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The Sanskrit equivalent for the astral body is Kamakosha. Astral Projection When we sleep, a substantial portion of our incarnated soul travels from the physical body to the astral body.

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The soul is basically energy and thus has a certain fluidity about it which allows it to travel to the astral body while still sustaining a small proportion of it in the sleeping physical body. When you go to sleep, or even when you meditate, there might be instances where you feel a strong energy vibration. Besides this, there may also be an inner sound whether loud or soft. There could be buzzing sounds or a feeling of falling as well.

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These are precursors to the transfer of the soul from the physical body into the astral body. Dreams are thus often regarded as astral journeys.

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Barbara Brennan 's Hands of Light distinguishes between the emotional body and the astral body. She sees these as two distinct layers in the seven-layered "Human Energy Field". The emotional body pertains to the physical universe, the astral body to the astral world.

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The Mother sometimes referred to the astral body and experiences on the astral plane. The Indian master Osho occasionally made use of a modified Theosophical terminology. According to Samael Aun Weor , who popularised Theosophical thought in Latin America, the astral body is the part of human soul related to emotions, represented by the sephirah Hod in the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

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However the common person only has a kamarupa , body of desire or "lunar astral body," a body related to animal emotions, passions and desires, while the true human emotional vehicle is the solar astral body, which can be crystallised through Tantric sex. The solar astral body is the first mediator between the Cosmic Christ , Chokmah , and the individual human soul. Gurdjieff refers to the astral body as the "body Kesdjan" or "vessel of the soul": While it is not developed one is a "human being only in quotation marks", who cannot be considered in any meaningful sense to have a soul and who will "die like a dog".

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There is no scientific evidence that an astral body exists. Psychologist Donovan Rawcliffe has written that "delusions and hallucinations due to acenesthesia or hysteria have undoubtedly helped to perpetuate the myth of the astral body. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Transition and the Afterlife , accessed online June at the website of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, http: The Elements of Theology. A revised text with translation, introduction, and commentary, 2nd edition , Appendix.

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Theosophical Publishing House , Theosophical Publishing House , fn. TPH, , Chapter 5, book online June at http: Occult and Supernatural Phenomena. Retrieved from " https: Views Plastics Pipes Q1 review: Growing at a steady pace; accumulate Finolex Industries Sep 06, Jul 30, Aug 24, Multiple growth levers Jul 04, Views Astral Poly Q4: No recommendations so far.

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