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The IOTC Scientific Committee has noted in the report of its 19th session of December that gillnets are regularly being used with lengths between 4 and 7km. In kind participation by the research labs Expected results in In France introduced the Reward-Penalty scheme for personal cars. The Green Economy in Practice: Interactive Workshop 1, February 11th, France introduced the Bonus-Malus reward-penalty system for personal cars in to remove older polluting vehicles from the road and encourage manufacturers to develop The irrigated agriculture sector is the primary water consumer in North Africa Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

These countries have mobilized most of their resources and should now continue to improve management of demand to guarantee the environmental and socio-economic sustainability of the sector. National agricultural water economy strategies have been defined. The aim is that these measures be implemented by local bodies from the perimeter manager to the agricultural water user in spite of the difficulties associated with the major technical, social and economic constraints involved.

The collaborative project with France aims to provide data from marine charts, bathymetric surveys and aerial photographs, gathered over several decades, to three countries of West Africa Benin, Senegal, Togo. Such information is crucial for monitoring changes to the coastal environment in th SOI will provide a global platform to build partnerships and enhance capacity to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets related to marine and coastal biodiversity in a holistic manner.

This will contribute to the capacity development of SIDS from national to subnational level, and through thematic and regional cooperation initiatives to sustainably manage their ocean and coastal biodiversity and benefit from the many environmental, social, and economic services provided by healthy marine ecosystems. The project's purpose is to use experiments currently being carried out in various countries in order to analyze the conditions conducive to developing forms of tourism in line with the stated sustainability criteria, and to suggest methodologies for implementing these new approaches as well as for their follow-up and evaluation.

This will involve transforming experimentation into development programmes for emerging countries and offering validated methodological tools to national authorities. The first phase will consist of identifying experiments in progress, selecting the "best practices, Together, they have determined that issues addressing biodiversity, ecosystem management and sustainable development SD must now be included in their mission.

GFAR is designed to encourage an upward structure of research systems: These various levels also The European Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities RFSC is an open, non-binding, on-line toolkit to assist actors of urban management and development to improve dialogue and action on sustainability at local level. ICRI is is a partnership among governments, international organizations, and non-government organizations.

Governance arrangements are set out in organization and management procedures, which identify roles of the General Meeting as a governing body and the Secretariat, which is hosted by countries on a rotating basis; criteria for membership; and implementation of activities through operational networks and ad hoc committees.

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It comprises 5 themes: Raising awareness on the i This initiative seeks to produce training modules from the results of research projects; to create skill centers as support structures for research, trails and training in local sustainable development practices; to create a knowledge base making use of all sources of information on sustainable development practices; to implement e-learning courses; and to make the information and skills required for sustainable development practices available and readily comprehensible to everyone.

The WIOCC is a country led partnership that promotes actions for climate resilient development that achieves effective conservation of biodiversity, enhanced livelihood and economies for greater social security among coastal communities. The WIOCC mobilises the political, financial and technical commitment at national and regional levels by inspiring leadership and facilitating collaboration towards a shared, long-term vision.

All the analyses conducted by the CFCE and its clients confirm the importance of modern, stable, predictable and transparent business law in strengthening the inflow of foreign and domestic investment required to support jobs, management and technology , promoting business growth and ensuring fair regulation of the local impact of the resulting benefits. We also know that sound legal governance exerts an influence on all the structures of national power.

Welcome to the United Nations. Voluntary National Review Letter from Permanent Mission of France. This first universal approach provides a new framework for development policies for the next 15 years. It builds on the eight Millennium Development Goals implemented since , which have contributed to real progress with tackling hunger, poverty and child mortality, rolling back pandemics, and improving access to water and education.

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Unlike the Millennium Development Goals, the new Sustainable Development Goals have a universal dimension and apply to all development challenges in all countries. In addition to the poverty reduction goals, the agenda features new goals to which France is equally attached with respect to environmental protection, gender equality, universal medical coverage, tackling illicit financial flows and corruption, and good governance. Given our long-standing, unremitting commitment to sustainable development, France has volunteered to present its Agenda implementation approach at the very first high-level political forum held since the adoption of this agenda.

