everything we do. It is hard to find those things if you are young, if you do not get through all the stages of dieting- get bored with diets etc to rich a certain point where your weight is not the most important thing in the world….

Psychology is the most important thing! I think we become obsessed because if you open a magazine ELLE, Glamour, marie Claire you find diets, ways to detox, ways to loose pounds in 1 week, ways to stay young forever. If we get too stressed on what we eat and how much we wheight our body cannot find balance.. I am also really interested to know— what do you think about Model Alliance and Marc Jacobs not paying models?

A le plaisir de la table …. Un petit truc qui pour moi fonctionne aussi: Merci beaucoup pour cette article et ton blog! I believe, putting class and economic status to one side, that once women can accept that their weight will fluctuate on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, and they can accept that their hormones will affect their cravings they will make some headway in tackling their body image and eating issues in a healthy manner. Once you can find grace in that aspect of our femininity we might just be able to sit with a couple of extra pounds and fluid retention and craving carbs or protein and accept that this shall pass.

Living is fluid and relies on flexibility and adaptation. Not fixed thinking and behaviour. Listen to your body and allow yourself to eat less when you feel the need is less. We are designed to store fat for emergency starvation. We must tune in to our bodies. Be active, enjoy walking everywhere you can. The more we move the happier we will feel, providing we give ourselves time to rest too.

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Being human means accepting that we have the capacity to love and hate, feel a range of emotions, think deeply or superficially, act quickly or move slowly. So we must embrace the range of hungers we have and recognise what they are for and which one we really need to satisfy and how. We choose what we do next. Make it an informed and kind one. And yes, definitely eat healthy, wholesome, natural food. Not over processed, chemically enhanced rubbish.

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Real, unadulterated plants and animal products. In an abundant variety. Be good to yourself and spread awareness. Because 7 is still the age of baby fat so being on diet at 7 ys old sure is a bit extreme and scaring at least this little girl will have this article to show to her therapist. Nina, une bombasse un peu ronde, se voit offrir par son mec. Je ne mange pas entre les repas et mes filles non plus. I love you even more for this, garance! Pas ronde, pas grosse, pas maigre non plus. I agree that the piece was very frank and am not at all shocked at the measures the author took: When a doctor tells you your child needs to loose weight and is technically obese, it is to be taken seriously.

First of all, children need to be taught healthy eating habits. Second, children eat junk food, chocolate, snacks etc for exactly the same reason as adults: They never talk about what troubles them. Moins ta vie est remplie de ce que tu aimes, plus tu mange. At a certain point in my life food food was my enemy who I loved passionately at the same time.

Somewhere along the way I started to accept myself and with that came a much more healthy relationship with food. To illustrate my story more; I have never even been close to being overweight, yet I had an issue with my weight! I have always been slim thanks to dancing mostly and muscular. Now I know that my muscels are a blessing and are simply a part of me. Je reconnais que je suis chanceuse sur ce coup. I found sugar the main culprit for overeating. The more sugar you eat the more you want it. If you cut it out only takes a couple of days for the body to adjust — beware of hidden sugar in processed food… it is really easy to eat just as much as you need — without overeating or endless snacking.

Add plenty of fresh air and the body finds its balance. I also have two other daughters who are not overweight. So what is a mother to do? I read the article in Vogue and I agree with what this mother did. I wish I had been more proactive when my daughter was younger. In my situation, I have tried to keep my daughter very active — sports each season, ballet and dance during the school year. No buying school lunches, limited snack money for after school excursions with friends. We eat healthy; I make dinner for my family 5 out of 7 nights a week.

My approach with my daughter is awareness that she can not eat the way her brother and sisters can, especially now. She needs to be aware of every wasted calorie that enters her mouth. If you had a daughter that was allergic to wheat or dairy or nuts, you would teach your child how to eat and avoid those foods. It is the same when you are a parent of an overweight child. You need to educate your child about what they can and can not do. She is now down to lbs and our goal weight for her is , as per her pediatricians suggestion.

Taking care of what you eat is more important than being obsessed with how many pounds you weight or which size you are. I also read that article yesterday and was riveted. Because nowhere else in the issue is the issue addressed directly. They only presented this point-of-view piece. They did not offer any useful advice or help or any information on where to get it. What they did do is publish an article about a Mother with food issues celebrating forcing her child onto a diet and arguably pushing her issues onto her own child.

As a stand alone article it would seem that they are advocating the point of view of the Mother. After Vogue being the topic of the body image debate so frequently and not in a positive way , you would think they would know better. You would think they would see the danger. They just see a good way to put themselves back in the media. Get themselves extra publicity. No matter the cost. Je comptais toutes les calories, de tout ce que je mangeais, et les notais dans un carnet. On a mis des mots, tous les trois, sur ce que je traversais, sur pourquoi je le traversais.

La gestion, elle, se fait au cas par cas. Cela peut paraitre paradoxale mais pour maigrir, il faut manger. I think all women have a complicated relationship with food. I realized that in order for me to be healthy I have to eat right and exercise. A lot of ppl are lazy when it comes to that myself included. I read the article and it really got to me.