This report draws on consultations with civil society to present a first review of the implementation of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in France, identifying the main issues and challenges, government courses of action, and good practices and model measures already in place in a spirit of experience sharing. National Indicators of SD. Report Topics covered Process Indicators Profile. The below is a listing of all partnership initiatives and voluntary commitments where France is listed as a partner or lead entity in the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.

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Building local capacity to leverage public-private partnerships for sustainable development The International Platform on Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development focuses specifically on public-private partnerships PPPs which contribute to advancing sustainable development at the local level. SIDS Conference in Development of Fair Trade, The After decades of implementation and maturation as well as entirely positive development over the past several years, it is now necessary to move on to the sales volume growth phase, since we know that fair trade is driven by downstream demand, i.

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech Ecole des Ponts ParisTech is an engineer school dealing with sustainable and resilient cities eco-conception, building and management, sustainable mobility, climate change, air and water management, sectorial economics and finance. Higher Education Sustainability Initiative.

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Energy Integration in Western Africa In Rio, the concept of sustainable development renewed this general-interest idea. Establishing maritime spatial plans for marine areas Only small parts of Estonian marine areas have currently maritime spatial plans. Initially proposed by France, together with Monaco and Morocco, during the "Our Ocean" conference in September in Washington, the coalition quickly raised interest among several countries. During this event, all countries have been invited to formally join the declaration of intent of the coalition at Every Woman Every Child.

Plan of actions Objectives: Its innovative governance is built on the objective to gather all the overseas reef territories and actors concerned by reef ecosystems, nationally and locally.

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  8. It has the support of a national committee and a network Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism is an organizational network of tourism stakeholders of the public and private sectors, non-profits, UN agencies and programmes, international organizations and academic institutions. Grenelle Environment Roundtable France initiated the ecological transition of its economy from through the adoption of the "Grenelle Environment Roundtable" commitments, deployed in in a new National strategy of sustainable development towards a green and equitable economy".

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    Green economy policies, practices and initiatives. IHO Hydrography Capacity Building Programme for Coastal States The IHO capacity building programme seeks to assess and advise on how countries can best meet their international obligations and serve their own best interests by providing appropriate hydrographic and nautical charting services. Integrated approach to management of the demand for electricity and urban and industrial development The proposed initiative aims to inform and make managers and businesses in Industrial Zones in Morocco, the Maghreb and developing countries aware of the potential and method of action for modernization tested on the Sidi Bernoussi case.

    Mechanism for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries The main objectives of this initiative are the reduction of poverty by providing access to energy services, especially to rural populations, and the fight against climate change by controlling the growth of energy consumption and by increasing the share of energy from renewable resources in the energy mix of the developing countries.

    Promoting maritime spatial planning to achieve good environment status of oceans and seas. Proposal to prohibit the use of large scale driftnets in the area of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Large-scale driftnets fishing nets began to be used in the late s and s.

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    Other contracting parties to the IOTC are invited to support the commitment in order to have it adopted by the regular session of May and implemented before 1st January In kind participation by the research labs Expected results in Partners. Ecological Monitoring Center, based in Dakar.

    Financial liberalization has triggered a series of financial innovations that seemed to define, at least transitorily and for the US and UK, an unprecedented consumer credit-led accumulation regime. But financial innovations diffuse, quite quickly, since they are intangible and have major consequences for macroeconomic stability due to various externalities. Such a process took place for the securitization of mortgage credit. Therefore, the present crisis is not only that of over-accumulation in the real estate sector. Its severity and rapid international diffusion derive from the systemic collapse of financial valuation.

    It is the direct consequence of the anti-division of labour within the financial sector that has permanently externalized and underestimated the risk by hiding it into more and more complex and esoteric products. This lost informational content of financial pricing leads to the freeze of credit first within financial institutions and then households and ultimately firms.

    The social control of financial innovation is one of the issues at stake. Quels immeubles construire en Floride? Can it happen again? Les Belles Lettres, , Paris. Sommaire - Document suivant. Crise du capitalisme financier. Agrandir Original png, 10,0k.