I, like most American women I know, have a complicated relationship with food and weight. She is however, growing and changing and much of it is just her genetics!! It can be an endless cycle once it is set in motion, as a result of both emotional and biological factors. The more we focus on food, the MORE we focus on food!! I read this article yesterday and I am still thinking about the true message of it.

It is, like you said, a difficult subject and certainly case by case… but in this case I think the mother did the right thing, and I do think she put her daughter on a diet because she had to — and obviously her pediatrician would back her up in a second. It is worse for a parent to give their children sodas, cookies and junk food and not take responsibility for their weight than it is for them to monitor their diet. What is sad about this story is that the daughter got obese in the first place. There is no one to blame but the mother — that is negligence, and of course she would be fighting an uphill battle trying to get the kid to change eating habits after being able to indulge.

That, to me was tragic. What was lost in this article was the message that the daughter is beautiful no matter how much she weighs… too bad…. My relationship with food and my body is a constant worry to me. I am either on a diet or feeling guilty for not being on a diet. Organic extra virgin olive oil and never margarine, fresh fruit instead of fruit rollups, etc. The meals they served were healthy and very similar to how I eat now but the obsession with food was not. On aura beau le dire milles fois mais pour maigrir pas de secret: Anyway, I do believe that constantly thinking about weight and always being preoccupied about food is in no way healthy at all…it stops us from living our lives to the fullest.

And although I do understand that in my head, I cannot help but be that way. It is an eating disorder — mild in most, but could be dangerous over time, and there are so many women out there suffering from the serious consequences of it. So glad you wrote it. As a self-professed chubby kid gone skinny—you know the type—I know I have a troubled relationship with food.

Despite my best efforts, my weight fluctuates by about 5 pounds at any point throughout the year. Cookie does not equal terrible human being. Nor 5 pounds for an extra week or two. I used to be fat. In high school and freshman year of college. I was plus 30 lbs on my normal weight now.

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  • Im not going to spend my 20s being overweight! That summer break I started working out everyday. So now with my kids this is my plan: Food is a non-issue. Every two years we visit my in-laws on the East Coast for a month and I cannot tell you how much preparation goes into this visit. We try to find out where we can buy organic meat, bread, vegetables, we plan recipes and we try to snack out as little as possible. My kid has to bring fresh fruit and packed lunch to her small state school every day. The day it actually becomes cheaper to cook a meal with vegetables instead of getting a MacMuffin or whatever is the day that a change will start in the US.

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    Je ne sais plus ne pas y penser. Quand je mange trop gras, je me sens mal et je culpabilise. They are so insidious and normalised in our society.

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    It really is ridiculous. We all have to learn to listen to our inner selves, surely. Food is to be enjoyed, like life, like clothes, like friends etc etc. Thought provoking post and refreshing. Thanks Garance and bon appetit! People are often surprised and shocked when girls are on diets or simply obsessive about food, but the sense of control over food has to come from somewhere. Without putting any blame on parents or other people, I do believe that young girls develop this unhealthy relationship with food simply by looking at the women surrounding them.

    Which I often find ridiculous, because food should be something you enjoy and not something to feel guilty about. Accepting ourselves in every size, shape and form while being healthy! I do know a lot of people with food obsession. I feel so lucky to not be in this situation. I have a great metabolism and a love for good-quality, home-made and healthy full fat!

    When I was in my 20s I was a national-level athlete, and for me that had the effect of making me love my food more! I knew that to perform well I had to nurture my body. In my 40s, I have an Italian partner from the south of Italy, and so food is very important as an expression of culture. I do find it depressing that women who are colleagues are always sending articles about the next big diet or food combination or asking me, because of my athletic background , or whatever, and I always try to convince them impossible to just let go, listen to their bodies, enjoy food and…forget about it.

    That makes a big difference in making the connection between food and life. Mais je me soigne ahah! I read the article, also. As a mom, although I did not condone everything the mother said to her daughter, I sympathized with her plight. Kids today are inundated with junk food. Overtime, these kids are at risk for diabetes, heart attack, depression and even early death. I think this woman will be roundly criticized for her methods, but as someone said above the parents who let their kids eat unhealthy food much to their detriment are not doing a great thing either.

    For the first time in my life, I went to a nutritionist last year. I regret all those years that I wasted on stupid diets and feeling ashamed of putting on a bikini and I wished I had gone to a nutritionist before. I was chubby as a young child, and agonized over trying to lose weight. I had a weird relationship with food, because I craved sweets, but my mother would judge me if I ate sweets or fast food. Even though being chubby was normal for me at that age, the idea of trying to be thin stuck with me.

    Once I was past the adolescent phase, I realized that I am normal and that healthy exercise with a combination of exciting healthy food will keep me in great shape! I only do exercise that makes me happy — dancing, swimming, surfing. I eat lean meats and lots of beautiful vegetables and fruit. Thanks for creating a place where this subject can be discussed without all the hoo-ha.

    I am currently recovering from anorexia nervosa. I also know a lot of people that have this disease. Trust me is not something you could want. I have classmates that are models. I used to look up to their bodies, I used to feel fat around them. So I started exercising, when I was only Then,when I was 14, I started dieting. Then dieting and exercising became an obsession.

    Later, when I was 16 I stop dieting, and start gaining weight, but gain to much. Then last year, I stopped eating for days, then, for 3 months I ate nothing but vegetables, tea, diet jelly and cacao. I achieved again my lowest weight, but I had no energies and looked like a ghost. This year my mom made me go to a center specialized in EDs. They made me a lot of exams, and they found out that I have with only 17 years old bradycardia, osteopenia, low defenses, amenorrhea and my hair falls in impressive amounts.

    It will take a lot of time until I can physically and mentally recover. The psychological ones are worst. Although I have the same problems that my 81 years old grandma has, I wish I could be thinner. The thing is, EDs are a living hell. And I really appreciate that some people speak up, get involved and try to do something. Vive la nourriture, vive la gourmandise!

    I feel like there is an unbalance, but to get to the root of a situation we must start at the beginning. For example, the mother, in the above mentioned article, put on twenty pounds during two pregnancies, which lead her to want to diet. This issue begins way before the diet. I started with those eating habits that lead her to the twenty additional pounds which are more than likely the same eating habits adopted by her 7-year old.

    I feel like the word diet itself has taken a negative concept over the past several years. Especially with its heavy associations with being sexy, fit, and acceptable. But it simply means — the way one eats. And I feel in that context, we should all have a healthy, balanced, diet. There are also some tasty things I have given up because I noticed that it was doing more harm than good to my body. Obesity is no laughing matter — especially in America. Our menu is already full of food combinations that put the body in over-work mode, which eventually slows or shuts down our metabolism and in worst cases, our bodily functions hence the gradual rise of digestive illnesses.

    It is safe to say that you are right, Garance. We are either taking our relationship with food too seriously or not serious enough. I find that the need for a diet in the self-depravation sense always comes into play when someone realizes they lived only on one side of the scale and needs balance. Discovering what works for us, respectively, is an intuitive art, and it solicits patience, care, and love. Eating a wide variety of foods, cooked as much as possible from fresh ingredients rather than the chemical confection which are so profitable for the food industry with occasional treats and a focus on eating wonderful foods in moderation rather than feeling guilty.

    I did however change the way that I eat, permanently. I now eat, fish, lean meat protein build muscle and gives you long lasting energy and non starchy vegetables. I wish I had understood the science of metabolism years earlier. I also learned about portion sizes. Food is a gift.

    And should be a joy. But like many relationships, specially romantic ones, one can tend to self sabotage by being too focused on it. Stuff made by mother nature. The rest, you can balance with meats, dairy and processed carbs bread, muffins, whatever. If your plate is full and colorful from fruits and vegetables, both your body and your soul will be fed.

    I also think so many women place their value on their appearance and not on their heart, soul, real worth — because its hard to look into your own spirit and see that change is needed. They will only make you more pleasant to hug! Dear Garance, Thanks for taking up the subject again.

    So it is a problem. Others, of course, are always there to judge. Only the closest people of mine know. Girls with absolutely beautiful bodies would seem totally big by those parameters. Seeing a picture of in my sense what should be a normal body is in fashion blogs rarity and always a sort of relief — at least someone shows a normal human being! Fortunately there are a few exeptions.

    I just read this article yesterday and I loved it! As someone who has grown up in both the US and Europe, I find the split very extreme.

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    Then people gorge on junk food. Denying yourself only creates cravings, obsessions. I think the French multi-course, little of everything, is a fantastic secret because you get lots of vitamins, lots of variety, have to loooove cooking and food because it takes more time than throwing together a single bowl of pasta or meat dish, but is all about pleasure, company, multiplicity. My father was something of a whole foods healthnut. I grew up in American health food stores in the 60s, made own yoghurt, and had a vegetable garden. But I was also jealous of my friends who got sweet cereals and twinkies, so I gorged at slumber parties.

    Americans ate pretty badly in the early 70s, I must say…probably why my parents went the other direction to ueber-healthy What I did learn from early on, though, was what good healthy food was and habits for life. But I also think that American culture has a really off-kilter relationship with food and bodies, fuelled by imbalance and a food industry that likes fads. I remember when all orange juice had calcium in it because it became a fad! Orange juice with calcium??? Find the balance, learn moderation, enjoy food rather than obsess about it, and things fall into place.

    We have to eat, after all. Coucou Grance, et aussi tout le monde. I love your opinion on the topic. It is true that women are always trying to find new ways of dieting to lose weight. I think that in the U. I think the main problem is that here in the U. Having now read the article I would add that the pictures were of the daughter after she had lost weight and she was not just a little bit above healthy weight but 99th percentile, so clearly the way she was eating before was wrong for her.

    I think it is very easy to think of concern about weight only as a manifestation of vanity and thus easy to criticise, whereas it is really a question of health: As a child I had the advantage of growing up in New Zealand where the norm at the time was to have a vegetable garden in your backyard and access to an endless supply of fresh local fruit, quality meat and dairy. We often as children had our own patch of garden to grow our vegetables of choice.